AMG is the performance division of Mercedes-Benz, responsible for transforming the company’s already impressive road cars into more focussed, fire-breathing creations that are famous for their aggressive styling, loud soundtracks and outstanding acceleration.

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AMG started out life as an independent entity in 1967 by two former Mercedes-Benz engineers that wanted to design and test their own engines for the purpose of racing. Years later, AMG was offering aftermarket upgrade packages for popular Mercedes-Benz models at the time like the SL Roadster, S-Class and the E-Class, which included engine upgrades over the factory Mercedes-Benz engine, as well as new wheel designs and styling tweaks over the stock design.

Over time, AMG’s upgrades became so popular that Mercedes-Benz bought a stake in the company, and by 2005, the company had purchased AMG completely. Since then, AMG has been positioned at the top of the Mercedes-Benz range, creating the company’s flagship performance vehicles on both existing models like the E-Class, C-Class and S-Class, as well as standalone vehicles like the AMG GT, GT R and the SLS.

In recent years, AMG has turned its attention to electrification, offering both hybrid and standalone AMG electric vehicles as the company transitions away from the large capacity V8 engines that made it a household name.

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Mercedes-AMG current models

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Mercedes-AMG FAQs

AMG is now the high-performance arm of Mercedes-Benz after the company took control of AMG in 2005, and can best be thought of as the performance division of the Mercedes-Benz company. After its creation in 1967, AMG was so successful at designing and manufacturing high-powered engines for the purpose of racing that it decided to start manufacturing performance upgrades for owners looking for a little for performance from their factory-fresh Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Over time, AMG has become the flagship Mercedes-Benz experience for buyers looking for a luxurious sports car, and is one of the most established names in the world of fast, loud and aggressive European vehicles.

Mercedes-AMG is the pinnacle of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, meaning that it is perhaps the most luxurious variant of the Mercedes range. For example, the Mercedes C-Class sedan might be offered in around six variants here in Australia, with the C63 AMG sitting at the very top of the range thanks to its high-powered engine, performance upgrades over the standard C-Class and the luxurious interior materials on offer. As a result, Mercedes-AMG is indeed a luxury car.

The cheapest member of the Mercedes-AMG family is the A35 AMG, which is AMG’s take on the A-Class hatchback which comes powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder producing 225kW of power and 400Nm of torque and can sprint to 100km/h in just 4.7 seconds. The A35 AMG is the cheapest Mercedes-AMG available, with current prices standing at $82,000 before on-road costs.

Prices for the Mercedes-AMG range from $82,00 for the entry-level A35 AMG, moving to $91,561 for the CLA35 AMG sedan, while the C 43 and C 63 AMG sedans are priced at $133,300 and $190,000, respectively. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the most expensive Mercedes-AMG is the GT R, which is priced at $373,400, accommpanied by the G63 4x4 which is priced at $365,900.

AMG has a number of packages that can be optioned to more affordable members of the standard Mercedes-Benz range. These AMG packages typically include an upgraded set of alloys, AMG styling packages that add sporty touches to the front grille, side profile and rear end design, as well as interior upgrades that add a mix of leather and alcantara upholstery, sports pedals and an upgraded steering wheel.

With Mercedes’ product lineup evolving to the point we have hybrid and even fully-electric Mercedes-AMG vehicles, it’s difficult to pinpoint a single common problem that impacts its modern vehicles. However, in the past, common problems stemming from electrical problems, engine mounts, engine misfires, oil and differential oil leaks, transmission issues and corrosion have been reported by owners.

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