McLaren is one of the most famous names in the racing world, and after reviving its passenger car division back in 2011 with the MP4-12C, has transplanted its racing heritage into a wide sprawling range of supercars like the McLaren GT, 720S, 765LT and track-only specials like the Senna that cement McLaren’s reputation as one of the most exciting supercar makers on the planet.

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Founded by a Kiwi racing driver by the name of Bruce McLaren, McLaren Automotive has its headquarters based in Woking, England, where it operates both a racing division with a Formula 1 team, as well as a production line for high-powered, lightweight and extremely agile supercars.

After the initial success of cars like the iconic McLaren F1, McLaren’s passenger car division was revived back in 2011 with the launch of the MP4-12C, a lightweight supercar designed to take on the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

The MP4-12C was well received, and acted as the bedrock for future creations with a similar recipe that included a lightweight platform with a mid-engined layout, with cars like the McLaren 570S, 650S, 720S and the 765LT making for some of the fastest road-legal cars around a circuit that the general public can buy.

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McLaren FAQs

The cost of a McLaren here in Australia ranges from $412,500 before on-road costs for the entry-level McLaren GT, with prices stretching out to $582,580 for the McLaren 720S Performance Spider. For reference, the McLaren Artura is priced at $449,550, while the 720S is priced from $508,650, with prices rising to $524,580 for the 720S Luxury, and up to $582,580 for the range-topping 720S Performance.

Production numbers for most of McLaren’s passenger cars are capped at relatively low numbers, which means that their exclusivity alone makes them a luxury brand, and that’s before you take into account things like their high-powered engines, lightweight and carbon-fibre-intensive constructions and their premium interior materials. 

As a result, McLaren is widely known as one of the most prominent sports car brands in the modern age, making it both a racing team and a luxury brand thanks to its high-tech and lightning-fast products and its racing heritage, in much the same way Ferrari has become a luxury brand.

The cheapest McLaren you can currently buy in Australia is the McLaren GT, which is priced at $412,500. The McLaren GT is a two-door coupe designed with grand touring in mind, which comes powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 456kW of power and 630Nm of torque, which is chanelled to the rear wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The McLaren GT can hit 100km/h from a standstill in 3.2 seconds, and has a top speed of 326km/h.

There are a number of things that make McLaren’s road cars incredibly special, namely the company’s racing heritage that has seen it win eight constructors’ titles in the F1 championship, and the incredible design of its road-going siblings. McLaren uses high-tech engineering and aerospace materials like carbon fibre monocoques for their vehicles which help to improve their stiffness while massively reducing weight, while the performance of their twin-turbocharged V8 and V6 engines is at the forefront of the supercar world. McLaren’s road cars are designed to be fast around the circuit while remaining comfortable enough to drive on a daily basis, making them a unique and highly desirable supercar that enthusiasts class just as special, if not moreso than a Ferrari, Porsche or a Lamborghini.

While McLaren’s modern creations like the Senna, 765LT and the 650S have helped cement McLaren’s reputation as an iconic and modern supercar maker, there are few that will argue the fact that the McLaren F1 is the most iconic Mclaren of all time. The McLaren F1 has held the title of the world’s fastest naturally-aspirated car for three-decades now, and has become one of the most sought-after collector’s items in the world.

Typically, the colour option you see in a company’s marketing material is the most popular colour for cars, though high-end and limited-run manufacturers like McLarens are famous for their personalisation programmes, which give buyers the choice of any colour they want. Depending on the model, buyers might opt for one of the standard colour choices, though on the hyper-exclusive end of the lineup, buyers will often go for a colour option never seen before with the aim of creating a ‘one-of-one’ car that helps to maintain its value over time.

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