With both production car and racing divisions in the worlds of rallying, touring cars, Le Mans, and Formula E under its control, the Audi range includes both traditional internal combustion engines as well as hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

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Audi is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers and is part of the wider Volkswagen Group. Audi specialises in premium vehicles across the compact, SUV, sedan and sports car segments.

Founded in 1909, Audi has grown into a global manufacturer with subsidiaries including Ducati motorcycles, Bentley and Lamborghini.

The Audi lineup features both conventional internal combustion engines, as well as hybrid and pure electric vehicles, with both production car and racing divisions in the world of rallying, touring cars, Le Mans and Formula E under its control.

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Audi FAQs

Audi has a mixed reputation when it comes to reliability in the past. While Audi’s vehicles are known to be designed under a high level of both research and development, and are produced under strict quality control measures, there are consumer surveys that indicate a higher-than-average rate of incidents in previous generations. 

Audi’s modern production car lineup has clawed back this reputation, though, and is considered a well-engineered and reliable option for buyers.

While Audi’s cars command a relatively high premium, the brand remains a great option for those looking for a stylish, feature-packed and luxurious car.

Audi’s range features a choice of compact city cars, spacious sedans, practical SUVs and sports cars for different types of buyers, so if you’re in the market for a slice of premium European motoring, Audi cars are very much worth buying.

Audi’s latest generation infotainment system features a GPS tracking service known as Audi Track, that can help in the case of theft, or simply losing track of your vehicle in a crowded car park. 

Audi Track is a subscription service that can be optioned onto your purchase of a new Audi vehicle, which includes the installation of the Audi Track system and tracking of your vehicle for a period of 36 months, which can be renewed.

Audi’s myAudi Connect system has been rebranded to Audi Connect Plus since its introduction, which can be thought of as a clever all-in-one package to manage your vehicle’s diagnostics, entertainment, security and even assistance features. 

The Audi Connect Plus service helps you monitor your vehicle, contact emergency services in the case of an accident or breakdown, access entertainment options and view real-time information, fuel usage and driving range via the myAudi app.

The Audi Connect service does indeed need a sim card to access the full range of services, because it sends and receives data. Keep in mind that you can find a data-only SIM card if you’re not looking to make or receive phone calls, and use your personal phone via hands-free phone calls.

The Pros of an Audi vehicle are namely the well-crafted, high-powered and often fuel-efficient powertrains available, the attractive and premium interior design, striking design language and, of course, Audi’s European attention to detail. 

Audi vehicles are smooth and comfortable to drive, making for a well-refined driving experience. 

The cons of an Audi car include the premium list prices, as well as the high costs of any repairs or maintenance that aren’t covered by the warranty.

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