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Toyota is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, having produced hundreds of millions of passenger and commercial vehicles across its subsidiaries Lexus, Daihatsu and Denso since its founding in 1937.

Toyota is responsible for producing some of the most iconic names in the automotive world, including the HiLux ute, Landcruiser off-roader, Corolla and Camry passenger vehicles and one of the best-selling hybrid vehicles, the Prius.

Toyota sells its vehicles in all major markets around the globe, making it one of the most prominent manufacturers in the world responsible for creating a range of affordable, reliable and long-lasting vehicles that have earned Toyota a fierce reputation for build quality & reliability.

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Toyota FAQs

Toyota is popular in Australia for a number of reasons, most prominently its wide-ranging vehicle lineup that offers everything from compact city cars all the way to large family-friendly SUVs and commercial vehicles. This variety within the lineup gives Australians a number of options within a single brand, which translates to healthy vehicle sales.

Another reason why Toyota is so popular here in Australia is thanks to its pricing structure, which emphasises affordable list prices for base model vehicles, while more luxurious elements are optional extras on more expensive variants within the lineup. This means that buyers can opt for a base model RAV4, Corolla or Kluger if they are restricted on budget, and enables more Australians to purchase a vehicle for a reasonable price.

The Toyota HiLux has consistently finished atop the leaderboard for overall sales here in Australia thanks to the public demand for versatile utes, typically in a dual-cab configuration that can accommodate cargo in the tray and children in the rear of the cabin.

This makes the HiLux a dual-purpose vehicle that has long enjoyed sales success here in Australia, which is buoyed by its tough build quality and off-road abilities. Whether it’s towing a boat, moving cargo to and from the worksite, heading off-road or simply commuting through town or on long-distance road trips, Australians look set to stick with dual-cab utes for the foreseeable future.

Toyota’s midsize family SUV, the RAV4, has been one of the most popular offerings in the segment for a number of reasons. The latest generation RAV4 received a new platform that added family-friendly interior space and added driving stability, as well as the addition of hybrid engine options across the range, even in the base model.

This gives Australian buyers more variety within Toyota’s hybrid engine range, with impressive power and fuel economy figures on offer in the latest generation RAV4 hybrid. As a package, the RAV4 is user-friendly to drive around town, while remaining comfortable and safe on long-distance journeys.

Currently, Toyota packages its vehicles with a standard warranty coverage period spanning five-years, which includes unlimited kilometres. Vehicles purchased after the 1st of January, 2019 are all covered by Toyota’s five-year, unlimited KM warranty that includes coverage for parts, panels and accessories produced by Toyota.

If owners are able to stick to their scheduled service arrangement with an authorised Toyota dealership, Toyota extends the warranty coverage for its engine and drivelines by two years, amounting to seven-years of coverage.

Toyota’s hybrid vehicles receive a 10-year guarantee for the hybrid battery when the vehicle is serviced on time, at an authorised Toyota dealership, while all vehicles receive seven-years of emergency assistance.

The reliability and longevity of Toyota’s engine lineup is down to a few simple things, the simplicity of the engine design, the quality of the mechanical parts used, and the rigorous research and development phase that Toyota has implemented to ensure its engines are long-lasting.

While diesel engines from other manufacturers in the past have been prone to issues, Toyota’s diesel engine blocks are famous for their toughness and reliability, which is why the company is still sticking to the recipe with its hardcore offerings like the HiLux and LandCruiser. This is because Toyota knows its buyers demand reliability and high build quality from the company, especially for its off-road and adventurous models.

While it’s impossible to say exactly how long the battery of a Toyota hybrid vehicle will last, we do know that as batteries age, they lose their ability to hold and discharge electricity, which leads to the need to replace the pack over time.

Toyota packages its hybrid vehicles with an eight-year warranty for its battery packs and high-voltage accessories, which signifies that the brand is comfortable to promise buyers at least eight-years of battery operation without any problems.

More recently, Toyota has indicated that it is working on new battery technology that will ensure its battery packs for hybrid and battery electric vehicles are able to hold at least 90 per cent of their charge after a period of ten years.

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