Hyundai Elantra Review

on 04 Apr 2021
image for Hyundai Elantra Review We love a car that doesn’t overcomplicate things with eighty-seven different variants.

The all-new Elantra is a perfect example of this simplicity with just two models: The baseline Active and the slightly more premium Elite. 

This small sedan has been restyled to mark its 25th anniversary and the fact that it’s the manufacturer’s oldest remaining model. The upgraded Elantra now boasts an impressive list of features with just enough style to make you feel good about such an affordable ride.


Happy Birthday, old gal

The Elantra is 25 years young and clearly still in the prime of her life. Now in her sixth generation, Elantra is the company’s global top seller and with very good reason.  

The updated Elantra has been redesigned to reflect a more elegant exterior.  A sloping roof and subtle contours give the body a nicely upmarket feel, appealing to the car’s target market of slightly older, conservative, ‘SUV rejectors’. There’s also a hexagonal chrome lined grille that looks like a reverse Lexus, redesigned three-tier taillights, as well as projector-beam headlamps and fog lamps flanked by LED day runners.

What’s inside?

Conservatism extends to the interior design of the Elantra. The cabin favours space and ergonomics over whizz-bang detailing. What that translates to is a dash laid out with clear and easy-to-use instruments, dusk-sensing headlights, 7-inch touchscreen and reversing camera, rear sensors, cloth upholstery, cruise control, Bluetooth/USB connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and, thanks to a recent update, Android Auto.

There are bottle holders in the doors, ISOFIX anchors in the back, and a tidy storage compartment in the centre console. Upgrade to the Elite and you can also get a leather interior (including black or beige leather seats), dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and push-start button, rain-sensing wipers, and a boot that opens all by itself if you stand close enough to it for three seconds.  


Our verdict

This is definitely a model in which upgrading from the $21,490 Active model to the $26,490 Elite is well worth the extra dosh. The upgraded variant eliminates many of the plastic materials and overall utilitarian feel of the Active, and pushes the class factor just that little bit further.  

All in all, the sixth generation Elantra is its most promising version yet. Thanks to some significant engine upgrades, the Elantra now drives better, sounds quieter, and promises even more safety than ever before. Hat’s off, Hyundai. Hat’s off.  

5 specs you need to know

  1. 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine
  2. 458 litres of boot space (huge!!!)
  3. 5-star ANCAP rating
  4. Five year unlimited kilometre warranty and capped price servicing
  5. Anroid Auto and Apple CarPlay included as standard


  • Hands-free boot operation
  • Easy to park thanks to light steering 
  • Good after sales service
  • Tuned to Aussie conditions


  • The sloping roofline eats into rear visibility
  • Not a lot of legroom for rear passengers



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