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OnlineAuto can help take the stress out of obtaining finance for the car you've got your eye on. Our focus is on helping you get into your next vehicle with an interest rate that you'll be happy with.

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OnlineAuto can help with low rate car loans

As part of the Firstmac Group, OnlineAuto can help you secure low rate car loans from a number of car loan providers, including car loan broker CarLoans.com.au, and online lender loans.com.au.

We can help put you in touch with a car finance expert to help you from application to settlement, with rates starting with a 3.

This is just another way OnlineAuto is your one-stop-shop for buying a car from finance to sourcing to delivery, making the whole process easier, no matter where you are in Australia.

What we can do for you?

  • Refer you to a car loan expert
  • Market leading rates with car loans starting with a 3
  • The lending specialist will take time to understand the loan and finance option that best suits you, based on your circumstances
  • You may even go in the draw to win a $1,000 fuel voucher depending on which lender you choose!


Car Finance FAQs

Applying for a car loan is quick and easy. To make the process more seamless, we recommend you prepare a pay slip or two, the proposed vehicles details, a list of your assets, liabilities and your proposed settlement date.

Typically to be eligible for a car loan, you’ll need to hold Australian citizenship or permanent residency, be over the age of 18, and earning some income. There may be further eligibility requirements depending on which lender you go with.

Luckily at OnlineAuto we are part of the Firstmac Group, meaning we can offer a variety of car finance options no matter what your situation is.

There are a few benefits to getting car finance instead of paying cash. For example, depending on the lender you may be able to borrow up to 100% of the car’s purchase price, which means even without a deposit or savings you can buy a car quickly. You may also need your savings for other expenses, making smaller, regular car loan repayments a better option. In addition, if you are buying a car for business purposes your car loan interest repayments may be tax deductible.

There are a number of different types of car loans available from various lenders. These include:

  • Secured car loans - Car loan where the car is provided as the security for the principal loan amount.
  • Unsecured car loans - A car loan where security is not provided. These types of car loans typically have higher interest rates as they are riskier for the lender.
  • Car loan with a balloon payment - A portion of the principal is deferred to be paid towards the end of the term of the loan. This allows the borrower to make smaller repayments during the initial period of the car loan.
  • Chattel mortgage - Specific type of fixed-rate business car loan.
  • New car loan - For new or demo model vehicles, usually under 2 years old.
  • Used car loan - For used vehicles, either privately owned or from a dealership, typically between 2-12 years old.
  • Green or electric car loan - Financing for electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient cars.

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