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By Alexi Falson on 28 Jul 2023
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  • One of the first electric-powered cargo vans
  • Large, practical cargo area with 834kg payload figures
  • 0-80% charge in 30-minutes with DC fast-charging architecture
  • Just one battery size and electric motor configuration
  • Steep price premium over Partner Premium
  • No special touches for range-topping E-Partner
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Peugeot has added a battery-electric version of its Partner workhorse to the company’s stables, making it one of a very small number of electric cargo vans on sale in Australia.

On paper, the Peugeot E-Partner, looks to be an impressive battery-electric cargo commercial workhorse, though the first generation of any new vehicle can either be a breakthrough, or a more promising sign of things to come.

Just how good is the all-new Peugeot E-Partner, then, and is it a worthy battery-electric cargo van? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

    Peugeot E-Partner Competition

    As one of the first battery-electric vans on the market, the E-Partner currently has no direct rivals that are on sale in Australia, though a number are headed to the Australian market, including the:

    Peugeot E-Partner

    Renault Kangoo E-Tech
    LDV eDeliver 9
    Ford E-Transit
    Mercedes-Benz EQV

    Starting Price: $59,990

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    How Much Does It Cost?

    The Peugeot E-Partner is priced at $59,990 before on-road costs here in Australia.

    As a reference, the entry-level Partner Pro short wheelbase is priced at $35,606, while the entry-level Partner Pro long wheelbase is priced at $38,388, while the Partner Premium variants are priced at $38,096 and $40,878 for short and long wheelbase versions, respectively.

    Keep in mind that these prices do not include on-road costs, and are subject to change.

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    Peugeot E-Partner (PRO LONG) Specifications

    Model Date 2023
    Make PEUGEOT
    Model K9 MY23
    Variant PRO LONG
    Body 4D VAN
    Fuel type ELECTRIC
    Transmission 1 SP AUTOMATIC
    Drive FWD
    Engine ELEC
    Engine capacity 0
    Engine configuration NOT APPLICABLE / 0 valves
    Engine RPM 0 / 3674
    Cylinders -
    Torque 260
    KW 100
    Fuel tank size 0.0
    Fuel usage specs 0.0 / 0
    CO2 0
    ANCAP security rating 4

    For more details and other variants, check Peugeot E-Partner car page.

    What Features Does the Peugeot E-Partner Have?

    The Peugeot E-Partner comes fitted with the same equipment you’ll find on its Partner Pro siblings.

    This means you’ll find features like cloth upholstery, climate control, a rear-view camera with parking sensors, dual barn doors at the rear, Peugeot’s digital i-Cockpit instrument cluster, an 8.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assistance and traffic sign recognition.

    2023 peugeote-partner interior

    Range Features:

    • Cloth upholstery

    • Rear-view camera with parking sensors

    • Dual barn doors

    • Digital i-Cockpit instrument cluster

    • 8.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

    • Cruise control

    • Autonomous emergency braking

    • Lane-keep assistance

    • Traffic sign recognition

    How Far Can the Peugeot E-Partner Drive on a Single Charge?

    The Peugeot E-Partner is powered by a single electric motor that throws 100kW of power and 260Nm of torque to the front axle, with juice supplied by a 50kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

    This arrangement gives the E-Partner driving range figures of 245km on a single charge, on the WLTP test cycle.

    2023 peugeote-partner side

    How Long Does it Take to Charge the Peugoet E-Partner?

    The Peugeot E-Partner’s 50kWh battery pack can be DC fast-charged at speeds up to 100kW, which means you can charge the pack from 0-80 per cent in around 30 minutes with access to the right fast charger.

    With the help of an 11kW three-phase charger at home or at the office, a full charge takes just over 7 hours.

    2023 peugeote-partner charging port

    What are the E-Partners’ the Cargo Specs?

    Peugeot’s clever engineering of the E-Partner means that its cargo-carrying abilities haven’t been hampered, even when tasked with lugging around that large battery pack under the floor.

    Importantly, this means that cargo specs are unchanged from the standard Partner Pro long wheelbase, with access into the rear made easy by a pair of barn doors at the rear and sliding doors behind the first row.

    The Peugeot E-Partner’s cargo volume specs measure in at 3.9 cubic meters, unchanged from the standard Partner Pro long wheelbase, with payload figures standing at 834kg and a braked towing capacity of 740kg.

    Is the Cabin Practical and Spacious?

    While other members of the Partner range receive a tight cabin for three passengers in the front, Peugeot has opted for a two-seater configuration for the E-Partner.

    2023 peugeote-partner boot

    The end result is a much more spacious cabin design for the driver and front passenger, who have access to an infotainment display sitting atop the dash, and Peugeot’s modern digital i-Cockpit.

    Storage options in the front of the cabin include two storage trays in the centre console, added storage in front of the passenger, a large glove box and cup holders sitting atop the air vents on the dashboard.

    Thanks to the E-Partner’s tall design, the front of the cabin offers a great deal of visibility and excellent headroom, even for taller drivers and passengers.

    Is it Safe?

    The Peugeot E-Partner is yet to receive an official ANCAP safety rating, though some of its siblings were tested back in 2018, and received four-star ANCAP safety ratings.

    As standard, the E-Partner comes fitted with autonomous emergency braking, a rear-view camera with rear-mounted parking sensors, cruise control, lane-keep assistance and traffic sign recognition.

    Our Verdict: Is The Peugeot E-Partner Worth it?

    While the first generation of the Peugeot E-Partner doesn’t have the most impressive range figures up its sleeve, it is without a doubt, a very promising platform that may even meet certain needs of the commercial sector today.

    If, for example, you’re looking to transition your fleet to battery power and only need to do a few short hops around town per day, the E-Partner’s 50kWh battery and fast-charging architecture means it is a usable option.

    2023 peugeote-partner headlights

    If you’re looking to make the switch to electric, be sure to reach out to our team of automotive specialists who can help you at every stage of the research and buying process.

    Five Peugeot E-Partner Specs You Need to Know

    1. Five-year/200,000km warranty

    2. Eight-year/160,000 battery & high-voltage component warranty

    3. 3.9m3 cargo space

    4. 834kg payload, 740kg braked towing capacities

    5. 50kWh lithium-ion battery offers 245km of driving range


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