SUV Towing Capacity: How Much Can My SUV Tow?

By Alexi Falson on 09 Nov 2022
image for SUV Towing Capacity: How Much Can My SUV Tow? For many buyers, towing figures are one of the most important considerations while tossing up your best options for a new SUV.

Large SUVs are one of the most popular options for families looking for a practical cabin, and they’re also one of the perfect vehicles to load up with a boat or caravan to head into the Great Outdoors. As a result, large SUVs have become the go-to option for adventurous spirits looking to move around the country.

If you’re thinking of doing the same, you’ve no doubt wondered just how much your SUV can tow, and perhaps what determines just how much any given SUV is able to lug around behind it; let’s take a closer look.

What Influences an SUV’s Towing Capacity?

Your ability to tow heavy cargo like a boat, construction equipment or a caravan behind your SUV is determined by a few major factors.

Namely, the construction of the vehicle’s chassis, the power and torque on offer from the engine, its unladen weight figure and its maximum weight figures, which we’ll unpack in the next paragraph.

What are Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) & Gross Combination Mass (GCM)

Gross vehicle mass (GVM) for any given vehicle is a figure representing the maximum weight that the vehicle is capable of transporting on its own, within the confines of the cabin, boot or tray.

Gross combination mass (GCM), on the other hand, refers to how much weight the car, SUV, ute or truck can transport with the help of a trailer hooked up to a tow ball, which is significantly higher than the GVM.

The final consideration while talking about towing with your SUV is the gross trailer mass (GTM) figure, which details just how much weight you’re able to put on the axle of your vehicle with a fully-loaded trailer.

Towing Capacity Figures for Australia’s Most Popular SUVs

  • Audi Q7: 3500kg

  • BMW X5: 3500kg

  • Ford Everest: 3500kg

  • Hyundai Santa Fe: 2500kg

  • Isuzu MU-X: 3500kg

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 3500kg

  • Kia Sorento: 2000kg

  • Land Rover Defender: 3500kg

  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: 3100kg

  • Nissan Patrol: 3500kg

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE: 3500kg

  • Toyota LandCruiser 300: 3500kg

  • Toyota Prado: 3000kg

  • Toyota Fortuner: 3100kg

  • Volvo XC90: 2400kg

  • Volkswagen Touareg: 3500kg

How to Find Out How Much Your SUV Can Tow

The easiest way to find out exactly how much you’re towing on your next holiday road trip or journey around Australia is to make sure that your vehicle’s gross combination mass (GCM) is lower than the gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the gross trailer mass (GTM) when added together.

You can also look at your vehicle’s gross combination mass (GCM) and subtract the gross vehicle mass (GVM) which will give you an idea of how much trailer capacity you have up your sleeve.

Add vehicle GVM and GTM together, and ensure that it is less than GCM.

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