What Are the 10 Most Reliable SUVs?

By Alexi Falson
Updated on 14 Aug 2023 First published 22 Apr 2021
image for What Are the 10 Most Reliable SUVs? New car reliability is, quite rightly, one of the most important concerns for buyers looking for a family-friendly SUV.

After all, opting for an SUV with a solid reputation for reliability can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the lifespan of that car - not to mention help to inspire peace of mind for its owners.

With the SUV segment exploding in popularity in 2023, let’s take a closer look at ten of the most reliable SUVs on sale here in Australia to help you out with your next purchase.

How Do You Measure SUV Reliability?

For the most accurate data possible, we’re using findings of the latest J.D Power Dependability Study from 2023, which uses consumer reports from more than 30,000 vehicle owners.

While the results are from the U.S., the dataset remains one of the most accurate means of measuring SUV reliability due to the volume of responses directly from SUV owners.

Kia Sportage

kia sportage gt line 2023

Starting from $32,795*

Kia’s rapid growth to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers has seen the company double down on its value propositions and improve the long-term reliability of its car lineup.

This very much extends to the latest-generation Kia Sportage, which has received solid reliability scores from owners, and offers a generous seven-year warranty.

  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 543L
  • Fuel Economy: 6.3-8.1L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-stars 
  • Warranty: Seven-years

Volvo XC90

2023 volvo xc90

Starting from $95,990*

While Volvos of the past have had a mixed reputation when it comes to reliability, the company’s current SUV range including the XC40, XC60 and the flagship XC90 have received extremely solid reliability marks.

In fact, in the latest dependability study, the XC90 took out third place in the midsize premium SUV segment.

  • Seats: 7
  • Boot Size: 709L
  • Fuel Economy: 1.8-8.2L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Toyota C-HR

toyota c-hr 2023

Starting from $30,915*

Toyota’s take on the compact SUV, the C-HR, has received overwhelmingly positive reliability scores since its release, upholding Toyota’s reputation as one of the world’s leaders in long-term reliability. 

  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 318L
  • Fuel Economy: 4.3-6.5L/100km 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Hyundai Santa Fe

hyundai santa fe hybrid 2023

Starting from $46,050*

Hyundai’s seven-seat family chariot, the Santa Fe, gives buyers looking for a large, value-packed SUV package some serious food for thought.

Better yet, the Santa Fe has scored consistently high-reliability marks when compared to its direct rivals, with Hyundai biting at the heels of giants like Lexus, Mitsubishi and Toyota on the JD Power Dependability study.

  • Seats: 7
  • Boot Size: 130-782L
  • Fuel Economy: 6.0-10.5L/100km 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4 2023

Starting from $39,760*

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most famous models from the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, and arguably sets the benchmark for long-term reliability and affordable running costs.

According to the latest dependability scores, the RAV4 ranks high for reliability with a rating of 81 out of 100, making it one of the most reliable midsize SUVs on the market.

  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 580L
  • Fuel Economy: 4.7-7.5L/100km combined
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Mitsubishi Outlander

2023 mitsubishi outlander es phev

Starting from $37,240*

Mitsubishi’s significant update for the Outlander rocketed the midsize SUV back into popularity which, thankfully for buyers, has scored solid marks for reliability and comes with Australia’s best current new car warranty.

  • Seats: 5-7 
  • Boot Size: 163-494L
  • Fuel Economy: 1.5-8.1L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Up to ten-years

Mazda CX-5

2023 mazda cx-5

Starting from $36,110*

Mazda’s sleek and sporty midsize SUV package, the CX-5, offers something for everyone - including buyers looking for a safe and reliable midsize SUV that handles like a dream.

The CX-5 scores high marks across the board, with its reliability score sitting at a very healthy 87 out of 100.

  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 438L
  • Fuel Economy: 5.7-8.2L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Lexus RX

2023 lexus rx350

Starting from $98,370*

Toyota’s luxury arm, Lexus, consistently tops lists when it comes to outright reliability, with the company insisting that its most premium vehicles inspire owners with confidence.

The Lexus RX took out the honour of JD Power’s most reliable premium midsize SUV, which it shared with another Lexus, the GX.

  • Seats: Five 
  • Boot Size: 612L
  • Fuel Economy: 5.0-8.7L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star  
  • Warranty: Five-years

Kia Sorento

2023 kia sorento phev

Starting from $47,650*

Kia’s flagship seven-seat SUV has received reliability scores well above the industry average, ranking in the top tier thanks to a score of 83 out of 100 on the most recent reliability study.

Combined with Kia’s outstanding seven-year warranty, the Sorrento has any buyers looking for a safe and reliable seven-seat SUV package very much covered.

  • Seats: 7
  • Boot Size: 616L
  • Fuel Economy: 1.6-9.7L/100km  
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Seven-years

Honda CR-V

2023 honda cr-v

Starting from $35,900*

The words Honda and reliability have become nearly synonymous these days, whether you’re talking about SUVs like the CR-V, motorbikes, or marine engines.

The company has earned itself a fierce reputation for outstanding reliability, which translates to an excellent reliability score of 90 out of 100, making it one of the most reliable manufacturers on the planet.

  • Seats: 5-7
  • Boot Size: 150-522L 
  • Fuel Economy: 7.0-7.6L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star 
  • Warranty: Five-years

Genesis GV80 (Bonus)

2023 genesis gv80

Starting from $90,670

While it might come as a surprise to some, Genesis beat out the likes of Toyota, Kia, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Mazda in the most recent reliability score, with the company reporting far fewer issues per 100 vehicles than the industry average.

Within the Genesis lineup, the company’s flagship SUV, the GV80 scored 82 out of 100, making it a super reliable option within the world of premium SUVs - without breaking the bank.

  • Seats: 5-7 
  • Boot Size: 727L 
  • Fuel Economy: 8.8-11.7L/100km combined 
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Five-star
  • Warranty: Five-years

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