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By Alexi Falson on 19 May 2021
image for Review - Suzuki Jimny When Suzuki first introduced the world to the Jimny, it had a relatively simple recipe up its sleeve. The car needed to be small, capable off-road and keep things simple. In terms of off-roaders, the sky can be the limit with price, and the most popular off-road offerings do command an extremely high starting price. Not the little Jimny, though.

Another one of Suzuki’s secret ingredients for the Jimny has always been affordability, and the latest generation is no exception. But does it continue in the tradition that Suzuki has carved out and make sure the Jimny sits atop the leaderboard for pint-sized off-roading at an affordable price?

Let’s find out.

Starting Price: $25,990

OnlineAuto Savings: $877

Suzuki Jimny - GL LITE (QLD) Specifications

Model Date 2021
Series -
Variant GL LITE (QLD)
Transmission 5 SP MANUAL 4x4
Drive 4WD
Engine MPFI
Engine capacity 1462
Engine configuration VARIABLE DOUBLE OVERHEAD CAM / 16 valves
Engine RPM 6000 / 4000
Cylinders 4
Torque 130
KW 75
Fuel tank size 40.0
Fuel usage specs 0.0 / 0.0
CO2 146
ANCAP security rating 3

For more details and other variants, check Suzuki Jimny car page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Suzuki Jimny range kicks off at $25,990 for the base model, which is fitted with a manual transmission. If you’re looking for an automatic, that will cost you an extra $2,000, bringing the sticker price to $27,990. The number of units available at this price are extremely limited, if not impossible to secure, however, with Suzuki pointing most people in the direction of the GLX, which starts at $28,490, and an automatic transmission remaining a $2,000 option.

How Much Can OnlineAuto Save You?

Using OnlineAuto’s car buying service, you could save an average $877 by sourcing one of our car specialists to help you find the best value model for you.

What Features Does the Suzuki Jimny Have?

The Suzuki Jimny features a relatively large amount of features as standard, considering its off-road potential, which is very kind of Suzuki. Included in the base model Jimny are features like a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia unit with Apple CarPlay bluetooth and navigation support, reversing camera, 15-inch alloy wheels, halogen headlights with daytime running lamps, cruise control and air conditioning. 

The main features, though, are reserved for its off-roading pedigree, which includes a selective 4WD system with a low-range mode, AllGrip Pro adaptive traction system which can lock up a wheel to ensure it doesn’t spin the engine’s power away, and dual-sensor brake support which is helpful on the highway.

Range Features:

  • 15-inch alloys
  • 7-inch Multimedia Unit with Apple CarPlay Support
  • Four-Wheel Drive System with Low-Range Mode
  • Hill Hold Control
  • Dual Sensor Brake Support
  • Six Airbags
  • Automatic LED headlights (GLX variant)

Suzuki Jimny Colours

White Chiffon Ivory Metallic with Bluish Black Pearl
Brisk Blue Metallic with Bluish Black Pearl Jungle Green
Medium Grey Kinetic Yellow with Bluish Black Pearl

Is it Comfortable to Drive?

Suzuki has set the Jimny up to excel off-road, which has come at a cost of the everyday usability, if your commute involves highway driving. It’s powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, which pushes out a relatively small 75kW and 130Nm, which means that engine is working extremely hard to keep you up to speed on the highway. In theory, the little Jimny needs an extra gear. In reality, and over time, this proves frustrating as the cabin is filled with the reminder that the engine is working overtime to keep you up to speed. 

The rest of the time, though, the Jimny is a great companion around town, and on country B-roads. It’s a back-to-basics approach to driving, and keeps the driver engaged and entertained the whole time, and does remarkably well at ironing out bumps on the road surface thanks to its overly-competent suspension.

The Jimny is also an absolute pleasure to navigate tight city streets and slide into small parking spots, considering just how small it is. 

Is it Capable Off-Road?

The Jimny was designed to go off-road, so it will come as no surprise that it performs well beyond its size - and price tag - when it comes to off-road driving. While the Jimny’s engine doesn’t pack a huge punch, it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t really need to. If you’re not familiar with the technicals, a ladder-frame chassis, solid axles and coil-over springs won’t mean much to you, but you can take our word that Suzuki has created an absolute off-road weapon with its latest Jimny. It is also fitted with technology that acts similar to an expensive electronic locking differential, which cuts power to any wheel that is spinning to help you maximise traction and keep heading up that hill.

To sum it up, the Jimny makes driving off the beaten track easy - and there’s few compliments that hold more weight than that.

Is it Practical and Spacious?

Unfortunately, the Jimny doesn’t exactly impress when it comes to practicality, although it doesn’t perform poorly either. It’s a car that requires the owner to make some sacrifices in terms of how many people, or how many things you’re able to squeeze into it- all in the name of fun. Considering its tiny proportions, Suzuki has done well in packaging the front as a comfortable and practical offering, although the space in the rear of the cabin is problematic for taller passengers. In terms of boot space, there’s just 85L of cargo storage on offer in the rear of the Jimny, which is tiny, but this can be expanded by folding down the rear seats which brings storage space to 830L.

Is it Safe?

This is another area that the little Jimny fails to excel. It’s been awarded a three-star ANCAP Safety Rating, which falls short of its competitors in terms of safety. Suzuki is willing to make it up to buyers, though, by bundling up a heap of safety gear as standard. This technology package includes six airbags, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, as well as automatic LED headlights and dual-sensor brake support.  

Is it Fuel Efficient?

Suzuki says the official fuel consumption of the Jimny stands at 6.4L per 100km on a combined cycle or the manual, or 6.9L per 100km for the automatic. Real-world driving will likely see this figure jump between the 7-8L per 100km mark, which we can’t help but think whether or not a turbo-charged Jimny will be on the way in the near future to help with both the power and economy figures.

Our Verdict: Is the Suzuki Jimny Worth it?

As we’ve mentioned, the Jimny is a car that requires you to make some sacrifices in terms of power, space and the ability to drive comfortably long-distance on the highway. If you’re in the market for a Jimny, though, it’s unlikely that any of these are going to stop you, and there’s a damn good reason for that. In fact, it might be one of the reasons that you’re looking at one, because it’s one of the few cars on the market that has been designed, perhaps solely, for the enjoyment of the driver.

It’s a refreshing take on the automobile, and combined with its extremely affordable price tag, it’s impossible not to love the Jimny. If you’re looking where to buy a cheap but capable off-roader, get a free quote and see how much OnlineAuto can save you on your next car, or call us on 1300 719 925

Five Specs You Need to Know

  1. Power: 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine (75kW/130Nm of torque)
  2. Drivetrain: Selective 4WD with Low-Range for Off-Road
  3. Dual Sensor Brake Support
  4. Economy: 6.9L per 100km for manual, 6.4L per 100km for automatic
  5. 7-inch Infotainment System with Bluetooth, Navigation & Apple CarPlay


  • Filled with character
  • Extremely capable off-road credentials
  • Price


  • Highway cruising is noisy; needs an extra gear for high speeds
  • Essentially zero storage with rear-seats sitting upright

OnlineAuto Rating: 9/10

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