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Aston Martin is one of the most well-established English manufacturers still on the road today, famous for its stunning looks, luxurious interiors and making cars fit for none other than James Bond.

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Aston Martin’s heritage traces back 110-years, which has made it synonymous with premium British motoring, luxurious and jaw-dropping designs and in more recent times, a successful racing brand after launching into Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship.

The DB5, driven by James Bond in the Goldfinger film helped to put Aston Martin on the map, where it has remained one of the leading options for buyers looking to impress with a sleek sports car like the DB11, DBS or Vantage, or even a sporty SUV package like the DBX.

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Aston Martin FAQs

Aston Martin’s vehicles are made by the company itself, although the company has used engines sourced from Mercedes-AMG since 2016, with the entirety of its lineup, including the DBX SUV, the DB11 and the Vantage receiving an engine produced by AMG. 

This means that while yes, the engine powering an Aston Martin is made by Mercedes, the vehicle itself is hand-built and assembled at Aston Martin’s production line in Warwickshire, England, while the DBX SUV is produced in St. Athan, Wales. 

The price of Aston Martin’s vehicles here in Australia ranges between $320,000 for the cheapest member of the family, the Vantage coupe, to $387,000 for the Aston Martin DBX SUV. 

Prices continue to rise as you step further up Aston Martin’s range to the DB11 coupe, which is priced at $415,000 in its cheapest form, while the DBX 707 is priced at $428,000. 

The DBS is priced at $589,000, while the most expensive Aston Martin currently on sale here in Australia comes in the form of the V12 Vantage is priced from $600,000.

Considering the brand’s pedigree, stunning exterior designs and potent range of engines, if they’re within your price range, Aston Martin cars are certainly worth a closer look. 

In recent years, Aston Martin has proved that its vehicle lineup is more than just a pretty design exercise, and come fitted with a heap of performance hardware and an agile chassis that makes them wonderful to drive on the circuit while remaining comfortable on a daily drive. 

Combined with their uniquely beautiful cabin designs, Aston Martins remain one of the most desirable roadcars you can buy today.

There are a number of things that make Aston Martin vehicles a special and unique proposition, namely their beautiful looks, their powerful AMG-sourced engines, impressive interior designs filled with exotic materials and bespoke touches, and their outstanding variety on both long distance drives and on race circuits. 

Aston Martin’s vehicles are produced in relatively low volumes, which means that each vehicle benefits from the status of a premium, speciality product that, in some cases, can actually grow in value over time. 

The Aston Martin vehicle lineup features a choice of powerful V8 and V12 engines that produce extremely impressive power and torque figures, while the adoption of adaptive suspension hardware means they’re comfortable while driving around town yet agile when the driver wants to push the car.

Aston Martin offers sports coupes and an SUV package that challenge some of the world’s largest premium manufacturers. 

Cars like the DB11 and the Vantage go head-to-head with competitors from Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche and Maserati in the sports coupe segment. 

Aston Martin’s DBX SUV, however, competes in a completely different segment of the market, where it goes up against competitors like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Genesis and Volkswagen.

While it’s impossible to put an exact dollar figure on the maintanence costs of an Aston Martin vehicle, it goes without saying that maintaining a premium vehicle that requires bespoke parts and high-priced labour direct from authorised dealerships is indeed an expensive proposition. 

That is because boutique products like Aston Martin vehicles require specialist workers using authorised parts that are sent from the factory in the UK to dealerships around the globe, meaning logistical costs can add to the already sizable premium you’re paying for legitimate Aston Martin parts.

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