MINI is one of the most well-known manufacturers on the planet, with a unique and compact design that the company has maintained since its founding in 1969. MINI’s modern lineup features a choice of compact hatchbacks, sports cars from the John Cooper Works division and even compact SUV packages, with a growing number of battery-electric products designed to charm and excite.

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MINI is renowned for its distinctive retro-modern styling packages, compact size, agile handling. The company was a standalone British marque founded in 1969 that has since become part of the wider BMW Automotive Group. Every member of the MINI family is a unique car that turns heads and charms. Whether it's the classic two-door hatch, the versatile four-door Countryman, or the electric Cooper SE, MINI offers a range of stylish and fun-to-drive vehicles that cater to individual personalities and lifestyles. With its heritage of innovation, customization options, and a loyal community of MINI enthusiasts, the MINI brand continues to captivate drivers worldwide with its charm and personality.

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MINI has a wide range of models, with some luxurious variants sitting atop the lineup that receive a number of premium touches that make for a charming package with a wide range of opulent touches. The majority of MINI’s lineup, however, is positioned on the more affordable end of the scale, and is not typically seen as a luxury car manufacturer, though its range-topping models are undeniably luxurious.

While MINI was founded in 1969 in the United Kingdom, German company BMW purchased MINI back in 2000. BMW remains the owner of MINI to this day, where it produces vehicles at facilities in England, the Netherlands and previously, in Austria.

Prices for the MINI Cooper hatchback start from $40,725 here in Australia for the entry-level MINI Hatch Cooper Classic automatic, with prices rising to $41,650 for the Cooper Classic Plus three-door, while the five-door Cooper Classic is priced at $42,300. The MINI Cooper Convertible is priced from $45,025, while the entry-level MINI Countryman Cooper Classic is priced from $46,405. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change and do not include on-road costs.

MINIs are a particularly good car to buy if you’re looking for a charismatic small car that looks special, is easy and fun to drive, and remains perfectly suited to tight city streets. The company’s entry-level variants remain affordable, while higher-spec MINIs receive a number of premium touches that make them feel more refined and comfortable inside, while the John Cooper Works variants are well-worth a closer look if you’re looking to buy a fast and agile hatchback.

Perhaps the most unique thing about MINI cars is the retro-modern styling package that celebrates the company’s iconic vehicles of the past, while remaining contemporary and sleek. MINI’s vehicles have a charming styling package that makes the lineup more charming than its direct rivals, while retaining an exciting platform that makes them exciting to drive, and conveniently practical while driving around town. Certain MINIs, like the John Cooper Works variants, receive extremely powerful turbocharged engines, and suspension and brake upgrades that make them incredibly fast and agile in the corners, offering a truly special driving dynamic.

According to consumer reports, the most common problems associated with MINI Coopers are issues with their automatic transmissions, clutch issues for manual variants, power steering problems and water pump failures that can cause the engine to overheat. Having said that, MINI scores well when it comes to the overall reliability of its vehicle lineup, which is largely the result of its parent company, BMW, investing in modern production and quality control measures.

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