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Body Type FAQs: Mover

The main difference between a people mover and a traditional van is their intended cargo, with people movers are designed to accommodate a large number of passengers inside the cabin, whereas a van is designed with a flat, empty tray to accommodate large volumes of cargo. 

Quite often, a people mover and a van will actually ride on the same platform and even feature the same engines, but their interior designs are radically different.

A people mover features three rows of seating in a heap of different configurations for families and their luggage, while a van has these seats removed from the cabin to accommodate a load of commercial goods or to transport large objects.

There is no difference between the terms people mover, minivan, people carrier and MPV, which all refer to the same type of vehicle which is a large, family-focussed vehicle with seating for up to nine people. 

The name can depend on where in the world you are, as well as the manufacturer’s preferred name for the style of the vehicle.

A people mover, or MPV, is a style of large vehicle that is designed primarily for large families and their belongings. 

The overall body shape of a people mover is a large vehicle riding on a long wheelbase with a wide body design that allows for a spacious interior cabin with a heap of seating and storage options for those with a large family, or the commercial transport sector looking to move a load of people in a single run.

While interior designs and packaging change from manufacturer to manufacturer, a people mover can accommodate from seven to eight people, with some designs featuring seating for up to nine people. 

Some of the leading people movers for sale here in Australia feature adjustable seating designs that allow the owner to move, rotate, slide and even remove seats altogether, allowing you to squeeze in large, bulky objects and accommodate more bags in favour of people.

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