Peugeot is one of France’s largest manufacturers, with its modern creations famed for their charming design packages and a comfortable driving experience that is particularly user-friendly around town. Peugeot’s latest model lineup offers everything from petrol and hybrid hatchbacks and wagons in the 308 range, as well as larger sedans and wagons like the 508 and a choice of three SUVs in the form of the 2008, 3008 and the 5008.

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Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturer that started as a family business manufacturing bicycles. In 1889, Peugeot produced their first automobile and became one of the earliest pioneers of the automotive industry. Since then, the company has been known for producing a range of popular hatchbacks and sedans that are particularly well suited to the city like the 205, 306, 406, and more recently, the 308 and 508.

Peugeot's modern lineup of passenger vehicles is known for its elegant design, unique interior designs, clever tech and, more recently, its growing range of plug-in hybrid and electric options in both the passenger car and commercial segment with vehicles like the Expert and e-Parter vans.

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Peugeot FAQs

Peugeot is one of the most prolific and popular vehicles in its domestic market of France, and has become famous for its agile and charismatic range of hatchbacks that are a perfect city car option, as well as its successful racing endeavours in the world of rallying. 

Over time, Peugeot vehicles like the 208 and 308 hatchbacks have become two of its best-selling vehicles, with the 208 representing one of the best-selling vehicles in Europe. Its current lineup is famed for its sleek styling packages, user-friendly driving nature and a range of growing hybrid and even electric options.

The question of which Peugeot model is best depends on whether you’re looking for a small hatchback, a medium-sized sedan or wagon package, or a compact, midsize or larger SUV package; all of which is covered by Peugeot’s current range. Buyers looking for a hatchback have the option of the 308, which is also offered as a wagon, while the 508 sedan and wagon are the best Peugeot models for midsize buyers. If you’re looking for a compact SUV, the 2008 SUV is your best option, while the 3008 and 5008 are the best Peugeot models for buyers in the market for a midsize or larger SUV package.

In terms of Peugeot’s modern lineup, the company’s parent company, Stellantis, operates one of the largest manufacturing bases and has made large investments in both its engineering and quality control divisions. The end result is a reliable lineup of vehicles, with everything from the 308 hatch, 508 sedan and sports wagon, the 2008 compact SUV and the 5008 SUV received as durable and reliable vehicles. 

In the past, Peugeot’s 208 and 308 hatchbacks have proved themselves as extremely reliable packages over time thanks to their relatively simple engine design that, when maintained, can withstand the test of time.

In its home market of France, maintenance of a Peugeot vehicle is relatively cheap thanks to the accessibility of servicing outlets and the wide availability of parts. In Australia, however, the cost of maintaining a Peugeot vehicle is more expensive than in Europe due to the fact that Peugeot has a smaller servicing network in Australia, while OEM parts for maintenance are shipped from overseas which adds to the cost.

Prices for Peugeot’s cars here in Australia range from $38,945 for the entry-level 2008 Allure compact SUV, with prises rising to $43,397 for the Peugeot Expert City van, while the entry-level Peugeot 308 hatchback is priced at $43,990. Stepping up to the Peugeot 3008 midsize SUV brings the price up to $50,075 here in Australia, while the 308 GT wagon is priced at $50,490. Peugeot’s 308 plug-in hybrid is priced at $64,990 while the 508 GT Sport plug-in hybrid sedan is priced at $81,610 and the 3008 GT Sport plug-in hybrid SUV is priced at $82,915.

Peugeot is widely known as a good car brand for buyers in the market for a stylish European vehicle that is particularly well-suited to driving around cities thanks to their agile handling and ease of parking for most of the range. Peugeot’s growing range of plug-in hybrid options makes it a great option for those looking to make the switch to a hybrid powertrain, while its range of commercial vans gives the company’s lineup here in Australia a healthy amount of variety.

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