Review - Tesla Model S

on 28 Mar 2021
image for Review - Tesla Model S Want a car that truly ticks all the boxes? Get yourself behind the wheel of the fully electric Tesla Model S and be prepared to be very, very impressed.

It’s hard to know where to start with this review – there are just so many boxes that the Tesla Model S ticks. But before we put our foot down, let’s get over that little speed hump – price.

This is a top model vehicle with options aplenty – the perfect vehicle for eco-conscious women who also love speed. So, as you might expect, prices are high range, kicking off at about $248,000. If you have the money though, it’s a serious contender that offers great value. Here’s why. 

It’s fast and eco-friendly

The Model S is fast, going from 0–100km/h in 3.2 seconds flat. It also features a 'Ludicrous' speed driving pack (which will set you back $14,300), giving you the kind of acceleration that compares with a V12 Lamborghini.

In fact, drive one of these and you can tell your friends you’re driving the quickest accelerating production sedan in the world.

When you drive a fully electric car like the Tesla, you’re not just doing your bit for the environment. There’s the added bonus of never having to pull into a servo to refuel, ever again. 

Pleasurable driving and plenty of space

Whether you’re on Autopilot or have your hands on the wheel, driving the Tesla is a dreamy experience. Picture yourself driving along a picturesque country road in tranquility – the electric motor produces only a faint whirring noise, while the air suspension option also absorbs bumps nicely, adding to the serenity of the drive.

The steering feel is light and responsive, but the heavy weight of the vehicle – it’s a beefy 2187kg – means it also feels sturdy and safe, well anchored to the road.

Weekends away, shopping sprees, moving, collecting that coffee table you can’t live without, all these are made easier with a 774-litre boot in the back complete with an under-floor cavity, along with a 150-litre boot under the bonnet.

A completely flat interior floor, low centre console, minimalist dash and 17-inch touch-screen infotainment system (complete with onboard Tesla SIM care which lasts three years) gives it an absolute first-class feel. 

Our verdict

Besides the price, the Tesla Model S is almost faultless. Boasting speed, extreme speed, amazing handling and incredible design, you’ll find yourself wanting to make your drives longer in a baby like this.

There’s only one thing left to do – test drive the Tesla Model S today and discover how many other boxes it ticks for you. 

    5 specs you need to know

    1. Engine: Two axle-mounted electric motors.
    2. Transmission and drive: Single-speed auto, all-wheel drive.
    3. ANCAP rating: Five stars.
    4. Battery/Range: 90kWh/Approx. 520km.
    5. Time from 0–100km/h as tested: 3.2 seconds. 


    • Sheer and instant acceleration – you can feel the power right from the start.
    • Spacious light-filled interior
    • 17 inch touchscreen
    • No fuel use, therefore a good option for the environmentalist. 


    • It’s not a car everybody can afford.
    • Exterior build quality lags behind German rivals.
    • Charging station requires installation

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