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Body Type FAQs: Wagon

The easiest way to think about the wagon body shape is that it’s closely related to the sedan, while featuring a long roofline that makes its way to the rear of the car, opening up a heap of interior space. 

This is unique because a sedan or hatchback’s roofline often falls down behind the rear passenger’s head, whereas the roof of a wagon continues to stretch out to the boot, making it one of the most practical and family-friendly body styles when it comes to boot space.

The main difference between a wagon and an SUV platform is that SUVs stand considerably taller than the wagon platform and offer more ground clearance than wagons that make them more suited to adventurous driving. 

You can think of the wagon as a close relative of the traditional sedan car, whereas an SUV is more closely related to a ute when it comes to the larger platform. 

While they’re most restricted when it comes to off-road driving, wagon platforms are great when it comes to fun and fast-paced driving on the road thanks to their low-slung nature, while some wagons are actually quite capable off-roaders when pushed.

Some of the most reliable wagons here in Australia include the Mazda 6 Wagon, Subaru Outback, Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, Volvo V60 Cross Country, Skoda Superb & Octavia, Audi A6 AllRoad, VW Golf Wagon and the Subaru WRX Sportswagon.

There are a number of benefits when opting for a wagon over something like an SUV, which is typically the wagon’s biggest competitor, with the sheer size of the boot and its practical nature making one of the most convincing arguments for family buyers. 

Thanks to the unique roofline, you’ll find far more boot space in a wagon than you will in an equivalent sedan and, in many cases, you’ll receive more boot space in a wagon than a comparable SUV. 

Other benefits include a more engaging driving dynamic thanks to their low-slung platforms compared to an SUV, and often significantly better fuel economy figures that make them a more affordable family vehicle over time.

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