Jeep is one of the most famous off-road vehicle manufacturers in the globe, starting out life as a military vehicle and since developing its vehicles to offer the same range of impressive off-road abilities in the Wrangler, while the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee receive a heap of practical and luxurious touches that make them a great family-friendly SUV package.

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Jeep started out life as a manufacturer of military vehicles for the United States military, which were famed for their rugged design and impressive 4x4 systems that made them a perfect mode of transport for heavy goods and people in tough conditions.

Over time, Jeep evolved and offered more refined packages for the passenger car segment in its home market of the United States and around the globe, with a modern lineup offering five- and seven-seat SUV packages, as well as some more off-road focussed packages like the hardcore Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Since its inception, Jeep has been owned by the Willys-Overland company, Kaiser Jeep, Chrysler, Daimler Chrysler and more recently Fiat-Chrysler and its current parent-company, Stellantis, who also owns Dodge and Chrysler.

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Jeep’s range of passenger cars here in Australia start at $38,250 and stretch out to $115,950 for the range-topping variant of the seven-seat Grand Cherokee L SUV. For reference, the Jeep Compass priced between $39,950 and $59,100, while the Jeep Cherokee is priced from $38,250 to $56,950. The Jeep Wrangler range is priced between $53,750 and $90,450 depending on the variant, while the Jeep Gladiator ute is priced between $68,450 and $87,250, and the Grand Cherokee L is priced between $82,750 and $115,950.

Jeep has a versatile product lineup here in Australia that includes compact SUVs like the Compass, family-friendly Grand Cherokee and seven-seat Cherokee L SUVs, as well as off-road focussed creations like the Wrangler, with a hardcore Rubicon flagship. As a result, Jeep’s vehicles are a good car to buy if you’re looking for an American off-road package, or a large, practical and comfortable five- or seven-seat SUV package with its Grand Cherokee variants.

Jeep is not owned by Toyota, rather, Jeep is owned by the Stellantis, the parent-company of major manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Peugeot, Citroen, RAM, Maserati and Abarth. Previously, Jeep was owned by the Fiat-Chrysler Automobile group, and before that, was owned by Chrysler, Daimler-Chrysler and Kaiser Jeep.

Jeep has five models on sale here in Australia, ranging from the Compass compact crossover SUV, through to the five-seat Grand Cherokee SUV and the seven-seat Grand Cherokee L. The company also has a wide range of Wrangler 4x4 variants, as well as a dual-cab ute variant of the Wrangler known as the Gladiator.

Jeep cemented itself a firm reputation as a manufacturer of tough, durable and capable off-roaders back in 1941 when it provided the U.S. military thousands of Willys MB vehicles to assist with active duties. Since then, Jeep has been best known for its off-road creations like the Wrangler, as well as more comfortable and practical SUVs like the Grand Cherokee. Other notable Jeeps that the company has become known for is the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that was powered by a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 from the Dodge Demon, the Wrangler YJ Sahara and the TJ Wrangler.

When it comes to off-road 4x4 driving, some of Jeep’s best features include the Rock-Trac four-wheel drive system with a two-speed transfer case, the locking front and rear differentials, Dana M210 front axle, Dana M220 rear axle and the electronic front sway bar connect you’ll find fitted to the range-topping Wrangler Rubicon and the Rubicon Ulimited. For those looking for some more premium and luxurious touches, the Grand Cherokee L lineup receives features like air suspension, massaging seats, Walnut wood finishing in the cabin and a panoramic sunroof.

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