Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury vehicle arm, offering a range of sleek and comfortable sedans and SUVS, as well as a growing list of premium battery electric vehicles. Genesis aims to offer European levels of luxury in its lineup while undercutting its competitors on price.

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Genesis was first launched in its home market of Korea back in 2007, and has grown at a rapid pace with the help of cars like its G70 and G80 sedan range, as well as its GV70 and GV80 SUV. In recent years, battery-electric flagships like the G80 & GV70 Electrified, as well as the GV60 have joined the lineup.

Genesis’ range of vehicles offers buyers a mix of high-performance powertrains, sleek styling packages, spacious and practical interior designs and a huge number of premium features for a very competitive price.

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Genesis FAQs

Prices for a Genesis vehicle in Australia range from $63,000 for its most affordable model, the G70 2.0T Sedan, and stretch out to $145,000 for its most expensive model in its ranks, the G80 Electrified Sedan. 

For reference, other members of the Genesis lineup like the standard G80 sedan are priced from $86,000, while the GV70 SUV is priced from $68,000, it’s larger SUV sibling the GV80 is priced from $92,200 and the all-electric GV60 SUV is priced at $103,700.

Genesis’ vehicles are well-known to be of a high quality thanks to Hyundai’s modern designs and high-tech manufacturing lines, and thanks to the fact they’re positioned as a premium vehicle going up against heavyweights from Europe. 

In fact, Genesis took out the top spot in the 2020 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, reporting the fewest problems per 100 vehicles over any other manufacturer, making it one of the most quality car brands you can find on the road. 

In the latest 2023 edition, Genesis finished in second place behind Lexus, but still managed to beat its major rivals from Europe thanks to a strong 144 problems per 100 vehicles, significantly lower than the industry average score of 186 problems per 100 vehicles.

It’s difficult to say exactly which Genesis model is the most reliable in the ranks, though the G70 Sedan has been cited by automotive journalists as two of the most quality offerings in the lineup. 

Models like the G80 Sedan have been implicated in recalls in the U.S. over some seat belt issues, though it, along with models like the GV70 and GV80 SUVs are very much on par, in many cases better than the industry average when it comes to dependability and reliability. 

Though it’s a recent addition to the lineup, the GV60 electric SUV may well prove to be one of the most reliable Genesis vehicles, thanks to its bespoke platform and electric motors that have far fewer components than a comparable internal combustion powered vehicle, as well as the GV70 and G80 Electrified.

As a luxury subsidiary of its parent company, Hyundai, Genesis vehicles sold here in Australia are produced by Hyundai at one of its numerous production lines in South Korea. The company has also confirmed that the GV70 Electrified SUV will be produced at Hyundai’s manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama in the United States.

Though it’s technically true that Genesis is just a fancy Hyundai, there are so many unique things about its vehicles that it’s not a fair comparison. The most immediate difference is the styling packages, with Genesis’ models receiving a premium design that looks nothing like a Hyundai. 

To start, Genesis’ vehicles are powered by engines you’ll struggle to find in a comparable Hyundai vehicle, while they are fitted with bespoke suspension packages, and in certain vehicles, air suspension that isn’t available on a Hyundai model. 

Step inside and you’ll see that a Genesis vehicle is far more than a fancy Hyundai, with a unique approach to the interior design and packaging that utilises luxurious materials like Nappa leather and wood inlays that aren’t available on a normal Hyundai vehicle.

There are a number of vehicles that Genesis is hoping to snatch buyers from, including some of the most established luxury brands from Europe, Japan and the United States. Genesis’ main rivals with directly comparable models include Lexus - Toyota’s luxury arm - as well as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Porsche, Range Rover, Acura, Polestar, Tesla, and Lucid.

Genesis was launched by the Hyundai Motor Group as a luxury subsidiary, designed to show the world - and its rivals - what the Korean company is capable of creating when budget concerns are eliminated from the equation. 

As a result, the entirety of Genesis’ lineup features premium, high-end cars that aim to offer buyers a generous slice of luxurious motoring, without the high-end price tags that many of its rivals, especially its European rivals, ask from customers. 

Clever air suspension systems, high-powered internal combustion and electric motors, leather upholsteries with luxurious wood and metallic interior highlights and high-tech driver assistance and entertainment technologies make its vehicles particularly well-suited to those looking for a high end car that offers more bang-for-your-buck than other premium rivals.

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