Best EV Vans Coming to Australia

By Alexi Falson
Updated on 11 Oct 2023 First published 14 Oct 2022
image for Best EV Vans Coming to Australia With battery-electric versions of passenger-focused hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs hitting the market in a major way, there’s a new range of EV vans coming to Australia in the near future.

As the world moves toward a zero-emissions fleet, the commercial sector is set to play a key role in that transition, with EV cargo vans leading the charge in sustainable cargo transportation.

EV vans don’t need to come packing huge batteries, either, with their typical route centered more on short hops around town, returning to a central hub where they can be fast charged up to 80% quicker than you can finish your lunch break.

Let’s take a look at some of the best EV vans already on offer here in Australia, and some of the leading EV van options arriving in the near future.

Renault Kangoo E-Tech

2023 renault kangoo e-tech and 2024 master e-tech van

Renault’s Kangoo E-Tech has been one of the first EV vans to arrive here in Australia, and comes offering range figures of 300km on the WLTP test cycle from its 45kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The batteries feed a front mounted electric motor producing 90kW of power and 245Nm of torque, and can be fast-charged up to 80kW - adding a claimed 170km of range in 30-minutes.

In terms of payloads, the Kangoo E-Tech is offered in two variants, with the standard Kangoo offering 3.9m3 of storage and payload figures of 600kg, while the Kangoo E-Tech L2 increases this up to 4.9m3 and up to 800kg of cargo capacity.

Mercedes-Benz eVito Panel Van

mercedes-benz e-vito ev van

Mercedes has taken its proven Vito platform and given it a new electric powertrain, making the eVito Panel Van one of the most refined work-ready EV vans on the market.

The eVito Panel Van comes powered by an electric motor producing 85kW of power and 360Nm of torque, with range figures of 262km on the NEDC cycle from its 60kWh battery pack.

Storage potential inside the eVito stands at 6m3, with payload figures standing at 882kg and a gross vehicle mass of 3200kg meaning this EV van isn’t afraid to get to work.

Ford E-Transit

2023 ford e-transit in australia

For those looking for far more cargo-carrying capacity, the upcoming E-Transit takes Ford’s almighty workhorse and transplants a new electric motor inside.

Ford is planning two variants of the E-Transit for Australia, both of which pack a long wheelbase platform with the option of a mid- and high-roof variant, both of which come powered by a 198kW/430Nm electric motor good for up to 307km of range from its 68kWh battery pack.

Opt for the mid-roof variant and you’ve got access to 11m3 of cargo storage and payload figures of 1611kg, while the high-roof E-Transit can swallow up 12.4m3 of cargo and has a payload cap of 1566kg.

Peugeot e-Partner

2023 peugeot e-partner electronic van

Peugeot’s e-Partner is set to arrive before the end of the year, with a range of fairly affordable EV vans for commercial entities here in Australia.

The e-Partner range comes powered by an electric motor producing 100kW of power and 260Nm of torque, with range figures standing at 245km from its 50kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Riding on a compact wheelbase platform, the e-Partner’s storage potential stands at 3.9m3, with payload figures totalling 800kg and braked towing figures of 750kg.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

mercedes-benz esprinter

Mercedes has announced plans to launch an all-electric version of its almighty Sprinter van in the early stages of 2024, making for one of the largest EV van platforms.

The company says it will come packing range figures of around 500km on the WLTP city cycle, with the range-topping eSprinter powered by a large 113kWh battery pack, and enough space in the rear for 14m3 of cargo, and hefty payloads totalling 4250kg.

Lesser spec variants will come with the option of a 56kWh and 81kWh battery pack, all of which can be fast-charged up to 115kW.

Renault Master Van E-Tech

2023 renault kangoo e-tech and 2024 master e-tech van

When it arrives in 2024, Renault’s largest electric van, the Master Van E-Tech looks to make for a great EV van option thanks to its massive payload potential.

Renault is planning to bring four variants of the Master Van E-Tech, the smallest of which can eat up 8m3 of cargo, expanding to 15m3 in the largest van option, while cab-floor variants increase cargo capacities up to 20m3.

LDV eDeliver9

2023 ldv edeliver 9

China’s LDV is getting in early on its slice of the EV van market, with the eDeliver9 utilising the same platform as the standard cargo van, with a battery-electric powertrain available for the three variants already on sale here in Australia.

The eDeliver9 comes powered by an electric motor producing 150kW of power, with range figures of 280km from its 88kWh battery pack which can be DC fast charged up to 50kW, offering a 10-80 per cent charge in a claimed 100-minutes.

Opt for the mid-roof eDeliver9 and you’ll gain 10.97m3 of cargo space in the tray, expanding to 12.33m3 in high-roof variants. Payload figures start at 1350kg for the high-roof eDeliver9, increasing to 1410kg in the mid-roof variant.

Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo

2024 volkswagen id buzz electric van

Volkswagen is no stranger to work-focussed van platforms, with the company planning on entering the EV van segment in 2025 with the ID Buzz Cargo.

When it arrives, the ID Buzz Cargo will come powered by an electric motor producing 150kW of power, with juice supplied by an 82kWh battery pack good for a claimed 423km of range on the WLTP test cycle.

The ID Buzz Cargo is said to offer up to 3.9m3 of storage inside the cabin, with payload figures totalling 650kg and the added bonus of DC fast-charging up to 170kW that could make it one of the fastest-charging EV vans when it arrives, likely in 2025.

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