Ranked among the top 10 car makers worldwide, you can’t go wrong driving a Ford vehicle. Generally considered a reliable vehicle even out of its own element, Ford vehicles offer a range of personal, business, and family applications.

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Ford is one of the oldest names in the automotive game, and its lineup gives buyers a huge number of options across a range of city and sports cars, work vehicles, and family-friendly SUVs.

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Ford FAQs

New Ford vehicles are produced under high levels of manufacturing guidelines and quality control measures that result in widely reliable cars across its passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle lineup.

Ford’s vehicles are produced in the U.S., Europe and Thailand for international markets, which are monitored by the company to ensure a high level of build quality and consistency.

As a result, it’s widely believed that new Ford vehicles are a reliable vehicle, which is backed by Ford’s five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty coverage.

Ford Genuine Parts and Acessories are both covered by a warranty. In Australia, any Ford Genuine Parts are covered by a 12-month, or 20,000km warranty - whichever comes first. Ford Genuine Accessories, when fitted at the time of a new vehicle purchase, are covered by the New Vehicle Warranty, which now includes five-year, unlimited KM coverage for vehicles purchase from the 1st of May, 2018.

For any vehicles purchased before the 1st of May, 2018, a three-year/100,000km warranty is included for those parts and accessories.

Fuel economy figures for Ford vehicles vary depending on the vehicle you’ve chosen, as well as driving conditions. Ford produces turbocharged three- and four-cylinder petrol engines that are rated between 5.3/100km in the fuel-efficient Ford Puma and up to 8.6L/100km in the Ford Escape.

Ford also produces twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engines and turbocharged five-cylinder diesel engines for the Everest SUV and Ranger ute, which offer fuel economy between 7.0L/100km and 8.7L/100km.

The company’s least fuel-efficient vehicle, the Ford Mustang, has a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine that consumes anywhere between 12.4L/100km and 13L/100km.

To get an idea of your vehicle’s fuel consumption, you can head to the government’s Green Vehicle Guide for more information.

Overall towing capacity depends on which Ford vehicle you own, and whether it’s designed as a passenger vehicle or a work-focused SUV like the Everest or the Ranger ute lineup.

For example, the Mustang is rated at 500kg, while the Fiesta is rated at 900kg of braked towing capacity. This increases to 1,100kg in the Focus and Puma, and up to 1,800kg in the Escape.

Ford’s lineup that are actually designed for towing, however, like the Everest are rated up to 3,100kg, while the Ford Ranger has a braked towing capacity rated up to 3,500kg, depending on the variant.

The best way to determine how high maintenance a vehicle may be in the long-term is to look at the service schedule. This will be clearly outlined by a manufacturer on their website, and by the dealer.

Ford’s entire range, including the Fiesta, Focus, Puma, Mustang, Everest, Escape and Ranger requires servicing every 12-months, or for every 15,000km driven.

These 12-month/15,000km service intervals are very much an industry standard, especially for vehicles that are fitted with a turbocharger that often require more frequent checks to ensure the engine is working perfectly.

Ford was the pioneering figure of mass manufacturing vehicles in the 20th century, and remains one of the world’s oldest operating vehicle manufacturers.

Their vehicle lineup offers a huge range of choice, giving buyers a number of options from compact urban cars like the Fiesta and Focus, compact SUVs like the Puma, as well as family-friendly SUVs like the Everest and, of course, the iconic Mustang sports car.

Ford vehicles are built to a high standard, and this translates to how they feel on the road, giving the driver a solid and safe platform that gains a sense of stability as you pick up speed.

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