While Cupra is a relatively new company here in Australia, it stems from Spain’s largest manufacturer, SEAT, where it serves as the company’s high-performance division, creating sporty packages like the Leon, Formentor, Ateca and the Born battery-electric vehicle.

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Founded in 1985, Cupra was originally known as SEAT Sport, which raced primarily in the World Rally Championship and the World Touring Car Championship.

In 2018, SEAT, along with its parent-company, Volkswagen, launched the Cupra name as a high-performance spinoff from SEAT, responsible for creating sportier vehicles deserving of their own name.

The company is keen to make a long-lasting impression here in Australia after its launch here in 2022, with a range of high-powered compact cars like the Leon and SUV packages like the Formentor, with plug-in hybrid and fully-electric vehicles arriving in Australia very soon.

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Cupra FAQs

Cupra’s prices here in Australia range from $47,990 for the entry-level Leon V hatchback, stretching out to $59,990 for the range-topping Leon VZx plug-in hybrid, while the entry-level Formentor V SUV is priced from $54,490. 

Prices for Cupra’s vehicles reach up to $68,990 for the range-topping Formentor VZe, which is a clever plug-in hybrid SUV package that pairs a 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with an electric motor. 

When it arrives here in Ausralia, the Cupra Born electric vehicle will be priced at $59,990, with a performance package adding $2600 to the price tag, while the interior upgrade package adds $2900 to the price.

Cupra’s vehicles are designed with performance, rather than luxury in mind, although they do come packaged with a number of premium features, particularly for the higher-spec variants. 

Entry-level Cupra vehicles come fitted with 18-inch alloys, LED headlights, 10.25-inch digital instrument clusters, 12-inch infotainment displays, wireless smartphone chargers, heated leather steering wheels and cloth upholstery, making them well-equipped but lacking in many luxurious features. 

Upgrading to the Cupra VZx, however, adds a number of these premium touches like heated leather sport bucket seats, and upgraded Beats sound systems. 

A number of Cupra’s most luxurious features are reserved for optional interior packages which add things like a panoramic glass sunroof, and upgraded leather sport seats.

Cupra’s vehicles are manufactured by SEAT and SEAT’s parent company, Volkswagen. Cupra was established as SEAT’s performance division, which means it is part of the brand and the wider Volkswagen Auto Group. 

Cupra’s vehicles like the Formentor SUV and Leon are manufactured on SEAT’s production line in its home market of Catalonia, Spain, while the Ateca is produced at SEAT’s factory in the Czech Republic, and the upcoming Born battery-electric vehicle is manufactured at Volkswagen’s Zwickau-Mosel factory in Germany.

Cupra was launched by SEAT primarily as a performance arm, which means that Curpa’s vehicles are designed with performance, speed and agility from the outset. 

As a result, the Cupra Leon comes packaged with a choice of two engines producing 140kW/320Nm in the base model which increases to 180kW/370Nm in the Leon VZ, making it a fully-fledged hot hatchback. 

The Cupra Formentor comes available with a choice of four engines, with the base model producing 140kW/320Nm and the range-topping Formentor VZx kicking out 228kW of power and 400Nm of torque, which are hefty figures from a family-friendly SUV. 

Cupra designs the chassis of its vehicles with agile handling and high-speed performance in mind, with the range offering upgraded brake packages and adaptive suspension hardware that offer a heap of performance when pushed and make Cupra a well-accomplished manufacturer of sports cars.

Cupra Connect is the company’s software app that allows owners to gain remote access to their vehicle from a smartphone application, gain vehicle diagnostics and servicing information, as well as the ability to lock or unlock the doors, adjust the air conditioning, gain online navigation, access remote charging assistance and even get help in the event of an accident or breakdown. 

A 12-month Cupra Connect membership is bundled with the purchase of each new vehicle, with the company offering a paid subscription for the Cupra Connect service once that membership has elapsed.

Cupra’s infotainment systems are sourced by its parent company, Volkswagen, which means they are widely compatible with virtually every smartphone on the market. 

Cupra’s 12-inch infotainment displays support wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, which means you will have no problem connecting your smartphone to the infotainment system via Bluetooth, so long as it runs on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS, which accounts for more than 99% of the current smartphone landscape. 

As a result, we can confidently say that your smartphone will be compatible with your Curpa’s infotainment system, so long as it runs on iOS or Android OS.

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