5 Considerations When Buying Your First Car

on 03 Dec 2021
image for 5 Considerations When Buying Your First Car Congratulations, you are finally at that stage in life where you are ready to buy your first car. With so many considerations like costs, style, size and lots of extra features, how do make the right choice for you? We've come up with the top 5 key considerations for your first car purchase.

P-Plate Approved

The very first thing to consider is your license, if you’re a provisional license holder you are only permitted to drive cars which meet the power to weight ratio retirements. Although your list of choices may be slightly reduced, there are still plenty to choose from. Check out what P-Plate approved cars you have to choose from.

Safety at your service

The good news is lots of new cars come standard with safety technology and convenient features to help keep your focus on the road. Being safety conscious is not just something for mum’s list, as a new driver with limited experience it should be on your list too. Look for features like rear-view cameras, forward collision warning with emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, parking assistance and easy to use smart screens.

Consider the ongoing costs

Remember, buying a car is not a one-off expense, there are lots of on-going expenses that a lot of people seem to overlook. Fuel, servicing requirements and what is offered within the manufactures warranty are a good place to start when considering ongoing costs. Thanks to modern technology, fuel efficiency is becoming more common in new cars.  Some car manufacturers are also offering extended warranties on their new cars as a point of difference from competitors, benefiting only the buyers. Our economically minded car picks are a great place to start, as we've taken the above into considerations. 

The right car for you and your lifestyle

It's important your new car is going to compliment your lifestyle and daily needs. Ask yourself questions like how much space do you need- will you be packing a full set of golf clubs in the boot or looking for a more compact car to get you around the city? What does your daily routine look like- are long drives part of your working commute? If so will features like a good radio and fuel economy and a comfortable interior will come in handy. 

There’s lots to consider and often hard to classify yourself in one box. if you needed some help, take a look at some of our lifestyles and groups to get you started.

Just your type, inside and out

It’s ok to say you want your first car to look good, after all it’s the first time you’ll be hitting the road in something that’s not Mum’s SUV. Just remember looks aren't the only factor when considering your choices. 

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