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Whether you’re selling your car or doing a car trade-in, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure a fast, easy and safe trade-in or sale as soon as you’re happy with the price.

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Sell you car with OnlineAuto - How it works

Our trade-in and car sale service is very simple.

Your car buying specialist will email you our trade in/sale form, this is a short document asking general questions about the condition of your vehicle. They will also specify images of the car that are required. This form is easy to complete and can be done on your mobile.

Once you have provided this, you car buying specialist will send the information out to our partnered wholesalers and dealerships who will send back their offers. We will then present you with the best deals to choose from.

Once you’re happy, we will get you in contact with the winning wholesaler/dealer and they will organise for final inspection and collection/payment date.

5 Steps, Car Sold, Cash in Hand


Complete an online sell my car form

In less than 5 mins, fill out your trade-in/sell my car form online.


Upload your photos

We’ll let you know what specific photos we need. Take them and upload them!


We’ll go out to dealers & wholesalers for the best possible price

We’ll do the hard work for you and come back with a great deal.


Arrange date for drop off and pick up of your new car

Let us know what date you’re ready to drop off your car, and we’ll arrange for your new car to come at the same time.


Cash paid on the spot!

Get paid instantly as soon as your car has been taken!

Why sell my car with OnlineAuto?


Winning on Price

OnlineAuto has access to both a nation wide dealer and wholesale network, so we're sure to get the best possible trade-in or sale value for you.


Time back in your day

Don't waste time trying to sell your car privately. We can help you get a great deal on your used car.



Easy trade-in form, completed in just minutes and get an answer on your trade-in/sale value shortly after.


No Stress, No Fuss

We do the hard work for you, so you can sell your car all from the comfort of your own home.


Money paid on the spot

Get paid instantly for your used car.

What affects your car trade-in or sale value?

  • Vehicle damage can reduce the value of your car, so it can be a good idea to see what your car is worth before paying for it to be fixed
  • Kilometres on the car - similar to age, the fewer kilometres the car has done, the better the value is likely to be
  • Length of registration left on vehicle - the more, the better!
  • Age of the car - typically the newer the car is, the higher the value will be
  • Service history - if the car is regularly serviced it is likely to be worth more
Safe, simple and smart way to sell your used car
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Sell My Car FAQs

Both dealers and wholesalers will determine the value of your car in comparison to current market value. To get the best outcome and best value back for your car, you should be mindful of the general condition of the vehicle.

Going through OnlineAuto for your trade-in is easy and convenient. Our team of car buying experts can do all the hard work for you. It’s also important to consider the car market and time the sale of your existing car with the delivery of your new car so you’re not left without a vehicle.

This is simple! All you’ll need to do is provide the wholesaler or the dealer with a payout letter and they will pay the remaining money and pay you the difference, which you can use as a deposit for your new car.

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