Best Sedans on Sale and Coming in 2023

By Alexi Falson on 21 Dec 2022
image for Best Sedans on Sale and Coming in 2023 While sales figures for sedans might be left in the dust by their SUV siblings, they remain an important vehicle option for the Australian market and retain a heap of practical and family-friendly features. 

As manufacturers rush to compete in different segments of the SUV market, it’s worth stepping back and taking note of the manufacturers who are not only sticking by the sedan body shape, they’re improving upon it with new generations of sedans. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best sedans on sale here in Australia and some of the most exciting updates coming in 2023. 

Toyota Camry

One of the most well-established names in the world of sedans is, quite rightly, the Toyota Camry, which is now in its eighth generation. 

In that time, Toyota has seemingly perfected the recipe for a comfortable, practical and fuel-efficient family sedan thanks to its clever designs and option of hybrid powertrains across each trim level, which drop fuel economy figures to just 4.2L/100km in the Ascent Hybrid. 

Inside, there’s a sleek and spacious cabin filled with practical elements and enough space for a family of five to stretch out and get comfortable for longer journeys, and a generous 524L of boot space on offer. 

Genesis G70

For buyers looking for a more premium touch, the Genesis G70 is a wonderful addition to the midsize sedan market that offers a heap of luxurious touches for a reasonable price. 

Under the bonnet, Genesis offers the G70 with a turbocharged four-cylinder and a fire-breathing twin-turbo V6 unit that produces 274kW of power and 510Nm of torque, giving it some seriously impressive performance credentials. 

Inside, the G70’s cabin is a treat for the senses, with a wonderfully crafted interior design and premium finishes throughout the cabin that add to the sense of occasion. Designed as a midsize sedan, boot space drops to 330L, although there is more than enough space inside the cabin for a growing family. 

Mazda 6

Mazda has proved that it is happy to stick by the sedan design with an updated Mazda 6 that offers more features and interior space than ever before. 

The Mazda 6 range comes powered by a choice of three engines, the most powerful of which kicks up 170kW/420Nm which proves this humble sedan is no slouch, while the sharp steering and agile handling make for a great driving experience. 

Inside, the Mazda 6 showcases the company’s outstanding cabin designs that are both visually appealing and undeniably practical, with a heap of space in both the front and rear of the cabin that makes for a family-friendly package, with boot space maxing out at an impressive 506L. 

Skoda Superb

For those looking for a slice of competitively-priced European luxury, the Skoda Superb is a great option for buyers with a family that want to stick with the sedan body shape. 

The Superb offers buyers a choice of two turbocharged petrol engines which are paired with a slick dual-clutch automatic transmission and make for a wonderful daily driver and long-distance tourer. 

Inside, the Superb is one of the most impressive sedans on the market when it comes to practicality, offering a comfortable and spacious cabin in the front and rear, with its family-friendly nature boosted by a massive 625L boot that rivals its SUV competitors. 

Hyundai i30 Sedan 

Hyundai’s i30 Sedan is one of the most impressive members of the sedan segment, and offers an outstanding value-for-money proposition for those looking for a comfortable and practical sedan. 

The lineup is split into three variants with two engine options, the most powerful of which produces a healthy 150kW/265Nm that give it some added personality while remaining outstanding on a daily drive. 

Step inside the cabin and you’ll find a well-appointed and comfortable cabin that offers a heap of storage options for families, outstanding rear legroom, and a large boot measuring in at 474L that has no problem keeping up with family duties.  

BMW 5 Series

One of the major releases for the sedan market coming in 2023 is a brand new generation of the almighty BMW 5 Series, which looks set to be joined by the release of an all-electric 5 Series, likely called the i5. 

Upon its release, the next-gen 5 Series will retain a range of powertrain options split across a number of model variants, and will gain more technology than ever before. 

While no details have been confirmed just yet on the all-electric i5, expect to see a large capacity battery pack paired with a dual electric motor setup producing a healthy amount of power and range figures sitting well above the 500km mark. 

Lexus LS

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the best sedans currently on the road, look no further than the Lexus LS, which is the company’s flagship sedan. 

That means that no effort has been spared in making the LS the most comfortable and luxurious sedan experience you’ll find, and makes for a class-leading driving experience and comfortable loungeroom to be driven around in. 

As a flagship, the LS doesn’t necessarily come cheap, however, it comes fitted with all the premium features and unique upholstery finishes you could dream of, with a powerful twin-turbo V6 providing the power alongside a more fuel-efficient hybrid option in the LS500h. 

Mercedes C Class

For those looking for one of Germany’s finest midsize sedans, the Mercedes C Class remains one of the leading options that has gained even more standard equipment in its latest model year. 

The C Class range is offered here in Australia with two engine options, both of which have gained some mild hybrid engines that offer impressive power figures and reasonably impressive fuel economy figures between 6.9 - 7.3L/100km. 

Inside, the C Class’ cabin has been thrust into the 21st century with a heap of new technologies, massive touchscreen infotainment system, sleek finishes, and a colourful ambient lighting system that makes it look futuristic yet classically Mercedes.

Audi A4

A direct competitor to the C Class is Audi’s A4 sedan, which has been a heavy hitter of the European sedan market for decades now. 

In its fifth generation, Audi has given its A4 a mild hybrid engine across the range as standard, with a turbo-diesel remaining in place for buyers looking for some added torque provided to the Quattro all-wheel drive system. 

The exterior styling package has been sharpened up, while the inside of the cabin features more technology as standard, and offers buyers more than enough space for a comfortable journey, and a boot measuring in at 480L which matches its German peers. 

Volkswagen Passat

Finally, our list closes out with none other than the Volkswagen Passat, a car that proves you don’t need to spend a heap of money to get your hands on a very impressive and premium European car. 

In its latest model year, the Passat is being offered with three different engine options, all of which channel power to the wheels via a slick dual-clutch transmission that makes it a pleasure to drive on the open road. 

Inside, the cabin is equal parts stylish and practical, with acres of space in the second row of the cabin, combined with a massive 586L of boot space that means the Passat is an outstanding and SUV-rivalling family sedan. 

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