Best Cars for Drivers with Back Pain in 2023

By Alexi Falson
Updated on 26 Jan 2024 First published 03 May 2022
image for Best Cars for Drivers with Back Pain in 2023 If you’re suffering from some form of chronic back pain, we’re sure you’re well aware of just how important picking the right car with a comfortable ride can be.

Making things worse are the often sub-par roads here in Australia that throw a spanner in the works for drivers looking for the best car to accommodate their back pain, be it a hatch, sedan, SUV or ute.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at ten of the best cars on sale here in Australia for drivers with back pain, and start with a breakdown of what makes a car comfortable in the first place.

Ford Ranger

2023 ford ranger

The Ford Ranger’s versatile platform means that it’s ready for work, family and daily driving duties, the latter of which are remarkably comfortable thanks to its heavy-duty underpinnings.

With its capable platform and suspension package, the Ranger can confidently head off-road, which translates extremely well on the road on long-distance journeys and commutes alike, where it swallows up bumps and offers a nice, smooth driving dynamic.

Genesis G80

2023 genesis g80

Since its inception, Genesis has been in the business of creating smooth and impressively refined vehicles that handle the tough and tumble of Australia’s roads far better than you might expect for a city-slicking sedan.

The G80 is a great example of this in practice, which picks up a clever road preview electronic control suspension system that scans the road ahead, anticipating bumps and preparing the dampers for a pothole, a surely welcomed feature for drivers with back pain.

Hyundai Palisade

2023 hyundai palisade

Hyundai’s largest member of the SUV lineup, the Palisade, takes a leaf out of its more premium arm’s books and offers a sublime ride quality for Australian roads.

With more than enough space for eight people and a set of comfortable, leather-upholstered seats with heating and ventilation, the Palisade’s suspension hardware is up for the task while the interior comfort levels are exceptional for drivers with back pain.

Lexus LX

2023 lexus lx600

Lexus’ flagship SUV comes packed to the brim with luxurious features, with all the important hardware underneath coming courtesy of the almighty LandCruiser, making it a super comfortable yet versatile package for Australian roads.

Headlining the hefty list of features is the clever adaptive suspension package with performance dampers, leather-upholstered captain’s chairs with in-built massagers and a wonderfully crafted interior that makes journeys super refined and comfortable.

Volkswagen Touareg

2023 volkswagen touareg

Volkswagen’s large five-seat SUV package can be optioned with an adaptive air suspension package which, combined with the four-wheel drive system and active anti-roll bars at each axle performs well on Australian roads.

The Touareg offers a healthy blend of agility in the corners with a soft ride comfort in the most friendly suspension setting, with the soft power-adjustable and massaging seats providing a great place for drivers with back pain to sit.

Mazda CX-90

2023 2mazda cx-90

Mazda’s latest generation of SUVs is headlined by the CX-90 which makes for a super refined driving experience behind the wheel.

While it misses out on the trick adaptive suspension hardware, Mazda’s factory setup for the CX-90 offers a healthy blend of confident cornering with a soft, accommodating suspension package for Australian roads with impressive attention to detail inside the cabin.

Volvo XC90 Recharge

2023 volvo xc90

Volvo is known for its exceptionally safe and comfortable vehicles, and the XC90 is no different, offering a long list of safety features and an adaptive air suspension package for the range-topping XC90 Recharge.

This helps to iron out small and moderate bumps that frequent Australian roads while keeping the hefty SUV under control in the corners thanks to its clever all-wheel drive system, with Volvo’s impressive interior designs offering an attractive and comfortable place to sit.

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series

2023 toyota landcruiser 300 series

If you’re looking to hit the road and tackle a major slice of Australia’s countryside in comfort, the almighty LandCruiser 300 Series should be atop your shortlist.

Every member of the 300 Series lineup, including the entry-level GX picks up a long list of off-road hardware that makes it tough when sealed roads stop, remaining super versatile as a comfortable long-distance tourer on everything in between.

Mitsubishi Outlander

2023 mitsubishi outlander

The Outlander ticks a healthy range of boxes for family-buyers looking for a large, practical and versatile SUV package that doesn’t break the bank, and rides comfortably for drivers with back pain.

While it doesn’t come packing any trick adaptive suspension hardware, the Outlander rides impressively well on a mix of town and country roads here in Australia, making it a great value pick for those with back pain looking for a comfortable and affordable family SUV.

Land Rover Range Rover

2023 land rover range rover

Our list concludes with one of the heaviest hitters in the segment, the Land Rover Range Rover, which comes fitted with a heap of clever hardware to keep things silky smooth on the road.

The entry-level Range Rover SE picks up an electronic air suspension system with a smart dynamic response system that can anticipate bumps ahead of time, a confidence-inspiring AWD system and interior comfort levels that rival a luxurious lounge room.

What Makes a Car Comfortable for Drivers with Back Pain?

Simply put, the most crucial things that make a car comfortable for a driver with back pain is the suspension package, how soft the dampeners are set up by the factory, the size of the wheels and the accompanying tyre profile.

  • Different Types of Suspension: this includes double-wishbone, multi-link, independent, leaf springs, Macpherson struts, rigid axle and air suspension.

  • Fixed and Adaptive Suspension: Adaptive suspension packages can firm up the dampers in the corners while softening up for bumps and commutes.

  • Rim size: Smaller rims can make way for wider-profile tyres, with a larger sidewall offering more support in bumps that offer more ride comfort.

  • Tyre Size & Tyre Profile: Low-profile tyres offer great handling characteristics, but transit a lot of the bumps on the road into the cabin.

  • The Driver’s Seat Design & Positioning: The layout of the seat, its construction and the positioning of the seat make a world of difference for certain drivers with back pain.

  • Adjustment, Lumbar Support & Massaging: Adjustability is key in finding the perfect driving position, while lumbar support helps provide support for the lower back and a massaging feature can prove a godsend on long-distance trips.

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