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For those looking for even more speed and luxury from their BMW, Alpina has you covered with its high-performance and lavish takes on an already impressive stock BMW package.

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You can think of Alpina as a more limited edition take on a standard BMW vehicle, that is constructed in Germany by a company with nearly six-decades of experience working with BMW vehicles.

Rather than a simple aftermarket specialist, Alpina is considered a manufacturer in its own right, with the aim of making BMW’s existing products even more powerful and comfortable for grand touring.

Alpina has introduced four models to the Australian market, kicking off with the B3 sedan and wagon, the B4 sedan, XB3 SUV and the Alpina B8 flagship sedan; each of which is based on the BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, X3 and 8 Series respectively.

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BMW Alpina current models

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BMW Alpina models by body type

BMW Alpina FAQs

The price of BMW Alpina’s lineup ranges from around $109,900 for the most affordable member of the family, the XB3 SUV, with prices rising to around $152,00 for the B3 sedan and wagon variants. 

Prices rise to $161,900 for the B4 sedan, while the range-topping B8 flagship sedan is priced at $322,900. Prices listed here are subject to change over time, and do not include on-road costs.

Currently, BMW Alpina offers a choice of four models in Australia, including the XB3 SUV, B3 sedan & wagon, B4 sedan and the range-topping B8 sedan. 

In the past, BMW Alpina has also offered the XB7 here in Australia, a high-riding and luxurious take on the X7 SUV. 

Moving forward, it’s likely we’ll see the Alpina range grow here in Australia with the potential of an XB5 SUV, based on the current-generation X5 SUV which is a very popular option for buyers looking within the premium end of the SUV segment.

BMW Alpina is indeed a luxury car, with the company taking an already impressive creation from BMW and improving upon that once again, making it an undeniably luxurious proposition. 

BMW Alpina’s vehicles come fitted with luxurious features like the choice of Lavalina and Vernasca leather upholstery, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a Harman Kardon sound system and a heap of performance upgrades like sports suspension, a limited-slip differential, and 20-inch alloy wheels that wear Alpina’s unique design. 

The range-topping B8 sedan features premium additions like a crystal glass gear lever, a choice of Walnut, Anthrancite, carbon fibre and other choices of wood for the interior highlights, and Merino leather upholstery atop BMW’s already impressive list of features for the M850i.

One of the things that makes BMW Alpina a special automotive company is its long-standing history as a BMW specialist, making it perhaps the best outfit on the planet to purchase a modified BMW vehicle. 

Perhaps the most significant changes over a stock vehicle that Alpina has up its sleeve comes in the form of engine updates and performance hardware that unleases even more potential of a BMW from the factory, all with the emphasis on comfortable grand touring. 

That means that BMW Alpina’s lineup offers significant power upgrades from the standard 3.0-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder powering the XB3 SUV, B3 sedan & wagon, and the B4 sedan that offer more torque than even an M3 performance sedan from BMW. 

For the B8, BMW Alpina’s engine modifications bring power from the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 up to 457kW/800Nm, which is more torque than even the range-topping BMW M8 Competition, which makes Alpina’s modifications incredibly special.

Alpina delivers its new vehicles with a BMW badge on the front bonnet and the rear bumper, and does not offer an Alpina emblem that replaces the stock BMW emblem. 

In fact, the company says that any Alpina emblems that you can find online are unauthorised third-party products that are not an original BMW Alpina badge. 

Alpina emblems can, however, be found inside the cabin of a BMW Alpina vehicle, where you’ll find an Alpina badge sitting in the middle of the steering wheel and on the seatbacks.

BMW Alpina does make a number of changes to the stock BMW engine block that powers its vehicles that add modest amounts of power and generous amounts of added torque as they roll out of the factory. 

Alpina does not, however, offer any aftermarket tuning products or modifications that increase power and torque to any vehicles that have already been purchased. In fact, the company advises that customers do not make any modifications to the engine, due to the fact that these will void the manufacturers’ warranty.

An Alpina version of a BMW is a specialist vehicle based on an existing BMW model that undergoes a raft of changes to the engine, suspension and interior design that helps it to feel more unique than a stock BMW vehicle. 

One of the most obvious signs that your BMW vehicle is in fact an Alpina is the design of the alloy wheels, which all receive Alpina’s 20-spoke wheel design that reaches back to the 1960s. 

Another way to tell if your BMW is actually an Alpina is to check the engine bay for any Alpina badges, as well as the interior for any Alpina emblems on the steering wheel or the seatbacks.

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