World renowned for their relentless reliability and motor sport roots. Subaru are often in the top 10 car manufactures in Australia
and for good reason. Whether it’s off to the beach or dashing down to the shops, Subaru’s famous symmetrical AWD system will
keep all the fun in your day while providing world class safety.

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Subaru is one of Japan’s largest automotive manufacturers that was first established in 1953, taking its name from the Japanese term ‘unite,’ which is represented by six stars on the logo. Subaru produces a range of passenger cars and became synonymous with the world of off-road Rally driving after the Subaru WRX’s success in the WRC championship.

In its history, it has produced cars like the Impreza, Outback, Forester SUV, and more recently the XV crossover SUV and the BRZ sports coupe.

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Subaru FAQs

Currently, Subaru packages its vehicles with a new vehicle warranty including five-years and unlimited kilometres, which is transferable to a new owner upon the sale of the vehicle.

Subaru’s hybrid lineup is packaged with an eight-year/160,000km warranty for its high-voltage batteries.

For vehicles purchased before the 1st of January, the warranty covers that vehicle for a three-year/unlimited kilometre period, which includes a limited two-year manufacturer’s extended warranty.

Keep in mind that the new vehicle warranty does not cover things like typical wear and tear for the vehicle, work performed by a non-authorised Subaru retailer, modifications or alterations to the vehicle using non-genuine parts, or if the odometer has been altered.

Subaru recommends that the best way to update the maps on your satellite navigation system is to book an appointment with an authorised Subaru service center.

It is possible for some owners, however, to receive an updated maps file that can be downloaded onto a USB and uploaded to the vehicle’s infotainment system, but this remains dependent on Subaru’s coverage of that vehicle’s sat-nav system.

In a conventional internal combustion engine, the cylinders are typically mounted in a V or a straight configuration, hence the term V6 or straight-six. Subaru, however, opts for a boxer engine design that lays the cylinders flat and move horizontally toward eachother.

From the outside looking in, this looks as though the cylinders are punching each other, which is why it’s been nicknamed the boxer engine.

The benefits of a boxer engine include the ability to mount the block lower down in the vehicle than a V-shaped block, while the engine produces less noise and vibrations while working.

This helps to lower the centre of gravity which, in turn, increases the handling characteristics of a vehicle, enables more grip and allows you to carry more speed through a corner.

Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD) system in a unique drivetrain that provides superior stability and control while driving through the distribution of equal power from the engine to all four wheels.

A conventional AWD system may only send power to all four wheels when additional traction is needed, whereas Subaru’s permanent symmetrical AWD system gives all four wheels equal power at all times.

As a result, this offers increased grip levels, acceleration and cornering abilities while driving aggressively, while providing a stable ride quality during commutes. With the exception of the entry-level Impreza and the BRZ sports coupe, Subaru’s entire lineup features this permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive system.

Subaru vehicles have earned themselves a solid reputation when it comes to reliability, similar to that of its Japanese competitors. There is nothing to suggest that a Subaru vehicle is less reliable than any other major manufacturer thanks to its rigorous development and testing phases, and high levels of quality control.

While some mechanics have raised concerns about the accessibility of the boxer engine that is mounted low-down in the engine compartment, this is a packaging concern rather than a reliability issue.

Subaru’s cars stand out from the crowd with a unique approach to its engine design and the drivetrain, with the majority of its passenger cars featuring a boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive platform.

This means that Subaru’s vehicles, with the exception of its BRZ coupe, all receive the sure-footed stability of an all-wheel drivetrain that gives the driver confidence while cornering and while driving on loose surfaces.

The Subaru WRX has also become a cult classic amongst car enthusiasts, acting as the company’s halo car, similar to the Porsche 911 or the Mazda MX-5.

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