Best Cars for Short People

If you happen to be shorter in stature, it is important for your safety and the safety of your passengers to be driving cars with bonnets visible for drivers. While there are ways around it, shorter people would benefit from purchasing a car more suited to their height. Thankfully, our collection showcases some of the best cars for short people from small hatchbacks to big utes.

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Cars for Short People FAQs

There is an extensive list of SUV’s that are suitable for short drivers. While not all SUV’s will cater to a shorter stature, there are enough to make sure you won't be missing out. Thankfully, in our collection above, we’ve got some SUV’s listed that would be great for shorter people.

The most important factor to consider is the safety of the vehicle you’re purchasing. This means it is important that you can see over the bonnet clearly and are able to comfortably reach the pedals without having to sit too close to the steering wheel. Once this is assured, the ladies out there should pick whichever cars works best for their lifestyle. One thing to consider is that a higher car may be harder to climb in and out of. If they don’t like the idea of that, it would be worth looking at one closer to the ground.

If you’re currently driving a car that perhaps isn’t well suited to a shorter person, there are three things anyone can do to make up for it. These are, using a cushion on your seat to elevate yourself when driving, purchasing a set of pedal extenders if you struggle to reach the pedals, and making sure you know your blind spots when in your driving position.

A heads-up display is a projector in front of the steering wheel that projects a transparent image to the windscreen through bouncing it off a series of mirrors. This is then magnified so the driver can see it clearly. A heads-up display can be adjusted to the drivers desired level for their height and vision.

The drivers seat height should be set high enough so you can see over the bonnet and be able to push the brake all the way down while staying sat back in your seat. The distance from the steering wheel should be set so that when you sit back in your seat and put your arms out straight, your wrists are sitting on top of the steering wheel. If you can’t see over the bonnet when you’re this far away from the steering wheel, you should either increase the height of your seat or, if you cannot, get something like a pillow to increase your height.

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