Best Cars with Front and Rear Parking Sensor

By Alexi Falson on 24 Jan 2023
image for Best Cars with Front and Rear Parking Sensor As manufacturers continue to roll out new and sophisticated safety systems in their vehicles, parking assist systems have continued to creep into a range of vehicles across new price points.

As this continues to evolve, it’s worth taking a look at the ever-expanding range of vehicles that come packaged with a clever parking assist feature here in Australia, to help take some of the stress out of day-to-day driving. 

We’ve covered this exact topic in a previous article that takes a more detailed look at how parking assistant systems work, and unpacks another 10 great vehicles fitted with parking assist technologies. 

For now, let’s take another deep dive into the world of parking assist systems and see which vehicles here in Australia come fitted with the tech. 

How Do Parking Assist Systems Work? 

In short, a parking assist system combines data obtained from a mix of ultrasonic sensors that detect distance from objects, and real-world data from onboard cameras that map out the size of a spot and help to navigate the vehicle into that park. 

The driver is still required to input the correct gear, and depending on the vehicle, the throttle and brake input. 

Some of the most sophisticated parking assist systems these days can work without any input from the driver, while others are able to work remotely with the owner standing outside of the vehicle, which can maneuver out of a park for easy access into the cabin. 

10 of the Best Cars with Parking Assist in Australia

Now that we’ve got an idea of how the system works, let’s take a look at a range of vehicles, big and small, that come fitted with the technology and can make a huge difference for those living in a busy city. 

Hyundai IONIQ 5 

Hyundai’s ground-breaking all-electric coupe-styled crossover comes fitted with a clever system that combines the traditional parking assistance feature with a remote control system that allows you to exit the cabin and allow the car to reverse in and out of a tight spot. 

Peugeot 508 Sedan & Sportswagon 

The Peugeot 508 Sedan and Sportswagon range are one of the most striking cars you’ll find on the road today, and they’re also some of the most clever - gaining semi-autonomous driving and parking assistance as standard; the latter of which doesn’t require any throttle or brake inputs. 

Skoda Kamiq 

The Skoda Kamiq is a great option for buyers looking for an affordable yet premium compact SUV fitted with the latest generation of its parent company, Volkswagen’s, parking assist features.  

Volkswagen Passat 

On that note, the Passat is another great family-friendly sedan option that is fitted with a parking assistant, even in the base model. The Passat’s parking assist maps out the space and takes control of the steering wheel while showing the driver a live feed from the rear-view camera to inform them of the best time to brake and change from reverse to first gear. 

Citroen C5 X 

For fans of flamboyant French styling, the Citroen C5 X is a wonderfully comfortable wagon with a heap of space for a family of five, which also benefits from a parking assistant and a heap of active safety tech as standard across the range. 

MINI Cooper 

MINI’s Cooper S comes fitted with semi-autonomous parking assistance, which is particularly impressive considering it’s the entry-level Cooper in the range, giving buyers a generous amount of features as standard in the most affordable Cooper available. 

Ford Puma

The Ford Puma is a well-accomplished and surprisingly spacious compact SUV that comes with the optional extra of a Park Pack, which adds semi-autonomous parking assistance and an adaptive cruise control system for $990. 

Toyota Corolla Cross 

Toyota’s latest model, the Corolla Cross, is also one of the most technologically-advanced creations we’ve seen from the company, with higher spec variants - the Atmos Hybrid - gaining an active parking assist system that we’ve already seen in models like the standard Corolla.

BMW 2 Series 

If you’ve got your eyes on a sleek, stylish, and sporty coupe, the BMW 2 Series comes fitted with a clever parking assistant as standard, even in the entry-level 220i, which is a welcome addition for budget-conscious buyers looking for a slice of premium European motoring that can park itself. 

Renault Captur 

Renault’s affordable range of Captur compact SUVs come well-equipped with comfort and safety features, which extends to the semi-autonomous parking assistant. This is packaged as an optional extra for the entry-level Captur Intens, and is fitted to the range-topping Captur R.S. Line as standard. 

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