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Body Type FAQs: Hatch

A hatch or a hatchback is a style of car typically found on smaller vehicles that has a rear boot design incorporating both the rear windscreen and the tailgate that opens vertically for easy access into the cargo area. 

While modern designs are changing, hatchbacks often feature a curved or rounded slope behind the rear passengers, unlike a wagon or a sedan body shape.  

Hatchbacks are typically smaller than a comparable sedan or SUV, but retain a practical interior thanks to the clever boot design that translates to very usable boot volumes for drivers and their family. 

Some of the most popular hatchbacks on sale here in Australia include the Honda Civic hatchback, Toyota Corolla hatchback, Kia Cerato hatchback, Subaru Impreza hatchback, MINI Cooper hatch, Mazda 3 hatchback and those on offer from more premium brands like the Lexus, BMW and Mercedes.

While their outside shapes are actually quite similar, the main difference between a hatchback and a wagon is the amount of bodywork stretching from behind the rear of the cabin to the boot. 

In a hatch, the bodywork and glass making their way to the boot are positioned directly behind those seated in the second row. 

In a wagon, on the other hand, the bodywork often stretches out horizontally far more than a hatchback, which gives the wagon a larger boot, as well as a unique body design over that of a hatchback.

The design of a hatchback and a sedan is remarkably similar up until the point you reach the rear third of the vehicle, behind the second row. 

In a sedan, the rear windscreen is typically a single and stand-alone piece of glass positioned behind the rear seats, sitting atop metal bodywork that sits atop the boot. 

In a hatchback, though, the glass for the rear windscreen is often incorporated into the boot lid itself, and lifting the boot opens both metal and glass for easy access into the cargo area, which is a practicality strong point of the hatch design.

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