15 Must-Have Car Accessories for Aussies

By Alexi Falson on 04 Jan 2024
image for 15 Must-Have Car Accessories for Aussies There’s nothing quite like personalising your car to make it feel one-of-a-kind, and with our list of 15 must-have car accessories, you’ll be ready to hit the road with confidence.

Rather than list some of the cheap and frankly questionable aesthetic accessories you might find online, we’ve focussed primarily on accessories that will help out adventurous Aussies and keep you prepared for when an accident strikes.

Join us as we look at 15 must-have car accessories for Australians to keep you safe and entertained while keeping your car more organised.

Dash Cam

These days, a dashboard-mounted camera (dash cam) is an absolute must-have car accessory for every Australian on the road… best of all, they’re extremely affordable these days.

Whether you’re hitting the road for an around-Australia trip or simply heading down to the shops, a dash cam will give you evidence of any road incidents that help expedite the claims process for added peace of mind.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are one of the most effective ways to deal with the harsh Australian UV and debilitating heat that makes its way into a car’s cabin.

Aside from looking great, tinted windows can help to block UV radiation from entering the cabin, damaging the interior finish, reducing glare, and adding to your privacy and security while helping to maximise the resale value of your vehicle.

Boot Liner

On the topic of preserving the resale value of your car, a boot liner is one of the less exciting car accessories on our list - but one that can make a huge difference over a lifetime of punishment.

If you’ve got kids or lead an adventurous life, we do not doubt that your boot has copped some serious punishment - so why not protect it with a boot liner that can be easily removed and sprayed down when covered in mud.

Portable Power Station

If you’re planning on hitting the great outdoors, a portable power station should be atop your list of must-have car accessories.

Not only does it keep your campsite lit up at night and well-supplied with background music, but a portable power station should be considered a piece of safety equipment that keeps your phone topped up in the case of an emergency.

Tool Kit

You’ll be amazed just how far in life a simple tool kit and a few helpful online guides will go when you’ve broken down on the side of the road, which is why a tool kit is an absolute must-have car accessory.

Whether you’re fixing an issue on your car or lending a hand as a good samaritan on the side of the road, be sure there’s a tool kit hiding in your car because it can prove invaluable when a simple issue strikes.

Interior Cleaning Kit

We know how hard it is to keep a modern car’s interior clean, which is why specialist tools like a car cleaning kit can make a huge difference, squeezing into crevices that your household vacuum won’t reach and keeping your cabin looking showroom fresh.

Portable Tyre Inflator

Having a tyre inflator hiding away in your boot is a great way to stay prepared for an unexpected accident on the road, or drive with confidence when you’re finished with an off-road exploration and ready to head home again.

LED Lighting

Looking for a relatively cheap way to customise the look of your car’s interior? Adjustable LED lighting is a great car accessory that is easy to install, energy-efficient to run and adds a tonne of personality to your cabin.

GPS Tracker

Installing a GPS tracker in your car is a great way to track it down in the event it is stolen or share your location with family or police in the event of an emergency. They typically come in a kit, allowing you to add one to your car and another to that set of pesky keys that always gets lost.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

A tyre pressure gauge is a must-have accessory for Aussie drivers that can keep you safe on the road, save you time stopping in at a service station and prolong the life of your car’s tyres by keeping them at optimal pressures.

Cargo Organiser

Is your boot starting to capitulate at the mercy of your growing family? Installing a cargo organiser, either in the boot of your car or the second row is a great way to organise your valuables and tools to ensure they’re not rolling around inside the car.

Portable Jump-Starter

If you’ve been in the situation of needing a jump-start for a car’s flat battery, you’ll surely appreciate something like a portable jump-starter.

This clever little device means you won’t have to rely on a passerby for a jump-start and will get you back on the road within minutes, making it a must-have car accessory for those of you with an ageing battery.

First Aid Kit

While not exactly the most exciting item on our list, a first aid kit is without doubt the most important car accessory you can have inside your vehicle.

Be sure your first aid kit contains gloves, antiseptic, a variety of bandages and gauze dressings, pain relievers, adhesive strips and safety pins so you’re prepared for the unexpected on the side of the road.

Portable Fridge

For adventurous families looking to hit the road and explore the great outdoors, a portable fridge makes camping a much more enjoyable experience and means you won’t be relegated to tinned food for your time away from home.

These days, portable fridges are super energy-efficient and come in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Blind-Spot Mirrors

Our last must-have car accessory comes in the form of a set of blind-spot mirrors - quite simply, those little miniature mirrors you often see attached to the corner of a truck, bus or motorhome mirrors.

These clever little mirrors give you a far wider angle of rearward visibility, allowing you to see vehicles sitting in your blind-spots that otherwise might be hidden by the stock mirrors.

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Alexi Falson

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