Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe & Sedan Review

By Alexi Falson on 27 Sep 2021
image for Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe & Sedan Review The Mercedes-Benz E200 is the entry-point vehicle into the company’s E-Series lineup, which is known and celebrated for its high-quality driving dynamics, premium features and clever safety equipment.

The problem with entry-level vehicles, though, is that they can often be lacking some key comfort and luxury features that are packaged as standard on more expensive variants. It will come as no surprise, but this is an attempt to get buyers into more expensive models in the lineup. 

So, then, with this in mind, is the Mercedes-Benz E200 a quality entry-level vehicle that will serve the needs of most buyers in the premium sedan market, or is it merely an exercise to get buyers to step up further into the range? Let’s find out. 

Starting Price: $98,700

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Mercedes-Benz E200 Specifications

Model Date 2021
Model E200
Series C238 MY22
Transmission 9 SP AUTOMATIC G-TRO
Drive RWD
Engine TDFI
Engine capacity 1991
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 16 valves
Engine RPM 5500 / 1650
Cylinders T4
Torque 320
KW 145
Fuel tank size 66.0
Fuel usage specs 7.9 / 0.0
CO2 178
ANCAP security rating 5

For more details and other variants, check Mercedes-Benz E200 car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Mercedes-Benz E200 lineup kicks off from $98,700 for the E200 sedan, while the E200 coupe receives a premium of $5,000 and is priced from $103,700. 

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What Features Does the Mercedes-Benz E200 Have?

The Mercedes-Benz E200 comes packaged with a range of premium features, including a set of 19-inch AMG alloy wheels and AMG Line exterior styling package, as well as a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display and 12.3-inch infotainment system fitted with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and wireless smartphone charging. There’s also a set of LED headlights with adaptive high beam assist, hands-free boot lift, keyless entry and start, agility control suspension with selective damping, cruise control, a surround-view camera, Artico leatherette upholstery for the Sedan and leather upholstery for the Coupe, 64-colour ambient lighting package, active parking assistance and rear privacy glass. 

Mercedes E200 Sedan & Coupe Range Features: 

  • 19-inch AMG alloy wheels 

  • AMG Line body styling package

  • LED headlights with high beam assist 

  • 12.3-inch digital driver’s display 

  • 12.3-inch infotainment system with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 

  • Surround-view camera 

  • Wireless smartphone charging 

  • Artico leatherette upholstery (Sedan) 

  • Genuine leather upholstery (Coupe) 

  • 64-colour ambient lighting package 

  • Hands-free boot lift 

  • Agility control suspension 

Mercedes-Benz E200 Colours

Selenite Grey Metallic Obsidian Black Metallic
Graphite Grey Metallic Designo - Hyacinth Red Metallic
High-Tech Silver Metallic Mojave Silver Metallic
Designo - Diamond White Bright Premium Polar White Solid
Nautic Blue Metallic

Is it Comfortable to Drive? 

In spite of being the least powerful model in the E-Class lineup, the Mercedes E200 is still an absolute pleasure to drive, primarily thanks to a perky engine paired with an extremely smooth transmission that makes each drive supremely comfortable. The E200 receives a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces 140kW and 320Nm, which is sent to the rear-wheels via Mercedes’ nine-speed automatic transmission. Translated to english, this means that while it might be the baby of the E-Class range, there is still a handsome amount of power on offer in the E200, which will meet all the needs of an everyday driver. 

Around town, the E200 is the perfect companion and remains extremely competent and smooth when the speed picks up. Mercedes’ steering design is quite firm, even at low speeds, but this allows you to feel exactly where the front wheels are pointed while the power is sent to the rear wheels. This means that as a commuter, the E200 is every bit as precise as it is comfortable, which is a big statement considering just how comfortable the ride in the cabin really is. This is at least part of the reason why you’ll find so many E-Class units enlisted to premium transport fleets and even the humble taxi over in Europe. 

While the large, swooping bonnet might take some getting used to for drivers new to larger sedans, overall, the E200 is an extremely user-friendly vehicle to drive. Its size is more noticeable in the tight quarters of a car park or while making quick maneuvers around town, but overall, it’s manageable even for drivers with less confidence, particularly with all the safety equipment that it comes packaged with.  

On long holiday road trips, the E200 is genuinely difficult to fault. There’s very little in the way of noise or vibrations entering the cabin from outside, which allows passengers in the rear of the cabin to stretch out and relax the rest of their journey in comfort. The suspension can prove quite firm on some of the rougher Australian road surfaces which is something to keep in mind if your daily drive involves time on B-roads, although the passive damping system helps iron out these bumps to a small degree. 

Overall, the E200 is a fabulous car to drive, and does not in any significant way represent a mere placeholder for more expensive variants in the E-Class lineup. While it might be the baby, it’s the real-deal, and maintains Mercedes’ reputation as a leading manufacturer in the premium segment. 

Is it Practical and Spacious?

The good news keeps coming when you step inside the E200 and take a look around the exceptionally crafted, premium cabin. The entry-level E200 still gains two separate 12.3-inch high-definition displays, one for the driver and one for the front passenger to fiddle around with the infotainment system. The front dash features a curved, swooping design that weaves between textures and metallic contrasts, offering an extremely high-quality interior design that is free of complications. The driver and front passenger are treated to a large, folding shared central console with storage inside, and large door bins that can hold full-sized water bottles for longer journeys. All up, the driving position is entirely adjustable and allows you to get the perfect positioning in the wildly comfortable seats, while enjoying a huge amount of shoulder space and headroom, alike. 

Moving to the rear of the cabin, passengers here are treated to an impressive amount of legroom that proves the fact that being driven around in something like the E200 is an undeniably premium experience. Passengers in the rear of the cabin have a seemingly identical amount of legroom on offer in the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6, signaling how closely these cars match each other in terms of specs. Something to keep in mind, though, is that head room can be more problematic in the E200 Coupe, due to its sloping roofline, so if you’re planning on regularly squeezing occupants in the rear of the cabin, they’re likely to get more comfortable in the E200 Sedan. 

This also applies to the E200 as an everyday practical offering, with the sedan offering significantly more space in the boot. While the Coupe offers a perfectly acceptable 425L of boot space, the Sedan variant increases this figure to 540L, which translates to a considerably larger load in the boot compared to the Coupe. For those of you with kids, the ISOFIX anchor and top tether points are easily accessible, with large doors that allow even larger child seats to fit into the rear of the cabin without a problem.  

Is it Safe? 

The E200 has been awarded ANCAP’s maximum five-star safety rating, scoring 95% for adult occupant protection, 90% for child occupant protection and 77% for pedestrian protection. As standard, the E200 is packaged with Mercedes’ Driving Assistance Package Plus, which adds a surround view camera with parking sensors, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, autonomous emergency braking with cross-traffic and lane change assistance, as well as active blind spot monitoring, evasive steering assist and eight airbags. With this in mind, there’s no significant safety equipment that is reserved for more expensive models in the E-Class lineup. 

Is it Fuel Efficient?

The Mercedes E200 lineup is modestly economical when you factor in the power on offer from its engine and the size and weight of the vehicle that engine has to get up and moving. Officially, the E200 is rated at 7.9L per 100km on a combined cycle, while real-world driving around town is likely to bring this figure to around 9L per 100km. Overall, economy is not the strongest selling point of the E200 as a package, although it’s not significantly out-paced by its major rivals, either. 

Our Verdict: Is the Mercedes-Benz E200 Worth it? 

In terms of the question we posed at the start of this review, the E200 is no doubt a quality offering that doesn’t hold out in any significant area to force buyers to step up further into the E-Class range. For the majority of car buyers, the E200 provides more than enough premium features, packaged into a comfortable, sophisticated car that will leave very few disappointed.  The car as a whole is generously equipped, and the interior - even in the base model - is an absolutely lovely place to sit on longer journeys, with an exceptionally well-crafted interior that doesn’t serve as a reminder you should have opted for a more expensive variant. 

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the sedan offers more practicality than the coupe, so if this is a major concern, you’d be best served by the sedan. Overall, though, the E200 is a superb sedan that provides a supremely comfortable ride and comes with more than enough features and equipment for the average Australian family. On that note, if you’re in the market for a new car, you can get a free quote and see how much OnlineAuto can save you on your next car, or call us on 1300 719 925. You can also request a car test drive here.

Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Five-year, unlimited KM warranty 

  2. Sedan is more practical than Coupe variant; 425L of boot space compared to 540L in sedan 

  3. Five-star ANCAP safety rating 

  4. Claimed 7.9L per 100km fuel economy 

  5. 2 x 12.3-inch screens as standard 


    • Exceptional interior comfort, equipment and presentation 

    • Smooth engine and transmission combination 

    • Five-year, unlimited KM warranty; Audi & BMW offer three-year warranties 


    • Pricey starting prices

    • Firm ride on B-roads 

    • Expensive options lists 

    OnlineAuto Rating: 8.5/10

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