2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

By Alexi Falson on 24 Apr 2023
image for 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Review The Ford Ranger Raptor is one of the most extreme dual-purpose utes you’ll find anywhere on the market, sitting atop Ford’s lineup as the most powerful and premium dual-cab ute.

Ford’s latest generation Ranger lineup has been quick to impress critics and buyers alike here in Australia, with the updated platform, engine range and underlying hardware making it one of the most impressive workhorses on the road.

Sitting at the top of the range, the Ranger Raptor throws a heap of power and performance upgrades into the mix, but how well does it justify its price premium over the rest of the range? Let’s find out.

Starting Price: $85,490

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Ford Ranger - RAPTOR 3.0 (4x4) Specifications

Model Date 2023
Series PY MY22
Variant RAPTOR 3.0 (4x4)
Transmission 10 SP AUTOMATIC
Drive 4WD
Engine TTDFI
Engine capacity 2956
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 24 valves
Engine RPM 5650 / 3500
Cylinders TTV6
Torque 583
KW 292
Fuel tank size 80.0
Fuel usage specs 11.5 / 0
CO2 262
ANCAP security rating 5

For more details and other variants, check Ford Ranger car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Ford Ranger Raptor is priced at $85,490, which does not include on-road costs.

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What Features Does the Ford Ranger Raptor Have?

Over the rest of the Ranger lineup, the Raptor gains a bespoke body kit that adds some aggressive styling tweaks over the standard design language.

Premium equipment additions come in the form of 17-inch alloys wrapped in BF Goodrich K02 all-terrain tyres, Matrix LED headlights with LED tail lights and auto-levelling LED daytime running lamps, spray-in tub liner, an active exhaust system, upgraded Performance Fox 2.5-inch live valve suspension and an electronic locking front differential.

Creature comfort upgrades include a set of Ford Performance seats with Raptor logos and orange highlights, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster and a surround-view camera system.

2023 ford ranger raptor vehicle settings

2023 ford ranger raptor parking cameras

2023 ford ranger raptor instrument cluster fuel economy

Range Features:

  • Raptor-bespoke body kit

  • 17-inch alloys with BF Goodrich K02 all-terrain tyres

  • Matrix LED headlights with LED tail lights & daytime running lamps

  • Active exhaust system

  • Performance Fox live-valve suspension with coil overs

  • Electronic-locking front differential

  • Spray-in tub liner

  • Surround-view camera

  • Ford Performance seats with Raptor logos and orange highlights

  • 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster

Ford Ranger Raptor Colours

The Ford Ranger Raptor is available in Arctic White as a no-cost colour extra, while Shadow Black, Blue Lightning, Meteor Grey, Conquer Grey, Sedona Orange, Code Orange and Aluminium remain $700 optional colour finishes.

2023 ford ranger raptor orange grille

Is it Comfortable to Drive?

While it might be designed for worksites and off-road trails at the top of its design brief, Ford’s upgraded suspension hardware has made the Ranger Raptor an incredibly comfortable daily driver.

The main attraction is, of course, the 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol lurking beneath the sizable bonnet, which produces a monstrous 292kW of power and 583Nm of torque to all four wheels via a full-time 4x4 system and a ten-speed automatic transmission that offers responsive yet smooth shifts.

2023 ford ranger raptor garrett turbo

Around town, the powertrain gives the Ranger Raptor effortless acceleration off the line, and makes it feel like a truly special beast on the road when you flatten the throttle pedal.

The upgraded suspension system makes it absolutely fantastic on a daily drive, ironing out the majority of bumps on the road and keeping the body impressively flat around corners, while remaining silky-smooth on long-distance tours, even on rougher surfaces.

While the Ranger’s steering rack might feel heavier than what you’re used to, it remains approachable for drivers new to the dual cab segment, and offers a heap of responsive feedback as you pick up the pace.

All up, the Raptor is truly the ultimate Ranger experience, though it achieves this brief in a particularly user-friendly way for those new to the segment and is equal parts dynamic and comfortable on a mix of daily driving.

2023 ford ranger raptor rear suspension

Is the Ford Ranger Raptor a Workhorse?

The Raptor variant retains the dual-cab body shape, which means there’s a very practical tray measuring 1575mm long by 1560mm wide - 1139mm between the wheel arches - and stands 906mm tall that give it a total volume of 1233L that lends itself perfectly to job sites and transporting bulky cargo.

One thing to take into account is that the Raptor variant has a significantly lower braked towing capacity than the rest of the Ranger lineup due to its bespoke Performance Fox suspension, which drops from 3500kg down to 2500kg in the Raptor, so if towing is a key priority, you’ll be better served by another Ranger variant.

2023 ford ranger raptor Vbox testing

Payload figures also take a hit, with the Ranger Raptor’s payload figures capped at 655kg, which is significantly less than other Ranger dual-cab variants like the Wildtrak that are rated up to 951kg.

The Ranger Raptor’s gross vehicle mass (GVM) is capped at 3130kg while the gross combination mass (GCM) figure stands at 5370kg.

Having said that, the Ranger Raptor’s platform is still large and durable enough to handle heavy loads without a second thought thanks to its incredibly powerful engine and rides particularly well while fully-loaded thanks to the updated suspension package and platform.

2023 ford ranger raptor mud

Is the Ford Ranger Raptor Capable Off-Road?

Thanks to its incredibly powerful engine, clever 4x4 system, upgraded Performance Fox suspension, a healthy 272mm of ground clearance, locking differentials and BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres as standard, the Raptor comes ready for off-road action right out of the box.

The Raptor also receives a special bumper bar and a steel bash plate at the front to keep all the important hardware protected while you’re pushing off road.

2023 ford ranger raptor off-road

The end result is an incredibly capable off-road driving experience, with the Ranger Raptor’s coil-over suspension package offering a heap of grip and performance on loose surfaces and the ability to conquer pretty much any terrain you throw at it.

2023 ford ranger raptor off-road ute

Is it Practical and Spacious?

Inside, the Raptor’s cabin layout is identical to the rest of Ford’s dual-cab Ranger lineup, which is a particularly good thing when it comes to space and practicality.

Special touches to the cabin include the updated 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster and Ford Performance seats which feel great and offer a significant amount of side bolstering and help give the Raptor a fun and charming personality.

The driver and front passenger are treated to a heap of room to stretch out while the cabin’s dimensions are approachable for even the tallest of drivers, while the layout of the dash is streamlined with the vertically-mounted 10.1-inch infotainment display that eliminates the need for a heap of physical buttons.

2023 ford ranger raptor seats

The high-riding dash gives the passenger two glove boxes and a flat storage area, while the centre console has a special spot for your smartphone and loose items, a pair of cup holders and a generous amount of storage inside the folding armrest.

All the touchpoints in the Raptor have been upgraded to a mix of leather and premium-feeling textiles which gives it a more refined feel inside, while the packaging is undeniably practical.

Move to the second row of the cabin and there’s enough room for even tall rear passengers, with no issues when it comes to headroom. The second row of the Raptor’s cabin offers a set of air vents, USB ports and a pair of ISOFIX anchors and top tether mounts to accommodate a pair of child seats.

2023 ford ranger raptor rear seats

All up, the cabin is sleek, stylish and impressively practical for a dual-cab ute platform, and makes for a truly family-friendly experience if you’re looking for a dual-purpose work and family vehicle.

2023 ford ranger raptor tub liner

Is it Safe?

The Ford Ranger Raptor has been awarded ANCAP’s maximum five-star safety rating, scoring 84% for adult protection, 93% for child protection, 74% for vulnerable road user protection and 83% for safety assist.

As standard, the Raptor comes fitted with a heap of safety gear, including autonomous emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alerts, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance with lane departure warnings, road edge detection, a surround-view camera and nine airbags throughout the cabin.

Is it Fuel Efficient?

All of the Raptor’s immense performance figures have come at the cost of fuel efficiency, which is officially rated at 11.5L/100km on a combined cycle.

When driving around town or pushing the throttle a little too hard, you might see figures rise above the 14L/100km mark, while highway driving drops fuel consumption figures to around 9.5L/100km.

2023 ford ranger raptor 91 RON fuel

2023 ford ranger raptor engine

Our Verdict: Is the Ford Ranger Raptor Worth it?

If you’re looking for the ultimate Ford Ranger experience, the Raptor truly is an almighty creation deserving of its spot atop the Ranger line-up.

The incredible engine performance combined with the upgraded suspension hardware lends itself particularly well to off-road and daily driving alike, while the rugged platform is ready for any off-road adventures you can throw at it.

On a daily commute, the Ranger’s immense power makes it an effortless drive and feels like driving on a magic carpet thanks to the suspension tweaks, making it a truly impressive dual-purpose ute that is well-deserving of a spot on your shortlist.

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2023 ford ranger raptor headlights

Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Five-star ANCAP safety rating

  2. Towing capacity drops from 3500kg to 2500kg in the Raptor

  3. 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 produces 292kW of power and 583Nm of torque

  4. 11.5L per 100km combined cycle fuel economy

  5. 2500kg Towing capacity


  • Immense engine performance

  • Upgraded suspension hardware perfect for off-road driving

  • Best-in-class performance when pushed off-road

  • Impressive safety and entertainment equipment lists


  • Thirsty fuel economy figures

  • Polarisingly loud styling package

  • Reduced braked towing and payload capacities than siblings

OnlineAuto Rating: 9/10

2023 ford ranger raptor rear bumper

Ford Ranger Raptor Competition

Ford Ranger Raptor

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