The Lexus portfolio is a tempting offer with a variety that ranges from sporty to extraordinary off-road, and it becomes even better when you learn about their unwavering commitment to comfort and dependability.

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As the luxury offering from Toyota, Lexus has become renowned for their seamless blend of sophistication, performance, and practicality.

With a range that spans from sporty to off-road extraordinaire, the offering becomes even sweeter when you discover their uncompromising approach towards comfort and reliability, making the Lexus lineup an offer that is hard to refuse.

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Lexus FAQs

Despite being a luxury car brand, Lexus vehicles are cheaper to maintain than you would expect. One major contributor to this is the fact that Lexus is under the Toyota umbrella which means they have high-reliability ratings and often require less maintenance than most other cars.

Obviously the annual maintenance cost will depend on how you use your vehicle and which model you have. However, for all models sold since January 2020, Lexus has a three-year capped price servicing plan which means that your annual maintenance costs should be between $495-$595. It is worth noting that this capped price servicing plan does not include electric versions of their UX SUV.

The Lexus Connected Services was implemented to deliver smart technologies that aim to improve navigation, multimedia, and safety.

The safety component connects your vehicle with the cloud to allow for features such as SOS emergency calls, automatic collision notification, and stolen vehicle tracking.

The everyday connectivity aspect delivers features such as remote connect, status connect, and Lexus multimedia connect. This enables things such as: being able to remotely lock/unlock your car, remotely control the vehicles cabin climate (turn the aircon on so the cars cool before you jump in during a hot Aussie summer), improved navigation capabilities, and much more.

The Automatic Collision Notification means that if you are in a collision where your airbag deploys or impact sensors are triggered, an automatic voice call to the Lexus Emergency Assistance centre will be made. If required, the call centre agent will then contact the appropriate emergency services and provide them with your location.

This is available 24/7.

Lexus' stolen vehicle tracking means that, in the situation your car is stolen, you will need to file a report with the police. From this point you can contact the Lexus Connected Services team, they will then work with the police to locate your vehicles last know location and track it from there to assist in the cars recovery.

It is vital that you report it to the authorities first as the Connected Services team can only provide tracking information to the police.

This is available 24/7.

Yes you can! Through using their remote connect platform, you will be able to remotely start/stop your car, lock/unlock it, and remotely manage the cabins climate control.

This feature means that, if in a serious emergency, an occupant can press the SOS button in the car. This connects the passengers with a Lexus Emergency Assistance agent who will then contact the relevant emergency services and provide them with your vehicles location.

This is available 24/7.

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