What Map App is the Best on Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

By Alexi Falson on 21 Jun 2023
image for What Map App is the Best on Apple Carplay and Android Auto? With roads feeling like they’re getting more crowded on a daily basis, it’s important you’ve got a navigation app that works with you. Let’s take a look at which is the best map application for both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto systems to help you get from A to B with ease.

With roads feeling like they’re getting more crowded on a daily basis, it’s important you’ve got a navigation app that works with you, rather than making your commute any harder than it needs to be. 

Whether you’re deeply embedded into the Android Auto ecosystem or you’ve got an iPhone connected to your vehicle’s Apple CarPlay system, as you’ll discover, not all map apps are created equal. 

Let’s take a look at which is the best map application for both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto systems to help you get from A to B with ease. 

Google Maps 

The undisputed heavyweight of the navigation app world, Google Maps commands two-thirds of the map app market share thanks to its simplicity, vast database for addresses and even the smallest of businesses. 

As you might imagine, Google Maps is the default navigation app installed on Android phones and its Android Auto systems, which can be controlled via both the infotainment system display and with voice inputs. 

Thankfully for iPhone users, and even though Apple has its own proprietary navigation app that it would much prefer you used, Google Maps is fully integrated into the Apple CarPlay system. 

To use Google Maps, iPhone users can simply download it from the App Store which will be recognised by the Apple CarPlay system and offered on the home screen.  

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Waze has built a cult following in the world of map apps thanks to its live user inputs for traffic alerts, breakdowns, police and speed camera locations, and its knack for finding the optimal route to your destination. 

Waze’s more colourful and cartoonish user interface has obviously gone down a hit with users, making it the second-biggest navigation app in terms of market share - even ahead of Apple’s own Maps app. 

The great news is that owners of vehicles with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment connectivity can download the Waze map app and get cruising to their destination. 

Apple Maps 

The native navigation app for all iPhone users, Apple Maps, is somewhat of a forgotten fighter - though it has come leaps and bounds since its first introduction. 

Nowadays, Apple Maps has become a very competitive app for navigation and is obviously integrated with Apple CarPlay’s voice commands and Siri controls exceptionally well. 

It has, however, struggled to capture a compelling segment of the market, accounting for around 11% of the market, behind Google Maps and Waze. 

Thankfully, the Apple CarPlay system doesn’t discriminate, meaning you’re free to use its major competitor, Google Maps, instead of Apple Maps; for those wondering, Google does not list Apple’s map app on the Google store, so it can’t be used with Android Auto. 

TomTom GO 

While TomTom GO was one of the major innovators when navigation systems were making their way into vehicles, the Dutch company has been left in the wake of digital giants like Google. 

It does, however, remain a very reliable and user-friendly navigation app that offers all the major features of live traffic data, updates on breakdowns and speed cameras, all while using less of your mobile’s data. 

TomTom GO is available for both Android and iOS users, and works with both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, though it requires a paid subscription service as opposed to its key rivals. 

Roadtrippers - Trip Planner 

For those hitting the road on a long-distance, cross-country road trip, Roadtrippers - Trip Planner is a great app that allows you to create a personalised itinerary ahead of time, and update it as you go. 

Both the website and app allow you to plot out your starting point and destination, offering you everything from accommodation and restaurant recommendations, points of interest for nature and shopping as well as those all-important fuel stops. 

Roadtrippers Trip Planner is available for download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store, and works with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 


If you’re looking for one of the most advanced navigation apps, Sygic has you covered with a wild mix of live driving information and augmented reality views for when to turn- and even offers a dashcam feature to help out in emergencies.

Sygic uses offline maps provided by TomTom, and combines this with images from your phone’s camera that can overlay certain updates and information. 

It is, however, a paid subscription service, and while it is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a number of its key selling points are deactivated on your vehicle’s display.

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Which Map App Works Best with Apple CarPlay? 

Thankfully, Apple and Google are not gate-keeping their CarPlay & Auto ecosystems when it comes to third-party navigation apps, which means the question of which is best is a simple matter of personal preference. 

The fact that you’re not locked into a single nav app means that you can stick with your favourite. 

Be it Google Maps for the rich database, Sygic for the immersive viewpoint, Apple Maps for simplicity’s sake, Waze for police alerts, TomTom for data efficiency or Roadtrippers Trip Planner for the custom itineraries - the choice is yours, and they all work fine with both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. 

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