Review - Subaru XV

March 28, 2021

image for Review - Subaru XV Being a welcome addition to the successful Subaru Global Platform when the new model was released in 2018, the Subaru XV represents a great vehicle for day to day life, while not being scared to get its tyres dirty going off the beaten track for the weekend adventurer and camper.

Subaru XV origins

So what is the Subaru XV, and why is it called an XV? Well first of all its worth noting in the American market, its called the Subaru Crosstrek which is a fitting name for it given its cross trekking purposes.

As for why its called the XV, Subaru Australia have advised this is due to the cross over element of the vehicle, X (cross) V (vehicle).

So what is the XV? For those familiar with the popular Impreza from the same manufacturer, the Subaru XV can be described as an impreza on steroids being a little taller and little wider making it that little more capable for off-road use.

Under the hood

Powered by Subaru’s famous Boxer engine, the XV features 2.0l of power, coupled with a CVT transmission which provides enough power at 115kw to make the vehicle enjoyable to drive around the city.

The exception to this is the e-boxer variant for buyers interested in a hybrid vehicle, which produces 110kw however has the positives of fuel saving technology to keep running costs down over time.

But power isn’t the reason you would buy this vehicle, what attracts users to the XV over over vehicles in its class is its reliability and excellent safety features.

Exceptional features

For buyers looking above the base model, they will get access to Subaru’s Eyesight technology. This equips  the XV with safety features including adaptive cruise control, lane assist and emergency braking. All of these features work exceptionally well.

Adaptive cruise control is godsend on the highway where once a distance in car lengths is set, the XV will happily follow the vehicle in front maintaining that set distance up to the speed limit selected at time it was set.

Lane assist and emergency braking are features less appreciated until they are called upon and they the driver appreciates their true value.

Whether its a split second of losing focus on the road with the car falling out of the lane and getting a sharp bump back into it, or looking to turn into a busy road and the car in front suddenly gets nervous and brakes activating the emergency braking to prevent an accident.  

Either way, the security package if fantastic and can rival that of many automakers at significantly higher price tags. While the boot is not the biggest, it is still large enough to throw some camping equipment in the back for a quick getaway.

Built for all road terrain

Where the XVs abilities really become appreciated is the added freedom that comes with driving.

When doing day trips or going into regional areas, there is a degree of confidence the driver gets knowing their vehicle can more than handle the unsealed roads or rocky terrain ahead of it.

The XV handles all road terrain with ease thanks to the remarkable AWD (All wheel drive) road handling built into every Subaru vehicle. The XV has the added feature of ‘x-mode’ which helps the user go over especially challenging terrain through automated assistance.

Built to last, this compact SUV, features a 5 star Ancap rating, a entertainment touch screen display, Apple Car Play and Android Auto and currently has a 5 year warranty with 12 month / 12,500km servicing intervals.

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