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Convertible FAQs

A convertible car is a style of vehicle that is constructed with an adjustable roof that can be opened and closed, either manually or with the touch of a button; they are also known as a cabriolet or a roadster. 

Convertible cars have a roof design that can either be folded down or removed entirely, with some of the best convertible cars offering an electronically-folding roof that can open up or close the cabin in just a few seconds.

Some of the best convertible cars for sale here in Australia are often available for sports car bodies, meaning the driver has access to a versatile performance car that can open up its roof for the driver and passenger. 

Some major drawbacks of a convertible car are the price premium often attached, the added weight from the roof and electronic components, damage to the interior caused by the sun’s UV energy and the added maintenance to ensure the roof is operating properly.

Manufacturers have released a number of affordable convertible cars here in Australia, with the Mazda MX-5, Fiat 500C, MINI Cooper Convertible, Ford Mustang and the Jeep Wrangler representing some of the cheapest convertibles on the market.

Due to the added manufacturing complexity and parts used to construct their folding or removable roof design, convertible cars are typically more expensive than their hard-top siblings. 

In a traditional car, the roof is a major part of the design to keep the car rigid. Once engineers have removed the roof, they need to reinforce other parts of the chassis to ensure it remains flat and stable to drive, which makes a convertible car more expensive.

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