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By Alexi Falson on 08 May 2024
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Overall Rating
out of 10
  • Key safety equipment upgrades for all variants
  • Eager handling
  • Surprising practicality
  • Outstanding warranty coverage
  • Expired ANCAP safety rating
  • Turbocharged engine removed lineup
  • Ride quality suffers on larger alloys in GT-Line
Kia Picanto GT Line (PE2) Specs
    • 35L
    • 134
    • 6000 / 4000
    • Unrated
    • Automatic
If you’re in the market for a cheap and cheerful little hatchback that oozes personality and keeps your running costs low, the 2024 Kia Picanto may be the answer to your prayers.

Fresh off a recent update, the Kia Picanto looks better than ever and has received some key equipment upgrades to make it ultra-competitive in the world of affordable micro hatchbacks.

It’s one of the cheapest hatchbacks currently on sale in 2024, so let's take a look at how the latest Kia Picanto stacks up on the driving experience, fuel efficiency and, of course, value for money.

Kia Picanto Competition

Kia Picanto

Suzuki Swift
Fiat 500
Mazda 2
Toyota Yaris
Volkswagen Polo

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for the 2024 Kia Picanto range kick off from $17,890 for the entry-level Picanto Sport Manual, with the Picanto Sport Automatic priced at $19,490.

Opting for the Picanto GT-Line Manual brings the price to $19,690 while the Picanto GT-Line Automatic is priced at $21,290.

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change and do not include on-road costs.

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Kia Picanto - GT LINE (PE2) Specifications

Model Date 2024
Make KIA
Series JA MY24
Variant GT LINE (PE2)
Transmission 4 SP AUTOMATIC
Drive FWD
Engine MPFI
Engine capacity 1248
Engine configuration DUAL OVERHEAD CAM / 16 valves
Engine RPM 6000 / 4000
Cylinders 4
Torque 122
KW 62
Fuel tank size 35.0
Fuel usage specs 5.8 / 0
CO2 134
ANCAP security rating Unrated

What Features & Specs Does the Kia Picanto Have?

The entry-level Kia Picanto Sport comes riding on a set of 14-inch alloys and picks up halogen headlights with LED rear fog lights, cloth upholstery with a leatherette steering wheel and gear lever, cruise control, air conditioning, a 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster, a rear-view camera with rear parking sensors and power-folding side mirrors.

Stepping up to the Picanto GT-Line adds 16-inch alloys, LED head & tail lights, LED daytime running lamps, a sporty styling package, leatherette upholstery, a sports steering wheel, heated side mirrors and a six-way manually-adjustable driver’s seat.

2024 kia picanto gt-line interior

Connectivity & Infotainment Features

The Kia Picanto range is packaged with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and is paired with a four-speaker sound system.

Kia’s infotainment system sits atop the dashboard flanked by physical dials for the volume input and quick access to the home menu, settings, radio and favourites, while new USB-C ports provide faster charging for smartphones.

Does the Kia Picanto Have Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto?

Buyers will be pleased to know that despite its affordability, Kia hasn’t skimped on important technology offerings with the Picanto.

The company is well aware that many young buyers are getting behind the wheel of the Picanto and has responded with the addition of both wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity for the Picanto’s 8.0-inch infotainment system.

Is the Kia Picanto Comfortable to Drive?

The Picanto has long been one of the most impressive fit-for-purpose city cars on the market, and in its latest form, it remains one of the segment’s benchmarks.

While it doesn’t have a heap of power at its disposal, the driving experience on offer in the Picanto is incredibly charming thanks to its featherweight construction.

The willing little 1.25-litre four-cylinder is responsive and eager to please when a quick injection of pace is needed, while the option of a five-speed manual makes it one of the last new vehicles on the market with an engaging manual ‘box.

Around town, the Picanto is fast on its feet thanks to lively handling and a great suspension package that can accommodate small to moderate bumps without being too phased.

The Picanto’s pint-sized package also makes it incredibly easy to dart through traffic and squeeze into virtually any vacant car space, making it a great companion to tackle the urban jungle.

Pick up the pace and the little Picanto remains impressively confident for such a small package, handling highway speeds with more finesse than its major rival, the MG3.

2024 kia picanto gt-line rear

All up, the Kia Picanto is a fabulous little city car that has no problem charming your socks off as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Is it Fuel Efficient?

As you might imagine, fuel efficiency is a key selling point of the Kia Picanto.

The company’s tiny little 1.25-litre four-cylinder is rated at just 5.4L/100km in manual form, with fuel economy figures increasing to 6.0L/100km in the Picanto automatic.

This means the Kia Picanto offers some seriously impressive fuel efficiency that helps to keep your running costs low, with the manual transmission the go-to option for fuel-conscious buyers.

How Much Fuel Does the Kia Picanto Use Around Town?

  • Picanto Manual City Consumption: 6.8L/100km

  • Picanto Auto City Consumption: 7.7L/100km

How Much Fuel Does the Kia Picanto Use on the Highway?

  • Picanto Manual Highway Consumption: 4.6L/100km

  • Picanto Auto Highway Consumption: 5.1L/100km

Is it Practical and Spacious?

As you might imagine, a car positioned in the microcar segment isn’t going to rival a Bentley inside, though Kia’s designers have done pretty well in making the Picanto truly practical for its tiny footprint.

Up front, the driver and front passenger have a decent amount of headroom, which means even taller drivers won’t have their hair brushing against the roofline.

The dashboard layout is simple yet effective, with physical dials for the climate settings and media controls that offer up a clean, easy-to-understand cabin.

Storage options in the front of the Picanto’s cabin are great for the segment, headlined by a two-tiered storage tray behind the gear lever, large bottle holders inside the doors, a pair of cupholders and added capacity inside the folding armrest and glovebox.

Move to the rear of the Picanto and things are surprisingly spacious for something of its size.

It’s not exactly spacious, though you can actually fit adults into the rear of the cabin without too many complaints thanks to the generous headroom that helps to curb any claustrophobia.

For those with young ones in tow, the Kia Picanto is packaged with two ISOFIX anchors and three top tether mounts to accommodate forward- and rear-facing child seats.

How Big is the Kia Picanto’s Boot?

Microcars are never going to be heavy hitters when it comes to boot space, though the Picanto offers a very reasonable 255L of storage inside the boot, putting it pretty much on par with its major rivals.

Fold down the rear seats and you’ll unlock a total of 1010L of cargo space, which means the Picanto can still be put to work hauling around sports equipment and bulky items when needed.

Is it Safe?

One of the major updates for the 2024 Kia Picanto range has been some key additions to safety equipment that make the entry-level Picanto one of the most well-equipped members of the micro hatch segment.

As standard, the Picanto is now packaged with autonomous emergency braking with vehicle detection, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, lane-follow assist, driver attention warnings, rear cross-traffic alerts, driver attention monitoring, rear occupant alerts, safe exit warnings, a rear-view camera with rear parking sensors and six airbags.

Does the Kia Picanto Have an ANCAP Safety Rating?

The 2024 Kia Picanto remains untested by ANCAP after its previous four-star safety rating expired in late 2023.

For reference, the previous Picanto received its four-star rating after scoring the following marks.

  • Adult Occupant Protection: 87%

  • Child Occupant Protection: 64%

  • Vulnerable Road User Protection: 54%

  • Safety Assist: 47% 

What Warranty Does the Kia Picanto Come With?

The Kia Picanto retains one of Australia’s leading warranty programs, with buyers picking up a seven-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty.

There’s also seven years of capped-price servicing included at purchase, with service intervals standing at 12 months or 15,000 kilometres, whichever elapses first.

Our Verdict: Is the Kia Picanto Worth it?

It’s hard to fault what’s on offer in the latest Kia Picanto range.

Thanks to its eager handling, user-friendly nature around town, impressive fuel-efficiency, updated safety equipment lists and Kia’s outstanding warranty, the Kia Picanto remains arguably the microcar benchmark in the segment.

As a result, we can’t help but recommend you add it to your shortlist of small, affordable and fuel-efficient city cars, and if you’re looking to upgrade to a new car, be sure to reach out to one of our car-buying experts.

Five Kia Picanto Specs You Need to Know

  1. 1.25-litre four-cylinder petrol produces 62kW/122Nm

  2. Five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmissions available

  3. 5.4 - 6.0L/100km fuel economy figures

  4. 255 - 1010L boot space

  5. Seven-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty 


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