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Every year, cars brands come out with new and improved features. These can be entertainment features, such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or safety features like blind spot sensors, brake assist or self parking.

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Car with Latest Technology FAQs

Each car model comes with different features. If you want a technologically advanced car, you will usually need to pay for a top of the range model. However, some cars that feature advanced technology include the new Range Rover, Ford Ranger, Kia Sorento, and new Mazda’s and BMW’s.

Each car comes with different features, however there are some features that you can look for when buying a new car. These features include:

  • Apply CarPlay and Andriod Auto

  • Reverse camera and sensors

  • Driver assist, including automatic braking, lane sensors, self parking, adaptive cruise control and blind spot sensors

  • Advanced safety features, including collision warning and avoidance, emergency brake assist, speed alarms, fatigue reminder and supplementary airbags

  • Keyless entry

Keyless car entry has quickly become an exciting and popular car feature. However, there are pros and cons. Pros of keyless entry include convenience, automatic locking and better security, whereas the cons include a higher cost for a replacement key, forgetting to bring the key or leaving it in the unlocked car, and power failure or dead battery leaving you unable to start the car.

Self driving cars seem to be the way of the future, but they include alot of technology to make them safe. All of the technologies help the cars learn and understand the road so they can adapt to situations safely. These systems include image recognition, machine learning and neutral networks which involves an algorithm to help the car analyse images and patterns to adapt to current situations. They also have features like hands free steering, adaptive cruise control and lane centering steering.

AVN stands for Audio Visual Navigation and is increasingly popular in cars. Audio features mainly include entertainment audio (listening to music) via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Video includes reverse camera and 360 degree real-time cameras, and navigation includes smart maps (like what is found on your phone) for navigation.

Car navigation systems are a standard technology in modern cars. However, with growing popularity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, some cars don’t have built in navigation, because it is easier to connect your phone navigation system which is displayed through the cars centre display console.

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