One of France’s largest manufacturers, Renault’s vehicle lineup here in Australia features a mix of SUVs and commercial vehicles, headlined by the Captur compact SUV, stylish Arkana crossover SUV and the larger Koleos SUV, which will soon be joined by the battery-electric Megane E-Tech.

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Founded in 1898, Renault is one of France’s oldest and most influential manufacturers, famous for its sleek and, at times, quirky designs, rich rallying and F1 history, practical hatchbacks and in more recent years, exciting battery-electric developments.

While Renault’s lineup here in Australia has shrunk in recent years, the company has maintained a presence largely with its SUV range, cars like the Renault Clio and Meganne have been popular hatchback options inspired by its motorsport past.

Renault’s commercial lineup has become a new backbone for the company in Australia, with the Kangoo, Trafic, Master Van and Master Bus offering large, practical and work-ready platforms, with an all-electric Kangoo E-Tech also available.

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Renault FAQs

Renault’s headquarters are based in the Boulogne-Billancourt area of Paris, France. The company’s vehicles are manufactured in its home market of France, as well as Spain, Turkey Romania, Morocco, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, India, Argentina, Columbia, China, Iran, Algeria and Egypt.

The most popular models of Renault’s passenger car range include the Koleos SUV, as well as the Captur compact SUV. In terms of its commercial range, the Trafic and Partner vans are Renault’s most popular models, while previous models like the Meganne and the Clio are by far Renault’s most popular cars of the past.

In the past, Renault’s vehicles were not renowned for their reliability, though the company has made significant investments in more recent times that have increased perception of its reliability thanks to new manufacturing and quality control measures. Recent surveys have ranked Renault above the industry average when it came to problems per 100 vehicles, though models like the Kangoo and Meganne have solid reliability scores.

The Renault Captur’s fuel economy figures stand at 6.6L/100km on a combined cycle, while the Arkana is rated at 6.0L/100km and the Koleos has fuel economy figures of 8.1L/100km. Renault’s commercial vehicles like the Trafic consume between 6.2-7.3L/100km and the Kangoo is rated at 4.3L/100km.

Prices for Renault cars here in Australia range from $31,800 for the entry-level Captur compact SUV, while the Arkana is priced from $36,800 and the Koleos SUV is priced from $37,500. Commercial vehicles like the Trafic are priced from $48,200 and the Kangoo is priced from $27,917.

Renault’s cars like the Koleos, Captur and Arkana SUVs receive safety features like rear-view cameras, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warnings, lane-departure alerts, blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors and adaptive cruise control.

Renault’s cars like the Captur and Arkana come powered by a 1.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, while the Koleos is powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine. The Kangoo is powered by a 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine with an all-electric variant, while the Trafic is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo-diesel engine.

Renault packages its vehicles sold here in Australia with a five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty with a five-year membership for roadside assistance. The Trafic & Kangoo receive a five-year/200,000km warranty while the Kangee Z.E receives a three-year/unlimited kilometre warranty.

Renault offers capped-price servicing for a number of its vehicles like the Captur, Arkana and the Koleos SUVs. Servicing costs for the Captur stand at $399 for the first 12-months, $399 for 24-months, $399 for 36-months, $789 for 48-months, and $399 for 60-months.

Renault is one of the leading automotive companies in the world when it comes to engine technology and innovation, with the company creating a number of championship-winning Formula 1 engines and supplying other teams with their engines. In terms of its road car division, Renault’s founder, Louis Renault, is the man responsible for pioneering technologies like turbochargers, cost-effective drum brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers that have since become extremely important pieces of automotive technology.

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