Audi Q2 Review

on 07 Apr 2021
image for Audi Q2 Review Audi is diving into the small premium SUV segment with the stylish new Q2, bringing sophistication, fashion, and technology right to your door. Despite being the entry level SUV in Audi’s showroom, the Q2 showcases the latest and suavest design and technology from the brand.

2017 Audi Q2 Front Side

Savvy living

The highlight of the cabin has to be the optional Virtual Cockpit digital display, as Audi calls it. What is it? This is a fully digital screen that replaces your traditional speedometer and other gauges. Why is this good? Well, apart from looking really cool it also offers customisation. Think of it as like customising the home screen on your phone.

The Q2 is quite petite, based on the same skeleton as the VW Golf, but it’s actually quite large inside, with an open and airy environment. Audi interiors are easily some of the cleanest and nicest designs in the business. So for the same attractive personality to be available in a small package can only be a good thing, right?

Being an SUV you get perched up seats to provide that must-have raised riding position, with excellent visiability all around. And to brighten up the front seat area the Q2 can be had with a unique snakeskin-like trim with sparkling LEDs that display a nightclub lighting experience inside. Seriously. There are 10 different colours to play around with via the 7.0-inch media screen. That itself presents clear and crisp graphics, along with a number of entertaining and interactive apps including Google Maps and even Google Earth.

In the back is a surprising amount of room. There’s no rear air-con vents to keep your friends cool on those hot summer days, but there is a large flip-down armrest with cupholders so they can at least enjoy a slurpy. Cargo space is also decent, and even more so with the rear seats folded down.

2017 Audi Q2 Interior

Head down to cruise town

The steering is light and fun and the external dimensions are easily manageable in tight situations. Parking is a cinch, too, thanks to the standard rear-view cam. You also have Audi’s pre-sense autonomous emergency braking technology with pedestrian protection as standard, for further peace of mind.

Fuel consumption is simply amazing. The official average is just 5.0L/100km and we experienced around 6.5L/100km during our test – trust us, in the real world this kind of figure is fab. Keeping in mind this is the all-wheel drive model, you should definitely note the economy as one of the Q2’s main attractions.


Our verdict

Quality and attention to detail are paramount in the Q2. Fit and finish and interior design really stand out in this class in our opinion. It’s a refreshing approach to a sometimes confusing segment, and the base starting price is able to lure in a broad range of buyers and their budgets. Of course, there are plenty of option boxes to tick before you get to experience the full luxury potential here.

5 specs you need to know:

  1. Engine: 2.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder
  2. Transmission and drive: Seven-speed automatic, all-wheel drive
  3. ANCAP safety rating: Five Stars
  4. Official fuel economy: 5.0L/100km (6.5L/100km during test).
  5. Time from 0-100km/h as tested: 9.25 seconds.


  • Stylish design
  • Packed with the latest technology
  • Sips fuel
  • Parking is a breeze


  • Daunting options list
  • Can be expensive for a compact SUV

2017 Audi Q2 Side

2017 Audi Q2 Interior Front

2017 Audi Q2 Front

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