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By Alexi Falson on 21 Apr 2022
image for Review - Subaru Impreza While the current generation Subaru Impreza may live in the shadows of its more adventurous twin, the Subaru XV, it remains a hugely influential car for the segment. 

Going up against the likes of the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai i30, Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3 is no easy feat, but that’s what the Impreza is tasked with as it hopes to win over Australian buyers with its all-wheel-drive platform and charming, adventurous personality. 

With that in mind, just how good is the latest generation Subaru Impreza, how does it stack up against its rivals and can it handle all of your demands? Let’s find out. 

Starting Price: $23,990

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Subaru Impreza (2.0i-S) Specifications

Model Date 2022
Series MY21
Variant 2.0i-S (AWD)
Drive AWD
Engine DIRFI
Engine capacity 1995
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 16 valves
Engine RPM 6000 / 4000
Cylinders F4
Torque 196
KW 115
Fuel tank size 50.0
Fuel usage specs 7.2 / 0.0
CO2 163
ANCAP security rating 5

For more details and other variants, check Subaru Impreza car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Subaru Impreza lineup kicks off from $23,990 for the entry-level 2.0i sedan, while the 2.0i hatch is priced at $24,190. Moving to the 2.0i-L sedan comes at a cost of $25,990, while the 2.0i-L hatch is priced at $26,190. 

From here, the range moves to the 2.0i Premium sedan, which is priced at $28,590 and the 2.0i Premium hatch, which receives a price tag of $28,790. 

Finally, the range-topping 2.0i-S sedan and hatch are priced at $31,290 and $31,490 respectively. 

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and do not include on-road costs.  

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What Features Does the Subaru Impreza Have?

Subaru’s entry-level Impreza 2.0i comes riding on a set of 17-inch alloys, and receive cruise control, keyless entry & start, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, a reversing camera, cruise control, climate control and a 6.5-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and DAB+ radio. 

Moving up to the Impreza 2.0i-L adds a larger 8.0-inch infotainment system and a 6.3-inch multi-function display, as well as an adaptive cruise control system, fog lights, dual-zone climate control, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever, autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assist and lane-departure warnings. 

Opting for the Impreza 2.0i Premium adds a panoramic sunroof, satellite navigation upgrade, power-folding side mirrors, a front-view monitor, reverse autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts. 

Finally, the range-topping Impreza 2.0i-S receives a set of 18-inch alloys, automatic LED headlights, LED fog lights and LED daytime running lamps, leather upholstery, heated front seats with power-adjustable driver’s seat and some metal driving pedals.  

Range Features: 

  • 17-inch alloys 
  • Keyless entry & start 
  • Cruise control 
  • Reversing camera 
  • 6.5-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto & DAB+ 
  • Climate control 
  • Electronic parking brake
  • 8.0-inch infotainment system (2.0i-L & above)
  • Leather steering wheel & gear lever (2.0i-L & above)
  • Autonomous emergency braking (2.0i-L & above)
  • Adaptive cruise control (2.0i-L & above)
  • Fog lights  (2.0i-L & above)
  • Panoramic sunroof (2.0i Premium & above) 
  • Front-view monitor (2.0i Premium & above) 
  • Satellite navigation (2.0i Premium & above)
  • 18-inch alloys (2.0i-S)
  • Leather upholstery (2.0i-S)
  • LED headlights, fog lights and daytime running lamps (2.0i-S)
  • Side-view monitor (2.0i-S)
  • Heated front seats (2.0i-S) 
  • Metal driving pedals (2.0i-S)

Subaru Impreza Colours

The Subaru Impreza range is available in a choice of Crystal Black, Magnetite Grey, Ocean Blue, Ice Silver, Dark Blue, Lithium Red, Crystal White and Crimson Red.  

Is it Comfortable to Drive? 

While the Impreza platform has been spun-off into a hardcore rally-bred racer, the road-going Impreza lineup is far more user-friendly and as you’ll discover, modest on a daily drive. 

The lineup features a 2.0-litre flat-four engine producing 115kW of power and 196Nm of torque, with power channeled via a CVT automatic to all four wheels that make up Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel-drive platform. 

Translated to the road, this engine offers some reasonable performance for the task of daily driving, but is far from exciting when pushed. For the majority of daily driving situations, though, the Impreza’s powertrain is perky enough to get you up to speed, with its CVT automatic offering an extremely smooth power delivery free of any sudden shifts you might notice from a conventional automatic. 

The Impreza range remains exceptionally user-friendly and easy to drive around town, thanks to the narrow turning circle, relatively short wheelbase and lightweight steering rack that makes slow-speed turns and navigating carparks a simple task. 

Out on the open road, the Impreza begins to shine, where the incredibly competent chassis and suspension get to work holding the body flat, giving the little Impreza an impressive amount of character when pushed. 

The suspension can be firm on some of the larger bumps you’ll find on country B-roads, but thankfully, the all-wheel-drive platform offers up a heap of confidence and helps to keep the Impreza feel planted in a variety of road conditions. 

As a complete package, then, the Subaru Impreza manages to stay planted and supportive on rough country B-roads while remaining exceptionally user-friendly around town thanks to its adaptable platform. 

Is it Practical and Spacious? 

In previous generations, interior space and comfort weren’t exactly selling-points of the Impreza range, which Subaru has seemingly tackled with the release of a new platform adding to interior space and features alike. 

Up front, the driver and front passenger are treated to a predominantly black interior design in the entry-level model, featuring a familiar layout to the previous-generation Impreza, with a great view out of the windscreen adding to the sense of space in the cockpit. 

Practical elements in the front of the cabin come in the form of a large pair of door bins on either side, storage inside the folding armrest, a pair of cupholders, and pair of storage trays in the central console for loose items and smartphones.  

Moving to the second row of the Impreza - which as we’ve mentioned, has been a point of contention in the past - now offers a heap of space for rear occupants, and brings the Impreza into line with its major rivals when it comes to space and comfort. 

Sitting behind a tall driver is no challenge inside the Impreza, which offers a heap of space to stretch your legs, although taller rear passengers might notice the decreasing headroom as the roofline slopes toward the boot, with the sedan offering the most headroom. 

All up, though, the Impreza’s second row has improved a lot, and with two ISOFIX anchors either side of the cabin and three top tether mounts, it can handle a load of three child seats across the second row without a problem. 

In terms of cargo storage, the Subaru Impreza’s boot space is rated at 345L for the hatch, which increases to 460L for the sedan. Drop the second row and cargo capacity increases to 795L in total, with the sedan variant again coming out on top as the all-round pick for practicality within the Impreza lineup. 

Is it Safe? 

The Subaru Impreza has been awarded ANCAP’s maximum five-star safety rating, achieving an overall score of 35.80 out of a potential 37. 

As standard, all Impreza variants receive a reversing camera, front, front-side and curtain airbags, while mid-level and high-spec variants receive Subaru’s EyeSight safety suite. 

This EyeSight safety suite adds autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure and lane-keep assistance, while the 2.0i Premium and S variants both receive blind-spot monitoring, reverse autonomous braking and rear cross-traffic alerts. 

Is it Fuel Efficient?

The Subaru Impreza range is rated at 6.6L per 100km on a combined cycle, while the flagship 2.0i-S is rated at 7.2/100km. All up, this fuel economy is pretty impressive for a naturally-aspirated petrol engine, but we can’t help but picture an Impreza lineup with a turbo-four or even a plug-in hybrid variant. 

Our Verdict: Is the Subaru Impreza Worth it?

While the Subaru Impreza might not be the month-to-month sales champion within its segment, it remains a truly impressive vehicle that matches the class leaders in terms of driving engagement. 

The Impreza’s interior has also come leaps-and-bounds when it comes to family-friendly practicality, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence, we’d encourage you to add the Impreza to your shortlist and take one for a test drive. 

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Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Five-year, unlimited KM warranty 
  2. Five-years capped-price servicing available from $2,430
  3. Five-star ANCAP safety rating 
  4. Sedan offers more interior space and boot space; 460L vs 345L
  5. One petrol engine across range; symmetrical AWD platform as standard 


  • Charismatic and engaging handling 
  • All-wheel-drive stability and confidence 
  • Impressive standard features and safety equipment
  • Interior space and practicality improvements 


  • Underwhelming petrol engine performance 
  • Begging for a turbocharged or hybrid engine 
  • Some noticeable road noise at speed 

OnlineAuto Rating: 8.5/10

Subaru Impreza Competition 

Subaru Impreza

Toyota Corolla
Volkswagen Golf
Hyundai i30
Honda Civic
Kia Cerato 


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