Top 10 Car Choices for Business Professionals

By Alexi Falson on 24 May 2022
image for Top 10 Car Choices for Business Professionals If you're looking for a luxurious, spacious and premium business car to accompany you from meeting to meeting, the automotive sector has you very much covered in the executive segment.

These executive vehicles are a great option for business professionals looking for a premium car to drive, and be driven in, and feature some jaw-dropping styling, as well as entertainment and safety features to impress. 

It’s important to realise, however, that you don’t need to spend six-figures to get a beautiful, spacious and premium executive car, which is why we’ve included some cost-effective options for you to consider, too. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 car choices for business professionals. 

1. Volkswagen Arteon

After some time on the sidelines, Volkswagen has brought its flagship sedan back into the lineup here in Australia, and it’s one of the best value cars for business professionals you’ll find anywhere on the market. 

Powered by a perky yet fuel-efficient 2.0-litre turbocharged engine paired with a silky smooth DSG transmission, the Arteon is a pleasure to drive, or be driven inside, thanks to the platform’s acres of legroom in the second row. 

If the Arteon is stretching your budget, consider the Volkswagen Passat sedan, which still offers an impressive cabin design and interior space, with a much more attractive price tag for executive buyers. 

2. Porsche Panamera

For those looking for a little bit more excitement, the Porsche Panamera has you well-and-truly covered. 

The Panamera’s design brief combines the best parts of luxurious motoring and features for business professionals and sporting thrills, backed by one of the most prestigious names in the world of sports cars, Porsche. 

Up front, the Panamera’s cabin is beautifully-appointed with the latest entertainment technologies and luxurious upholstery options, making for one of the most driver-focussed cabins of any car on our list. 

With engine options ranging from a turbocharged V6 all the way to a twin-turbocharged V8 flagship in the GTS and Turbo S, the Porsche Panamera is one of the best choices of executive car for those that enjoy the thrill of driving, rather than sitting in the back seat. 

3. Jaguar XF

If you like the sound of a premium European business car but want to stand out from the pack a little bit more than the usual suspects, the Jaguar XF is a great option. 

Featuring some of the sleekest styling you’ll find in the mid-size sedan market, the XF has been designed with drivers in mind, with power supplied by a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder accompanied by a sports suspension system with adaptive dampers that can iron out bumps on the road for a smooth journey home. 

The XF also gains a well-appointed interior featuring leather upholstery, metallic contrasts and two large displays that add some high-tech credentials to the luxurious mix. 

4. BMW 5 Series 

It wouldn’t be a definitive list of the best cars for business professionals without talking about one of the biggest stars in the show, the BMW 5 Series. 

In recent years, BMW has been consistently improving upon its own recipe for the 5 Series, and the end result is nothing less than one of the best car choices for business professionals that currently exists. 

For the driver, the 5 Series is both comfortable and remarkably fast in higher-spec variants, while the drive experience in the second row of the cabin is smooth and relaxing thanks to the premium underpinnings. 

There’s a 5 Series for pretty much every executive budget, with prices kicking off from $99,400 for the 520i, stretching all the way to $274,900 for the high-performance range-topper, the M5 CS. 

5. Volvo S60

If you’re a fan of doing things a little differently, the Volvo S60 is a sleek, simple and beautiful addition to the crowded executive car segment. 

In its latest form, the S60 platform receives a hybrid four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger that produces an impressive 183kW of power and 350Nm of torque, while the all-wheel-drive system adds to the driver’s confidence while pushing up to speed. 

Perhaps the best part of the S60, though, can be found inside the cabin. Volvo’s clever interior packaging and well-appointed designs result in one of the most premium-feeling cabins on the market, especially when you consider its price tag. 

6. Genesis G80

If you’re looking for some pretty impressive value for money within the executive sedan market, look no further than the Genesis G80. Genesis makes no secret out of the fact it wants to out-perform its established European rivals, and then one-up them when it comes to prices, and the G80 is the company’s flagship- with a point to prove. 

For the money, you’ll struggle to find any competitor matching the G80’s power figures, generous entertainment and safety feature lists, nor its attractive ownership program.

The G80 features three main variants, each of which provide executive buyers with far more value-for-money than what’s on offer from its competitors, not to mention a wonderfully-appointed cabin with a heap of space for the driver or the VIP in the second row.  

7. Audi A6

For those looking to keep it traditional, the Audi A6 remains one of the leading car choices for business professionals looking to impress clients on their next meeting. 

The A6 has fast become a synonym for quality and refinement, and the latest generation has only improved upon the previous recipe. Featuring a range of engine options, the A6 is a pleasure to drive and even more comfortable to be driven inside thanks to its comfortable suspension platform, which gains air suspension in more premium variants. 

Perhaps the best part, though, is the design and execution of the interior cabin, which oozes sophistication in a high-tech manner, something that Audi has become famous for in recent years. 

8. Mercedes-Benz E Class

Another heavy-hitter in the premium sedan market, the Mercedes-Benz E Class is ready for action when it comes to business professionals looking for a competent and comfortable commuter or grand tourer. 

With no less than six variants in total, there’s an E Class to meet everyone’s needs, from a well-appointed entry-level model, to the fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid, all the way to the fire-breathing Mercedes-AMG E63 S.  

Inside, the cabin features more than a handful of luxurious and high-tech elements that make it an absolute pleasure to sit inside, while the impressive legroom in the second row makes the E Class a relaxing and premium place to be ferried around by your driver.

9. Lexus LS

The flagship sedan from Toyota’s luxury-arm, Lexus, is an over-achiever when it comes to smooth, comfortable driving in one of the most visually-appealing interiors you’ll find on the market. 

With a choice of two engines - including one hybrid option - the Lexus LS doesn’t disappoint when it comes to power, while the silky-smooth transmission and incredibly forgiving suspension platform lend themselves perfectly to the task of transporting business professionals. 

Better still, Lexus has led the pack when it comes to uniquely luxurious cabin designs, and the LS is no different, offering guests in the second row a loungeroom-like experience with a heap of luxury and technology at their fingertips. 

10. Skoda Superb

Finally, if you’re looking to step up into something with the refinement and comfort levels of an executive sedan at a fraction of the price, the Skoda Superb is here to save the day. 

In essence, the Superb is a Volkswagen Passat with a Skoda badge on the front grille, which means buyers stand to benefit from a sturdy platform, range of perky engines and a well-crafted interior that will make you question the need to spend any more money on a luxurious sedan. 

The flagship 206TSI Sportline features a powerful engine with sport-tuned suspension, which can be softened with the optional adaptive dampers, offering drivers a huge amount of thrills for the price. 

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