Ineos Automotive is an off-road company specialising in utilitarian 4x4 creations, currently based on a platform taken from previous generation Land Rover Defender, with modern off-road hardware offering a highly effective back-to-basics approach to adventurous driving.

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Founded in 2018 by billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Ineos Automotive came to life after its creator wanted to build a direct replacement of his Land Rover Defender. After contacting Jaguar Land Rover, Ratcliffe launched project Grenadier to bring a modern-day revival of the Defender to life.

Since its inception, the Ineos Grenadier was designed to offer rugged durability and impressive off-road performance like its spiritual predecessor.

While it features the traditional steel ladder frame chassis, the Ineos range features no shared components or hardware with the original Land Rover. Instead, Ineos equips the Grenadier with a range of modern off-road hardware and a vastly improved interior design and engine lineup supplied by BMW.

The company says that its initial production aim stands at around 30,000 vehicles per year, which it hopes to accelerate to 45,000 vehicles per year to keep up with demand for its simple yet modern 4x4.

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Ineos FAQs

The first deliveries of the Ineos Grenadier are expected to arrive here in Australia in April, 2023, significantly later than the company first stated. The delay was caused by production halts at its factory in France, and the company is prioritising other major markets like the United States and Europe before manufacturing Australian units. 

When they arrive in Australia in April, 2023, the first examples of the Ineos Grenadier will make their way to owners that have placed a pre-order.

At launch, original list prices for the Ineos Grenadier range stood at $85,500 for the entry-level Grenadier, with prices rising to $96,495 for the Grenadier Trailmaster and Fieldmaster variants. From 2023, however, prices across the Grenadier range have risen to between $97,00 for the entry-level Grenadier and up to $109,525 for the Trailmaster and Fieldmaster. These price increases do not include on-road costs.

Ineos is gearing up for the official launch of the Grenadier here in Australia, and has announced a network of 28 dealerships around the country, many of which are based in the company’s target markets of regional Australia. 

That means your best chance of seeing an Ineos Grenadier here in Australia are by visiting one of the company’s 28 planned retail showrooms, which are based in Shepparton, Toowoomba, Geraldton, Mackay, Perth, Ballarat, Melbourne, Noosa, Central Coast, Townsville, Sydney, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Mildura, Launceston, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Dubbo, Adelaide, Cairns, Gippsland, Orange, Port Macquaire, Tamworth and Darwin.

If you’re in the market for a tough and capable off-roader, the Ineos Grenadier is an exceptionally good car that benefits from a relatively simple and proven design, backed by modern off-road hardware and engines supplied by BMW. 

This puts it up against off-road giants like the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series that offer a tried-and-tested steel ladder frame chassis with a hefty 4mm thick construction, heavy-duty beam axles, multi-link suspension components with long-travel coils from Eibach, permanent 4x4 system and a mechanical low-range transfer case. 

The end result of this is an outstanding performer off-road that can tackle extremely difficult terrain while offering some luxurious touches to the interior, and offer an extremely unique proposition within the hardcore 4x4 vehicle segment.

The Ineos Grenadier measures in at 4856mm long, sits 1930mm wide and stands 2036mm tall. This gives the Ineos Grenadier a wheelbase spanning 2922mm, and ground clearance figures measuring an impressive 264mm. In terms of its off-road abilities, the company says the Grenadier has approach and departure angles of 35.5 and 28.2 degrees respectively, making it an extremely versatile and capable off-roader.

Ineos Automotive says that the Grenadier range offers braked towing capacities up to 3500kg, matching the towing capacities of its most important rivals. This towing power is thanks to the choice of 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six diesel and petrol engines that offer healthy power and torque figures, and its sturdy platform.

Ineos cars like the Grenadier, Grenadier Trailmaster and Fieldmaster are produced by Ineos Automotive at its production line in Hambach, France. Ineos purchased the production line from Mercedes-Benz back in 2020 where it was used to produce the company’s Smart car lineup.

Ineos Automotive says that the engine powering its Grenadier 4x4 off-roader range will indeed require AdBlue, which is a fluid necessary for the catalytic converter to work effectively enough to capture a number of noxious gasses emitted by its 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine. 

Ineos says the Grenadier powered by a turbo-diesel engine will be packaged with a 17-litre tank for AdBlue next to its fuel tank.

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