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Source your new Car through OnlineAuto, finance it with CarLoans.com.au and get rewarded!

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Get your new car with a $250 fuel voucher!

When you buy a new car through OnlineAuto with finance from CarLoans.com.au, we'll send you a $250 fuel voucher upon delivery of your car and settlement of your loan.

How it Works


Buy a new car through OnlineAuto

To be eligible you need to have purchased a car through OnlineAuto.com.au


Apply with CarLoans.com.au

Apply with award-winning company, CarLoans.com.au to finance your exciting new car.


Get Rewarded!

Once your car is delivered and loan settled, we will send you a $250 fuel voucher!

Why people choose CarLoans.com.au

At CarLoans.com.au, our car finance brokers have been helping customers find the best car loan offers in Australia since 2013. We’re here for only one reason - to get you the best deal. We are sure to have a solution for you from our panel of almost 30 reputable lenders offering hundreds of different car loans.



We think relationships are important. That’s why we give you one personal consultant from start to finish. They take the time to really understand your situation so they can get you the perfect loan.



We will process your application quickly because we specialise in vehicle loans. We know exactly what each lender needs and who they will approve, so you don’t have to waste time.



We will find you a better deal than you would get from a bank or from last minute finance at a car dealer. That means more money in your pocket for the other things you care about.



We think everyone deserves to own a car, regardless of their financial history. Our customers come from all walks of life (just like us), and have all kinds of credit records. We enjoy helping everyone.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must heard about OnlineAuto.com.au through AutoExpert.com.au.
  2. You must purchase your new car through OnlineAuto.com.au to be eligible.
  3. To be eligible, you must be financing the purchase of your new vehicle.
  4. The finance for your new vehicle must be sourced through CarLoans.com.au.
  5. The reward payment is a $250 fuel voucher.
  6. You will be emailed the fuel voucher upon delivery of the car and settlement of the loan.
  7. Payment will be made by fuel card delivered to the email address that OnlineAuto.com.au holds on file.
  8. This promotion can be withdrawn or varied at any time.

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Maximum of 3 vehicles