Mercedes-Benz C-Class Review

By Alexi Falson on 27 Sep 2021
image for Mercedes-Benz C-Class Review Often regarded as the final word in luxury and quality in the mid-size premium sedan class, the Mercedes C-Class is smart, savvy, and suave in design. Even if you’re not interested in cars, you probably know the C-Class as the quintessential mid-size premium sedan.

While entry-point vehicles are a great way to get into the lineup, they can also serve as a reminder that you probably should have stepped up higher into the lineup. Some manufacturers are known to reserve key features and equipment for more expensive variants in order to get buyers to hand over more cash, so it’s important that we find out whether nor not the C200 is a great way to step into the C-Class lineup, or if you’ll be living with constant reminders that it’s the cheapest of the bunch. 

Starting Price: $66,900

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Mercedes-Benz C200 (NIGHT EDITION) Specifications

Model Date 2021
Model C200
Series A205 MY21.5
Transmission 9 SP AUTOMATIC G-TRO
Drive RWD
Engine TDFI
Engine capacity 1991
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 16 valves
Engine RPM 5800 / 1800
Cylinders T4
Torque 300
KW 150
Fuel tank size 66.0
Fuel usage specs 7.6 / 0.0
CO2 171
ANCAP security rating 5

For more details and other variants, check Mercedes-Benz C200 car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Mercedes C-Class lineup kicks off in the form of the C200 Sedan, which is priced from $66,900. The range then moves to the C200 Wagon, which is priced from $69,370, and finally, to the C200 Coupe, which is priced from $72,800. 

The C200 can also be optioned with a range of packages, including the Vision, Command, Seat Comfort, AMG Line, Exclusive, Luxury Seat and Driver Comfort package, which range dramatically in price. 

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What Features Does the Mercedes-Benz C200 Have?

The C200 range comes riding on a set of 18-inch alloys, and is packaged with premium features like LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display paired with a 10.25-inch infotainment system with DAB+ radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a  rear-view camera with front and rear mounted parking sensors, active parking assistance, adjustable suspension and adjustable driving modes, as well as a powered boot lift and roof rails for wagon variants. Inside, you’ll find Artico leatherette upholstery, a 64-colour ambient lighting package, leather-wrapped steering wheel with wheel-mounted paddles, dual-zone climate control, two USB ports, keyless entry and start, as well as automatic wipers and a cabin featuring piano black and aluminium trim. 

Range Features: 

  • 18-inch alloy wheels 

  • LED headlights 

  • Adjustable driving modes 

  • Active parking assistance 

  • 12.3-inch driver’s display 

  • 10.25-inch infotainment system with DAB+, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto 

  • Adaptive cruise control 

  • Reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors 

  • Leatherette upholstery 

  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel 

  • 64-colour ambient lighting package 

Mercedes-Benz C200 Colours

Diamond White Bright Graphite Grey
Selenite Grey Hyacinth Red
Iridium Silver Polar White
White Diamond Brilliant Blue
Mojave Silver Cavansite Blue
Obsidian Black

Is the Mercedes-Benz E200 Comfortable to Drive? 

While it might be the baby of the range, the Mercedes E200 remains a supremely comfortable and adaptable vehicle to drive. This is primarily thanks to its perky engine and extremely smooth transmission that takes care of shifts quickly and seamlessly. The E200 comes powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, which throws 150kW/300Nm of power to the rear wheels via a silky-smooth nine-speed transmission. In the real-world, this means that the E200 has more than enough power to get you up to speed in a comfortable, sophisticated manner. The rear-wheel drive platform also means that the E200 is surprisingly fun when it comes to spirited driving, but in the real-world, its performance translates to effortless and smooth acceleration while taking off from lights or while overtaking. 

The steering wheel has been given some considerable weight, which is typical of a premium vehicle, but it is light enough to make low-speed turns and parking a pleasure. Likewise, the process of navigating tight spots is made easier by its relatively compact proportions compared to its bigger brother, the E-Class, which makes the C200 extremely user-friendly for new drivers and undeniably approachable as a commuter. 

The C200 remains comfortable and compliant on any given drive around town, supporting its weight through turns and staying extremely manageable on your commute. The suspension is particularly well-suited to the relatively smooth surfaces of the urban jungle, where the C200 glides over small irregularities without a fuss, and remains an extremely comfortable vehicle for trips around town and even longer trips. The ride quality can, however, suffer when the C200 is presented with some of the less-than-ideal road surfaces that you’ll find on a number of Australian B-roads. If your daily drive involves considerable time spent on country B-roads or rough surfaces, we’d recommend looking at the optional Airmatic suspension system which does a great job at ironing out bumps over the standard suspension system. This does, however, come at a costly premium. 

Overall, though, the C200 is a superb car to drive, and manages to successfully tick the boxes of being comfortable while maintaining an air of sportiness and dynamism. 

Is the Mercedes-Benz C200 Practical and Spacious? 

The front of the C200’s cabin is a glorious place for the driver and front passenger to relax, with a cabin packed with luxurious elements, premium technology and of course, a set of extremely comfortable seats to enjoy. The cabin is exceptionally well-crafted, and features a number of premium and soft-touch textiles weaving around each other in a rounded, fluid design featuring metallic elements which sparkle with the help of the ambient lighting. 

The driving position and steering wheel is fully adjustable, so you can get the more ergonomic seating position possible, while there are a number of practical elements on offer. The swooping dash design makes way to a folding compartment that accommodates two cupholders and some storage for loose items, which is complimented by a significantly larger folding armrest compartment for larger loose items. Finally, the driver and front passenger each have a large door bin or large water bottles and loose items, making the front of the cabin a spacious, comfortable and genuinely practical place to sit. 

Moving to the rear of the cabin, you’ll find another set of comfortable leatherette seats that share a padded, folding armrest with a set of cup holders. The door bins are deep, too, meaning they can swallow up large drink bottles without a problem. In terms of comfort in the rear, the C200 can comfortably accommodate fully-grown adults in the second-row with a heap of legroom, with the only potential issue being a lack of headroom that won’t prove problematic for anyone under 185cm tall. Overall, though, the C200 does a great job in accommodating a fully-loaded cabin of people in style, and most importantly, comfort. 

In terms of its potential family practicality, there is 435L of storage in the boot of the C200, which shrinks to 380L in the Coupe variant. The wagon-body estate, of course, provides the most practicality when it comes to boot space with 460L of storage on offer in the C200’s boot. For those needing to install child seats in the rear cabin, the ISOFIX anchor and top tethering points are easy to access, although the sloping rear pillar can make the process of installing baby seats a bit more of a process. As an overall practicality package, then, the C200 does a great job in accommodating people in comfort, although those needing to squeeze in cargo might be best served by the Estate variant. 

Is it Safe?

The Mercedes-Benz C200 has been awarded ANCAP’s maximum five-star safety rating, scoring 36.46 out of a potential 37 for ANCAP’s overall score. As standard, the C200 comes packaged with nine airbags, a reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors, autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot assistance, active brake assist, attention assistance, adaptive cruise control and run-flat tyres. 

One area that you’re reminded of the fact that the C200 is an entry-level vehicle is the amount of safety technology available as standard. While it comes relatively well-equipped in this sense, it still misses out on active brake assistance with cross-traffic alerts, evasive steering assist, active blind-spot assistance and lane-keep assistance than the mid-range C300 receives as standard. 

Is it Fuel Efficient?

Mercedes says that the C200 is rated at 7.0L per 100km on a combined cycle, which means that the C200 is powered by a relatively economical engine, but there’s nothing to get excited about in terms of economy. Real-world driving will see this figure jump to 8 and even 9L per 100km around town, however this is very much on par for the segment. 

Our Verdict: Is the Mercedes-Benz C200 Worth it? 

The C200 is a wonderful car for those looking to jump into the premium sedan market, but are worried about breaking the six-digit mark in the process. With a relatively modest price tag for the segment, the C200 comes well-equipped in terms of comfort and entertainment features, only missing out on a few active safety technologies as a reminder of the fact that the C200 is an entry-level vehicle. For the majority of buyers, though, the C200 is a remarkably competent and comfortable vehicle that will leave very few buyers disappointed at its all-round abilities. 

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the premium sedan market, the C200 is a great place to start. On that note, if you’re in the market for a new car, you can get a free quote and see how much OnlineAuto can save you on your next car, or call us on 1300 719 925 

Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Five-year, unlimited KM warranty 

  2. Official economy rating of 7.0L per 100km 

  3. Five-star ANCAP safety rating 

  4. 460L of boot space in Estate, 435L in Sedan & 380L in Coupe 

  5. Rear-wheel drive platform 


  • Perky engine and silky-smooth transmission combination 

  • Sleek, modern cabin design with two digital screens 

  • Comfortable seats with impressive rear legroom 


  • Some safety equipment reserved for more expensive variants 

  • Pricey options lists 

  • Firm ride quality on rough, irregular surfaces

OnlineAuto Rating: 8.5/10

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