What are the Top SUVs Coming in 2021?

on 10 Mar 2021
image for What are the Top SUVs Coming in 2021? From Lexus to BMW, from Ford to Hyundai, here are the top 10 SUVs coming to Australia in 2021.

Altogether, SUVs are gaining in marketshare. Towards the back end of last year, SUVs combine with utes made up around three quarters of new cars sold in any given month. Motorists favour SUVs for the practicaility, the benefit of increased ride height, and some off-road capability.

Top 10 SUV Models in Australia 2021

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new SUV releases - here are some of the top models coming to Aussie shores.

10. Nissan X-Trail - early 2021

Nissan is releasing the fourth edition of its venerable X-Trail, and about time, because the outgoing model dates back as far as 2013, with a few minor updates along the way. The new platform is said to be built under the new Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, and reports indicate a new 2.5L engine is on the way, and possibly a new turbo 2.0L model.

9. Hyundai Tucson - early 2021

The Tucson is already Australia’s sixth-best selling SUV, and the new model could advance the Tucson cause further. The outgoing model is five years ol at this point, and the new model is said to be offered in a hybrid for the first time. Production was originally supposed to begin in mid-2020, but it seems the pandemic set things back a bit.

8. Tesla Model Y - early-mid 2021

The Model Y is Tesla’s SUV/crossover version of the popular Model 3. As has become synonymous with Tesla cars, expect the Model Y to have class-leading features, as well as great electric range and quick 0-100km/h times. However, expect the Model Y to cost upwards of $90,000 drive-away, though the recent appreciation in the Australian Dollar to the US Dollar could mean a better deal for Aussie motorists.

7. Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series - late 2021

The new year marks a step-change for the Landcruiser. Most commonly offered in a V8 engine in years past, in 2021, the Landcruiser will only delivered to Australia with a six cylinder engine. What’s more is that delivery has been delayed due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, expect the range-topping 300 Series to cost around $100,000 in Australia.

6. Kia E-Niro - early-mid 2021

The E-Niro is Kia’s answer to the popular Hyundai Kona - a small, punchy, and relatively affordable electric SUV. Overseas the E-Niro is available with two different battery capacities - 39kWh, or 64kWh. On a full charge, these motors are said to offer a range of 288km and 455km respectively. Also expect to see Kia’s class-leading 7-year warranty, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Kia to undercut Hyundai’s $60,000-odd asking price for the Kona.

5. Toyota Kluger - early-mid 2021

The Kluger is the second-best selling 7-seat SUV behind the Toyota Prado, and in 2021 it’s getting an update. The new model will come with a 3.5L V6 engine, producing 218kW. A 2.5L hybrid petrol engine will also be offered, producing 179kW - the first hybrid Kluger. Final trim and price specs are expected to be made public later, but spy photos indicate it’s received quite a bit of an upgrade in the technology department.

4. BMW iX3 - mid 2021

The iX3 will be one of BMW’s first fully electric models when it’s delivered later in 2021. The German automotive giant has confirmed it will come with a 74kWh battery, with a range of more than 440km. As the name suggests, it’s a smaller SUV, based on the popular X3 model. Reviews suggest it’s a competitive electric SUV package, with little compromise over petrol-guzzling equivalents. However, expect the typical BMW price tag to match.

3. Lexus NX - late 2021

The Lexus NX has remained one of, if not the most popular Lexus model on Australian roads for the past few years. And in 2021, it’s getting an update, with the outgoing model approaching seven years old at this point. The new NX will use Toyota’s ‘New Global Architecture’ platform, as a means of cutting down on costs and chasing uniformity on a global level. While much is yet to be seen about the new NX, you could expect a new ‘NX450h’ high-performance hybrid model to come to our shores. But also expect a price tag to match with that one, with pricing for the NX300 varieties closing in on $80,000.

2. Ford Everest - early 2021

There’s a few things to like about the 2021 Ford Everest. One, a special edition ‘BaseCamp’ model is avaialble, coming with a few extra goodies. Two, engine options include a 3.2L turbo five cylinder, or a 2.0L four cylinder twin turbo - both are diesels. And three, it’s ironic but the smaller engine produces more power and more torque. The beauty of another turbo! Pricing for the 2021 Ford Everest starts at $50,990 drive away - for that you get the 3.2L ‘Ambiente’ model, with RWD instead of 4WD.

1. Hyundai Kona - early 2021

The ‘new’ Kona coming in 2021 is more of a facelift than a full overhaul. This year you can expect a few style tweaks, as well as some potential technology upgrades. The Kona has an electric model that remains one of Australia’s cheapest fully-electric SUVs, starting at about $60,000. Added to the line-up this year is the famed ‘hero’ N-Line model. The N-Line, as seen in the i30 hatchback series, is the performance variant, which truly packs a punch. Pricing is expected closer to release date.

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