Top 10 Most Popular Cars in Australia 2023

By Alexi Falson on 26 Apr 2023
image for Top 10 Most Popular Cars in Australia 2023 Finding out the 10 most popular cars in Australia is a great way of gaining some social proof for a particular car that you’re considering for your next purchase.

Taking the time out to find out what other Australians are purchasing helps us separate the most popular models, and it might even shed some light on options that you haven’t considered before.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the ten most popular cars on sale here in Australia.

To get the most accurate numbers possible, we’ll be using data taken from the December, 2022 VFacts report from the Federal Chambers of Automotive Industries.

This tracks individual vehicle sales for the month, and tallies them up for the year, which we’ll be using to map out the ten most popular car makes and models on sale here in Australia.

Toyota HiLux - 64,391

Toyota took out the overall winner for the most popular car with its all-conquering HiLux ute, which offers a range of work-focussed and family-friendly configurations that made it the outright best-seller last year in Australia.

With 64,391 units delivered in 2022, the HiLux took out the title as Australia’s best selling car for the year in 2022.

Ford Ranger - 47,479

Hot on the heels of its main rival, the latest generation Ford Ranger’s gained a massive upgrade over the previous model, and is sure to give the HiLux a very close run for its money this year.

In 2022, Ford delivered 47,479 Ford Rangers for the year, putting it just under 17,000 units behind the HiLux, but way ahead of its nearest competitor.

Toyota RAV4 - 34,845

The first SUV to make the list comes in the form of Toyota’s RAV4, which was the third most popular car in Australia in 2022, with 34,845 vehicles delivered to customers last year.

Toyota’s major updates for the RAV4 family came in the form of hybrid engines becoming available for every member of the range, from the entry-level GX to the range-topping Edge.

Mitsubishi Triton - 27,845

The Mitsubishi Triton’s fourth-place finish in the list of the ten most popular cars in Australia goes to prove that Aussies can’t get enough of a tough and capable ute platform that can double as a comfortable family-mover.

Entering the year relatively unchanged, Mitsubishi delivered a total of 27,845 Tritons to happy customers in 2022, with the company’s ten-year warranty program remaining the best you’ll find in Australia.

Mazda CX-5 - 27,062

Following closely behind the Triton, Mazda’s major RAV4 rival, the CX-5 SUV has recorded a fifth-place finish in the list of the most popular cars in Australia thanks to its comfortable and practical designs, sleek looks and wonderful interior designs.

In 2022, Mazda recorded 27,062 deliveries of the CX-5 SUV, putting it 7,783 units behind the RAV4, but cementing itself as one of Australia’s go-to SUV options for growing families.

Toyota Corolla - 25,284

In a list dominated by utes and SUVs, the Toyota Corolla is still Australia’s best-selling small car, and while it was once the outright best-seller, it remains the go-to option for buyers in the market for a small, affordable and surprisingly practical package.

In 2022, Toyota recorded 25,284 sales of the Corolla sedan and hatchback, with the lineup gaining fuel-efficient hybrid options across every variant for price-conscious buyers.

Toyota LandCruiser - 24,542

Yet another brand wearing the Toyota badge, the LandCruiser has recorded a seventh-place finish in the list of Australia’s most popular cars thanks to its rugged construction, powerful towing and off-road performance and its family-friendly interior design.

Last year, Toyota delivered 24,542 examples of the LandCruiser to Australian families, making it the best-selling large SUV in 2022, which is almost certain to continue considering the LandCruiser’s famed reputation here in Australia.

Isuzu D-Max - 24,336

Isuzu’s introduction of the D-Max has been a game-changer for the company, and fifteen years since its arrival here in Australia, it’s become one of the most popular options for buyers in the market for a tough, work-ready and family-friendly ute platform.

Isuzu delivered 24,336 D-Max utes to Australian buyers last year, making it the seventh most popular vehicle on sale, and the fourth most popular ute on sale behind the HiLux, Ranger and Triton.

MG ZS - 22,466

While it might be relatively new to the market, MG’s ZS has been quick to impress buyers thanks to its undeniable value-for-money proposition within the small SUV market.

The end result has put the ZS compact SUV in the top ten of Australia’s overall chart-toppers, with the small platform finding itself at home in towns and cities around the country, impressing buyers with its generous features lists.

Hyundai i30 - 21,116

Hyundai’s rival to the Toyota Corolla, the i30 sedan and hatchback range has just managed to sneak into our list of the 10 most popular cars in Australia thanks to its 21,116 deliveries last year.

These numbers made the i30 the second most popular small car on sale in Australia, behind the Toyota Corolla, with the i30 range offering everything from affordable and practical cars through to the rally-inspired i30 N hot hatch.

We won’t go into the details, but we’ve listed another ten of the most popular cars purchased here in Australia, according to the December edition of the FCAI’s VFacts report.

The Ten Most Popular Cars in Australia Continued

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