2023 Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Review

By Alexi Falson on 27 Feb 2023
image for 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Review Toyota has updated its ever-popular compact SUV, the Yaris Cross with a brand-new addition to the family, the GR Sport.

Sharing its platform and engine with the rest of the hybrid Yaris Cross range, the GR Sport adds a handful of new suspension hardware that makes it the sportiest Yaris Cross we’ve seen yet, but how does this translate to the real world?

Join us as we take a closer look at the Yaris Cross GR Sport and see how it performs as a fun-loving and charismatic little SUV.

Starting Price: $35,840

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Toyota Yaris Cross (GR SPORT HYBRID) Specifications

Model Date 2023
Series MXPJ10R
Drive FWD
Engine PMPFI
Engine capacity 1490
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 12 valves
Engine RPM 5500 / 3800
Cylinders 3
Torque 120
KW 67
Fuel tank size 36.0
Fuel usage specs 3.8 / 0
CO2 86
ANCAP security rating 5

For more details and other variants, check Toyota Yaris Cross car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport is priced at $35,840, which puts it on par with the Yaris Cross GXL and the Yaris Cross Urban 2WD, and slightly below the range-topping Yaris Cross Urban AWD which is priced at $38,840.

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and do not include on-road costs.

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What Features Does the Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Have?

The Yaris Cross GR Sport is built on the existing GXL grade, which means it comes with 18-inch alloys, automatic LED head & tail lights, climate control, adaptive cruise control, a surround-view camera with parking sensors, keyless entry & start, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a 7.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

Specific added features for the GR Sport include a set of sport seats with a mix of leather and suede upholstery, a GR Sport exterior styling package, red brake calipers, aluminium pedals, and a 10mm lower ride height than the standard Yaris Cross.

2023 toyota yaris cross gr sport interior

Range Features:

  • 18-inch alloys

  • Automatic LED head & tail lights

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Surround-view camera with parking sensors

  • Keyless entry & start

  • 7.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

  • Sports seats with leather and suede upholstery

  • Aluminium pedals

  • GR Sport exterior styling package

  • Red brake calipers

  • 10mm lowered ride height

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Colours

The Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport range is available in a choice of seven colours, including Black Ink, Frosted White, Stunning Silver, Atomic Rush, Lunar blue, Atomic Rush & Black roof and Frosted White with Ink roof.

Is it Fun to Drive?

The design brief for the Yaris Cross GR Sport is fairly simple: take the already impressive package on offer in the standard Yaris Cross and make it more engaging to drive on the open road.

While it retains the same 1.5-litre three-cylinder hybrid powertrain producing 85kW of power, the Yaris Cross has received some suspension hardware, with Toyota lowering the ride height by 10mm to make it feel even sportier on the road thanks to a lower centre of gravity.

The end result is a significant improvement in the Yaris Cross’ handling abilities at speed, although it’s worth noting that Toyota’s engine is far from a sporty package, so acceleration to 100km/h still takes a very leisurely 11-seconds.

The engine underneath the Yaris Cross’ bonnet is perfect for short hops around town, offering a nice boost of torque thanks to the assistance from its electric motor, with the sportier handling making it the perfect companion for the city.

Better still, Toyota’s sporty touches haven’t made it an uncomfortable package on rougher roads, and the steering feels far more engaging than the standard Yaris Cross which is a welcome addition.

All up, the Yaris Cross GR Sport is a charming little SUV that gains a handful of sporting elements without sacrificing the overall ride quality, and is powered by one of the best hybrid drivetrains you’ll find on the market.

2023 toyota yaris cross gr sport rear

Is it Practical and Spacious?

Designed as a compact SUV, you’ll need to have realistic expectations when it comes to space and practicality inside the Yaris Cross GR Sport’s cabin, although it does remarkably well considering its compact proportions.

While the Yaris Cross does indeed share Toyota’s TNGA platform with the Yaris hatchback, it thankfully measures 240mm longer than its smaller hatch siblings, which means there’s slightly more space inside the cabin.

In the front of the cabin, there’s more than enough space and headroom for tall drivers to find their preferred driving position, with an impressive amount of forward visibility adding to the sense of space.

It gains a handful of practical elements, including a tray for your smartphone on the dash sitting atop the climate control settings.

Move to the back seats and you’ll find just enough leg and headroom on offer for tall rear passengers, although it’s clear the Yaris Cross’ second row is more suited to children than tall adults.

The second row picks up a set of ISOFIX anchors and top tether mounts for child seats, while the Yaris Cross GR Sport’s boot measures in at a very impressive 390L, one of the biggest boots you’ll find in a compact SUV.

Is it Safe?

The Yaris Cross GR Sport has received the same five-star ANCAP safety rating as the rest of the Yaris Cross family.

Based on the GXL grade, the Yaris Cross GR Sport comes fitted with blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, front cross-traffic alerts, lane-keep assistance, emergency steering assist and eight airbags.

Is it Fuel Efficient?

Being powered by one of the market’s leading hybrid drivetrains, the Yaris Cross GR Sport returns seriously impressive fuel efficiency figures of just 3.8L/100km on a combined cycle.

Real-world driving and any heavy throttle inputs around town will see these figures climb well into the 4L/100km figures, however, these remain exceptionally fuel-efficient for a compact SUV.

Our Verdict: Is the Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Worth it?

The Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport is a charming little SUV, though it does require some realistic expectations ahead of your purchase.

While it bears the GR Sport name and receives some sporty hardware, it is not what you’d call a sports car package, and it does command a pretty steep price premium - although there is enough equipment included to justify this.

Having said that, it performs exceptionally well as a zippy city car and has a far more charming personality than the standard Yaris Cross, and thanks to Toyota’s expertise with hybrid drivetrains, it’s extraordinarily frugal while running around town.

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2023 toyota yaris cross gr sport side

Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Five-star ANCAP safety rating

  2. Same engine as the standard Yaris Cross Hybrid

  3. Five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty

  4. 3.8L/100km combined cycle fuel economy

  5. 390L boot


  • Agile, fun-loving handling

  • Unmatched hybrid drivetrain

  • Capacious 390L boot


  • No engine performance upgrades over standard Yaris Cross

  • Price premium

OnlineAuto Rating: 8/10

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