Citroen is one of France’s biggest manufacturers, famous for its range of unique vehicles that showcase the company’s French design flair, impressive practicality and a user-friendly driving nature, along with its hugely successful racing career in the World Rally Championship.

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Founded in Paris back in 1919, Citroen is one of France’s oldest and most established vehicle manufacturers, and one that isn’t afraid to create bold and unique designs that stand out from its competitors.

Citroen has snatched eight manufacturers’ titles in the World Rally Championship, and created a number of bespoke, predominantly city cars designed for the tight streets of Europe. In 2021, the PSA Group merged with automotive giant Stellantis who is now in control of Citroen.

Citroen offers buyers here in Australia a choice of compact SUVs like the C3, crossover vehicles like the C4, midsize SUvs like the C5 Aircross and the sleek-and-stylish C5 X.

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Citroen FAQs

Citroen is a particularly good car brand if you’re living in, or close to a metropolitan area thanks to their agile handling and short wheelbase platforms that make them user-friendly in and around cities. 

The Citroen C3 was the eleventh best-selling car in Europe in 2022, making it one of the most popular compact vehicles on sale on the continent, and the fourth best-selling car in its home market of France. 

As a result, Citroen’s lineup of compact hatches and SUVs is well-worth your time if you’re in the market for a stylish and comfortable car to drive around town.

Citroen was founded back in 1919 by Andre Citroen, and has since grown to one of the largest automotive manufacturers in its home market of France. 

Citroen became part of the PSA Group back in 1976 when it joined up with domestic rival Peugeot, and had its headquarters based in Paris. In 2021, the PSA Group merged with Stellantis, and has its headquarters based in the village of Poissy, France.

Citroen is not leaving Australia, in fact, the company has announced plans to expand its lineup of vehicles here in Australia as it welcomes new plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles to its global range. 

Citroen has said that its five-year plan will include new models for the Australian market, as well as the expansion of its dealership network to keep buyers supported when it comes to purchasing, servicing and maintenance. 

While the company has not announced any additional light commercial vehicles for the Australian market, it’s clear to see that Citroen has no plans on leaving the Australian market as it launches into its five-year plan.

Citroen’s vehicles are not made by Renault, in fact, the two companies are direct competitors in their home market of France and all around the globe. 

The only close relationship that Citroen and Renault have had in the past was the sale of Citroen’s sale of its heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturing arm, Berliet to Renault in 1974; the companies very much remain competitors. 

Citroen manufactures its vehicles its vehicles in Poissy, Rennes, Mulhouse and Souchaux in France, as well as a number of international factories in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Brazil and India.

Citroen can be considered a luxury brand, particularly in its flagship models like the C5 X which receive premium features like Paloma leather upholstery, 19-inch alloys, LED headlights, hydraulic suspension systems, large 12-inch infotainment systems and heated seats. 

Past creations like the Citroen C6 were designed to be extremely comfortable and luxurious inside, and at one point in time, was the preferred car of the French President. 

As a result, Citroen’s most premium models gain a heap of luxurious features that match what’s on offer in a number of its European rivals. 

Most of Citroen’s lineup, however, is not designed to be a luxury vehicle, instead, they’re designed to be charismatic, easy and comfortable to drive and perfect for trips around town, giving buyers a healthy amount of variety within the range.

Citroen is considered a special car brand thanks to a number of factors, namely its lengthy pedigree of manufacturing vehicles since 1919, unique and, at times, timeless designs for its road cars, innovative features like hydraulic suspension systems way back in the 1970’s with the DS, and its hugely successful World Rally Championship results. 

One of the most famous Citroen vehicles is the 2CV, has become a collectors’ item, while the C6 that became the chosen mode of transport for the French President. 

Citroen’s racing division has also won the company eight constructors’ World Championships, cementing the company’s reputation in the world of both motorsport and charismatic passenger vehicles inspired by its motorsport division.

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